Featured Question with Forrest: First Clue Importance

keyMr. Fenn,

Over the past half-decade, your challenge for any cavalier spirit to find a valuable treasure chest hidden in the Rocky Mountains sparked a veritable gold rush of knowledge.  Searchers endlessly immerse themselves in study of topics previously unknown to them hoping to gain an advantage in their quest.   I would even go so far as to speculate that some have done more research in relation to the chest than some doctoral students do in completing a thesis. 

To be sure, there is value in wisdom.  That value is then increased when wisdom is shared with others.  Which is why I was hoping you might be willing to share a thought or two about something you’ve learned from searchers over the past five years.  Whether related to geography, geology, history or even human nature, I’d love to hear if there’s been anything offered up by a searcher, or searchers, that enlightened you in some way.

Hope all is well!  ~ S&H


Thanks for the question S&H.

I learn something every day from those who are in the treasure hunt.

What surprises me is that so many ignore the first clue in the poem. Without it all the searcher has is the memory of a nice vacation. Although many have tried, I doubt that anyone will find the blaze before they have figured out the first clue. f



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102 Responses

  1. Iron Will says:

    Wow, very eloquently written question.

  2. Jenny Kile says:

    Thank you Forrest and S&H for a great Question and Answer. They are so appreciated!

    I think my biggest wonder with this is if there is a way to ‘confirm’ the first clue being correct without any others or without having the Chest in hand.

    • Chris Yates says:

      thats a good question Jenny. my opinion, i would defer to a previous question on your site, relating to reverse engineering from the home of brown to help in that dept.

      this is the second time (at least that i can think of) Forrest has laid out advice relating specifically to the blaze. you cant look for it first with out any previous clues

      so he has now reiterated that with the blaze, but with the home of brown he implied the opposite. i think leaving the door open here that some of the first clues can be solved independently and then used to possibly corroborate each other. but the blaze is apparently too far into the puzzle quest to solve independently.

      • Jenny Kile says:

        Here’s a possible thought on a type of confirmer: (I posted this on Facebook, so sorry if this is a repeat for some):

        Within the preface of Too Far to Walk, Forrest mentions going in there (the Madison) alone. I know it has been debated if the nine sentences (including the semi-colon) are the actual nine clues. With the first line of the poem being ‘as I have gone alone in there’ it’s possibe that is the first clue and referring to the Madison.

        It is then possible that ‘Begin WWWH’ follows that line of thought and is supported by the ‘first clue’. The second clue, in this example, would then be the second sentence, and refer to the same place. (firehole into the madison- and canyon down).

        I think many have thought of the Madison….but possibly not in connection to the first sentence actually hinting to it, and being both the first clue and second clue.

        Is that why Forrest can say, ‘people have gotten the first two clues correct?’ because they mention the ‘madison’. The first two clues refer to the same thing.

        Just throwing out ideas….but the first clue would help in confirming the second.

        • fox says:

          It’s not there. searched it. so have lots others.

        • 49 Dollers says:

          Yes nice thoughts Jenny, i have also thought the same thing, that is one of the reasons i had you ask Forrest( thank you) if more people had solved the first clue than the second clue as i was hoping to solve one and get one free, i guess its not a dime store 🙂
          Maybe we are all looking at this wrong and wwwh is where Forrests warm waters were going to halt and he is giving us directions back to the blaze or parking lot. But then he got better and ruined my theory.

        • Chris says:

          I believe you are correct. There is another clue which I do not care to reveal at this time though that tells why very few people are looking in the correct spot. The clue you just gave is a BIG one though. It, in my opinion solidifies the Madison as being the spot. I just got back from there and I didn’t find it either. That doesn’t mean it has been quietly found or it doesn’t exist. It means I haven’t figured out all of the clues. I will be going back again. Already starting to save money. I just haven’t “been wise and found the blaze”. My opinion though is that the Madison is the ONLY place to look. He actually stated that very clearly. You have read it just not quoted it. Thanks Jenny

          • Bella says:

            If I knew where to start I would for sure find it. I’m really good at this stuff. But just have zero idea where to start.. well I haven’t gotten his books yet so that is why. So if you know for sure that the madison is IT I will help you with the rest. But at the same time. I highly doubt he would hide the treasure in a spot that he speaks about in his book. Unless he has said this outright. He has said that he didn’t want this to be like a lotto. He intended it to be something that lasted hundreds if not thousands of years. So the hiding place is NOT going to be easy to find nor is the deciphering of the clues. He has a favorite, hidden secret place. The only way to keep it that way is to never mention it. hmmmm.

