Featured Question with Forrest: Life’s tangents

the thrill of the chase

Off again

Dear Mr. Fenn, I enjoyed your latest book about Leon Gaspard. Are you working on any other projects or books?  ~ willow

Willow, I keep telling myself I’m not working on anything, but then I get an idea and off I go again. All of life’s tangents know me by my first name.

Now Jenny has written a great children’s book and that makes me so envious. Maybe I’ll try that and see what happens.
(Forrest is talking about my Higher and Higher Children’s book.  I shared it with him because he is one of the people in my life who inspires me to reach Higher and Higher.  My book is here: Amazon/Higher and Higher and it includes a treasure like hunt…:)   of course!  Within each image is a hidden five pointed star…can you find them all?)
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46 Responses

  1. Forrest Fenn says:

    Jenny, can’t wait to see your children’s book. Wish I could write fiction, but alas…

    • Jenny Kile says:

      Thanks Forrest. I can’t wait to see what your next book will be about then! Another mystery to solve! 🙂

      • spallies says:

        Jenny, I loved your book it is so sweet and thoughtful! I just ordered the hard copy as well to have so I can read it to my grandson. Somehow I just can’t imagine reading him a book on my tablet…:)
        Forrest… Good Luck with your book! Jenny set the bar pretty high if not higher! Lol 🙂

        • Jenny says:

          Thank you so much for your kind words, Spallies. I’m glad you liked it.

          So many pieces of me are in that book. I’m sure the first inspiration for the story came from my Dad. Back in the day, he would take my brothers and I out to watch Meteor Showers in the back field….where the only lights were the stars. We would jump on the Hay Wagon and he would drive us out there with the tractor, late at night.

          I was young, and I would fall asleep watching the stars……and dream! I love it still.

          Thanks again.

    • WiseOne says:

      forrest, All you have to do is Dream IT and start typing. That’s what I’d do. I’m sure the lines will cross where you want…

      • Liviu says:


        I see what you did here, and all I can say is: Noli tangere lineae meos 😀
        That’s my blaze 🙂

        • WiseOne says:

          Εκ των οποίων γραμμές μιλάτε , livui ; Έχετε μια πιο περίεργη χαμόγελο .

          • spallies says:

            It’s all Greek to me! 🙂

            • JC1117 says:

              Hello, All. Happy Thanksgiving! It’s a wonderful Holyday we celebrate today…to be thankful for what we have.

              I believe Forrest also said, “Non tatam cum carmine”…which I believe means to just listen and let it speak for itself. In ancient Greek their poems were songs which were sung …like a swan’s song.

              I am most grateful for family and friends …even if I’m a turkey sometimes…and in the crosshairs. 🙂

      • astree says:

        Bon appetit today.

        I’m Guessing there are some lines you don’t want, and some that you want …- ?

        good luck,

  2. Forrest Fenn says:

    You make it sound easy WiseOne. I would be the world’s greatest writer if it were not for talent.

    • WiseOne says:

      Yes f, easy as abc… “Genius does what it must, and talent does what it can” [E.G. Bulwer-Lytton]
      As far as the world’s greatest writer… I much prefer your words to Shakespeare’s…
      When’s the next book signing? 🙂

  3. astree says:


    Congratulations on the publication of your book. If I recall, it is not your first.

    The night sky certainly can inspire awe. We used to drag old mattresses out into the yard, so that we didn’t have to worry about getting up to go inside when we fell asleep under the stars.

    Last night, I watched part of the movie “Exodus Gods and Kings”. There was a scene when Moses was leading the Hebrews out of Egypt and was unsure of his path. Laying on the ground on the night sky, while the others slept, a shooting star blazed across the sky, and gave him direction.

    Meteor shower coming up in a few weeks


    Thanks, Jenny

    • Danny-boy says:

      @Astree, are you a keen astronomer?
      What eqpt you got?

      • astree says:


        I wouldn’t say exactly ‘a keen astronomer”, but I know constellations and some aster-ism. I’ve got a few telescopes. One was handmade by my Dad (including grinding down the mirror). Full moon last night, didn’t make it out to get a closer look.

        How bout you?


        • Helen says:


          Don’t worry about missing the full moon, that’s actually the worst time to look at her. Far better to view her during the quarters, when there are fuller shadows that throw everything into stark relief 🙂

          Happy Thanksgiving!


          • astree says:

            Thanks, Helen. Great suggestion. Should be able to get both quarters, a few weeks apart. In somewhat tangential news, Blue Origins finally got their test ship to reland safely, taking space tourism one step closer (Space X .. Elon Musk .. is another contender). So, maybe we can get a closer look in the not-too-distant future. Amazing technological breakthroughs in the last few decades.

            Now out of left field – Yesterday, Thanksgiving Day, a guy jumped the White House fence. Part of our family toured the White House the day before…missed the action by a day. Tan gents, indeed.

            And, the guy who landed a gyrocopter on the Capitol Lawn was sentenced just s few days ago.

            “Let’s do this”


            Tan gents, indeed.

            Time for some Black Friday shopping,

            Be Well,

        • Danny-boy says:

          @astree, yes I would consider myself a keen amateur astronomer.
          Although from UK, I have a telescope from a USA Based company, a Celestron CPC9.25

          I prefer visual astronomy to imaging, though am considering getting a decent dslr to do some basic stuff.

          And yes, my dad actually made a decent living making and selling mirrors and flats commercially, though that went by-the-by when far east could do it on machinery about 50x faster.

    • Jenny Kile says:

      Thanks Astree……I love the story of you pulling mattresses out to sleep!! Such fun! And of the falling star providing direction; I can imagine the extreme sense of awe that must have been felt. I love the night sky.

      Thanks for sharing and the info for when the meteor shower is!