        • Kathryn says:

          Jenny, he gave you the hint – you just have not found that hint to the first clue – Yet! I have faith that you will find the first clue hint 🙂

        • BigBadBeethoven says:

          The Madison would definitely have been a place for “the Meek”, (as in Meek of Yellowstone fame) so I think that might rule it out. Lol

  3. Seeker says:

    Yep a great question and response. “What surprises me is that so many ignore the first clue in the poem.”
    This sounds [imo] to tell that, even though WWWH maybe important… it may not be the first clue.

    As well as, without the first clue known, the blaze may not be found with out it. So much for reverse engineering the poem.

    • Iron Will says:

      I think what he is saying there is that so many look for a home of Brown, or a canyon or they look for the blaze. I’m pretty sure the first clue is WWWH

      • Seeker says:


        Most will agree with your assessment WWWH is the first clue. But now seeing the word “Ignore” in regards to the first clue, I’d be hard press to say Many have ignore it [ WWWH ] as the first clue.
        This falls inline with Fenn’s comment a “few” have gotten the first two clues correct… and may have not know it, as they went / walk by the other seven.

        For me the word choice is very telling. Not Mistaken, Not overlooked, Not misunderstood etc.

      • He tells us to begin it, WWWH. It still is a mystery to me. I am coming up with some new idea’s on this. It will take more research. Which I have done much of…..Endless amounts of reading, I have done, like many of you all. Didn’t forrest admit, there is more than one WWWH? How do we know its the right one? Keeps me up at night, tossing and turning…..
        I have learned so much from the Chase. I never knew there is so many cool places to visit. It drives me crazy that I don’t have the time or money to travel to so many of them, but I enjoy reading about them.

        Lou Lee, Prospecting Treasure Hunter, Chased by Brown Bears, from Whoville! 🙂

        • s says:

          Lou Lee,

          Well that brings us back to an old discussion If WWWH is where you begin as the first clue and end at the Blaze, The 1st – 5th -6th stanzas have no clues and/or just fillers? FF could have cut the poem down to 3 stanzas and save 7 and a half years in writing it.

      • Chris says:

        I believe that to be the second clue. There is another more important clue before that.

    • Ritt says:

      Seeker…..I think Forrest has said that it could possibly be reversed engineered from the HOB. He said that here on Jenny’s blog. If it could be reversed engineered from HOB then it is also possible to do the same from the blaze. But, now he’s saying that you must get the first clue first or take a vacation. Which is it? Why is he contradicting himself? “Someone” must be getting close and talking about it. He likes playing games, he’s very clever.

      • Seeker says:


        Makes perfect sense to me…IF your at the correct hoB or even the Blaze you could possibly reverse engineer back to it. BUT I also believe he stated something to the effect Why would you? I’m to lazy to go look but you seem to know where it is.

        I’m just seeing a lot of post that wiggle around the word “Ignore”… the first clue. Maybe some just don’t like the possibility that WWWH may not be the first clue. Sure, I can see why. That will kill most if not all their hard work. Well he did say it would be difficult.

        I don’t see him contradicting himself. I see some in denial. and as far as someone “getting” close, we know from fenn that someone was close…. but did they even know it? or just pass by looking for other clues… We don’t even know if that or those searchers who were close were not searchers of 4 years ago.

        • Chris says:

          I was there but I didn’t find the blaze. I know I was close but I just haven’t worked out how to find the blaze yet. It was still worth the cold though. The Madison is quite cold. There IS a clue prior to WTWWH though

        • Debbie says:

          Thanks, seeker. I had forgotten about that comment from Forrest. That helps a lot in my ability to identify which of several things should actually be considered the blaze.
          And I disagree with Forrest regarding his thoughts on reverse-engineering (that is if I am right), because I was actually stumped on the first clue, probably wrong about the third clue (but it worked on getting me to where I am…there are many coincidences in life), felt certain I knew what the blaze was, but began to see other things that could be the blaze in the same area. It all is making sense to me now.

      • sam smith says:

        Ritt…I think he is saying that without the first clue, it is probable that nothing else you have considered for later clues will be valid…You won’t get anywhere near the chest except by accidental travels so enjoy the vacation…

        • Chris says:

          Without the first clue a person could be more than 12 miles away from the blaze. FF didn’t say it in those words but I do believe he said it. It is my interpretation of his words and I intentionally left out a KEY word there. Sorry just can’t give it away like that. FF did but I won’t.