  4. Friend says:

    Happy thanksgiving everyone!
    Jenny, I was curious about the picture of Forrest driving the van. Did you add this picture and title it or did he ask you to add this to the post?
    Thanks for all that you do.

    • anna says:

      Friend, I wondered the same…perhaps Forrest reinstated his drivers license to enjoy the pleasure of a road trip now and then.

      A very Happy Thanksgiving to you Forrest. Our family is cheering the Cowboys to a win!

    • Jenny Kile says:

      Hi Friend, thank you. The image and title were of my own choice. Forrest’s ‘off I go again’ comment in his answer reminded me of the image; so I used it for this Q/A. ~j

  5. Gedyelkon says:

    Thanks again Jenny. I will buy you book for my 5 year old granddaughter. She is the apple of my I.

    • GEYDELKON says:

      I got your children’s book today. A very nice book indeed. I cant wait to read it to my granddaughter when she opens it on Christmas day.

      Here is one of my favorite songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zp7NtW_hKJI

      Thanks again Jenny

      “Live each day with courage”

      • Jenny says:

        Geydelkon, Thank you so much. So very sweet of you and much appreciated.

        I love coldplay too…..(and your quote as well!) … best~jenny

      • JC1117 says:

        Hello, Geydelkon and Jenny. Jenny, I just added your book to my Amazon cart. I’ll order it as soon as my wife tells me I don’t need to add anything. It looks like a very beautiful book. My 8-year-old and my 3-year-old are going to get it from Santa for Christmas. I love the title. 🙂

        I love that song, too, Geydelkon. I love that band. Here’s another quote about courage. It’s one of my all-time favorites.

        “Everyday courage has few witnesses. But yours is no less noble because no drum beats for you and no crowds shout your name.”

        – Robert Louis Stevenson (1850 – 1894), Scottish Novelist, Poet, and Essayist

        • 42 says:

          @Jenny: HUGE Congratulations on your beautiful children’s book… I wish you continued success and longevity with sales. A few years back a story of mine was published for adopted children; so fun to see children’s eyes lit with imagination.
          In case you’re interested: http://www.theyouweadore.com

          @Geydelkon & JC1117: loved your quotes about courage. It’s my belief that our final test of courage takes place in a sky full of stars… The courage of Faith to step across the threshold of eternity’s door and dance upon heaven’s starry floor.

        • GEYDELKON says:

          Thanks Jenny and JC1117…. good thoughts are always the perfect medicine.

          Many of the Coldplay songs have been key to helping in the chase the last few years. I use there songs in many of my trips down the road seeking one or two treasures. At some point at the end, I will need to draw the line. Yet, in few of my youtube videos, I may have tossed out a hint or two. Enjoy.


          • GEYDELKON says:

            I heard today that Coldplay will be in the Super Bowl halftime show. Also, they released a new album today. Now ,how cool is that?

            • JC1117 says:

              Thanks for sharing that info, Geydelkon. I wouldn’t have heard about Coldplay’s new album for months, I reckon. I just had a bunch of work dump in my lap…a blessing and a curse. 🙂

              I saw your Honeymoon video a while back. It’s good to see it again. Ain’t Love grand? Life is so much better with Love in it. Looks like you found it.

              Coldplay has a new video to go with their new album. Looks like the band is now adept at listening good and grabbing every banana! LOL! I mean…Ooo Ooo Ooo Aah Aah Aah! Did I spell that write? 🙂


        • BW says:

          Everyday courage has few witnesses, but everyday struggles have many. I wonder why?

  6. WiseOne says:

    Falling/Shooting Stars – Late one night on my way to my 2nd search area, I was driving along a desolate stretch of highway. There were no other vehicles or anything else around. It was just me, the highway and a dark star-filled sky as far as I could see. I was listening to my ColdPlay / Ghost Stories CD and my favorite song ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ was playing. All of a sudden a bright orb of light came shooting across the road directly in front of me! WOW! I’d never seen a falling star so close before! It felt like some kind of a sign. I’ll never forget that.

    • Jenny says:

      we must all love the stars and that song….lol….

      But I agree, seeing a falling star is so special…..it is only there a quick moment in time and to witness its descent feels like magic…. thanks for sharing WiseOne…..

  7. Belle says:

    I will put that on my must buy list

  8. Jacrinth says:

    I’m convinced the end of the chase has something to do with a toilet…I know he said not to put in below the home of Brown but I’m convinced.


  9. BW says:

    Jenny, I received your children’s book “Higher and Higher” today. Nicely done. “To Infinity and Beyond!” Your book will spark young children to have an interest in the night sky. The first thing that got my attention was the texture/feel of the cover……interesting….I like it.

  10. JC1117 says:

    Hi Jenny, I just received my copy of “Higher and Higher” today, too! It’s a beautiful book. My children are going to love it. The hidden stars are not easy to find, either. I gave several pages a brief perusal and didn’t find one star yet…before I hid the book in Santa’s…I mean…before I hid the book in the Christmas stuff. I heard the pitter patter of three-year-old footsteps coming down the hall. Pitter and pitter. Patter and patter. 🙂

    It’s a very cute book. Well done. I can’t wait to read it to my kids. Thank you.

  11. Jenny says:

    Thanks BW and JC1117 for your kind words on my book Higher and Higher. I’m glad it will be shared and I hope it inspires all to ‘reach ‘beyond’ the stars’…..so much is available when you dream it first. Treasures for all.

  12. Geydelkon says:

    Thinking back, I must of gone through the 3rd round in all my post. It is a lot of work, but one must finish what they have started. That is just the way I think. Anyway, It has been a tough few years for me, I just need to take the next step in the right direction. Perhaps that will come in the next week or so. Jenny, I really enjoy visiting your website. You have a lot of cool articles.

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