  4. Hank says:

    Seems logical to start with the right state…Though a big area, if you don’t know which state to start in, how can you get any further? People on the blogs just seem to be guessing at WWWH and a state they “like” but aren’t looking in the poem for a clue as to the state…people are basing it on a Brown or a hot spring…it’s in the poem, in my opinion.

    • sam smith says:

      I agree H… 🙂

    • Chris says:

      Get and read the second book. It tells you EXACTLY where to look. Read EVERYTHING and if you still don’t get it reread it again and again until you do. Read every word in the entire book. EVERY WORD. If you are paying close attention the second book TFTW tells you out in the open the state that it is in, the river it is near, what the home of brown is and WTWWH. He tells you. So did JK. She told EVERYONE more than I am comfortable with others knowing. The key is keep it simple stupid. FF did. Do not overly complicate the clues or the solves.

    • Washuafizzi says:

      Dead on Hank. He clearly tells us what state it is in. The problem is that most people have their state of mind made up.

  5. crazyfamily says:

    The Blaze is not visible from space.

    • Chris says:

      You are absolutely correct. Google Earth will NOT help you find the blaze. I didn’t learn that until I got back from Yellowstone. FF actually stated that you cannot find the blaze from GE.

  6. djjmciv says:

    Does Forrest know he just created a paradox?

    If you should proceed with the other clues without first solving the first and (assuming WWWH is the first) Forrest said there are many places where warm waters halt, then can anyone explain how it is possible to solve the poem?

    In the FBI, interviewees are known to be lying when they start to create paradox’s of their story.

    • Seeker says:

      Could it be that WWWH are many but need to be understood as one? Does a trail blazer leave just a single mark or marker? There are many…that then become one thing…the entire trail, even though they are in many places.

      On the other hand. If WWWH is the first clue and there are Many and most are North of SF…something in the poem must explain that. So what our we missing? Maybe that clue is in the first stanza and the actual first clue.

      Just thinking out loud

      • Ed says:

        First things first. We figure how warm water halts through his book then we look for areas to apply it. Once we apply it to the correct area this stanza (And take it in the canyon down, not far but too far to walk put in below the home of Brown) confirms we’ve found the correct BITWWWH

        About that pesky question:

        Right back to square one, some say begin it where warm waters halt is the first clue while others say “As I have gone alone in there” is. So my guess would be that the only way to answer the question is to find the correct WWWH to know if it is the first clue.

      • IMO…..

        Forrest is giving us a reference…..So we go up the RIGHT creek. I think it is a small creek, No Paddle needed, Coming down……heavy Loads, etc. from a High Lake…..or Glacier. The problem is there are 100’s of those….Just narrow it down…. Sounds easy, right?
        My family has decided I should be a travel guide for the ROCKY MOUNTAINS! I am always telling everyone of cool places they should see…..I have MY Bucket list. Maybe Someday I will share it with you all.

        Lou Lee Belle, from Whoville!

      • Iron Will says:

        “and with my treasures could possibly be a hint to where you are beginning. He places emphasis on the plural of the word by spelling “bold” instead of actually attributing it on the word. It means he was with his treasures. And since he was alone then the other treasure is not a person. If the chest is on his land that he has “hidden” from record in Montana, then by Montana’s moniker his land is also a treasure. Therefore one could choose to believe that you would start in Montana and look for where warm waters halt in that state. I don’t believe that’s the first clue though, as it seems more of a hint. If my solution is correct, then you WILL NOT find the home of Brown until you have WWWH confidently figured out.

  7. Aspen Marsh says:

    That’s quite the answer for such a loaded question . Forrest always makes me laugh.

  8. Aspen Marsh says:

    I’ve had some nice vacations.

  9. IMO, these are the first two clues:

    1. As I have gone alone in there and with my treasures bold, I can keep my secrets where, and hint of riches new and old.
    2. Begin it where warm waters halt and take it in the canyon down, Not far, but too far to walk.

    Where that is or what it refers to, your guess is as good as any of mine.

    • sam smith says:

      MM…You are correct about where the clues are found IMO, but not necessarily what the clues are …Interpretation is everything here… 🙂

    • Chris says:

      If you read TFTW you will find that there are 5 clues there in what you quoted. That does not mean that FF intended for there to be 5 clues there just that once I read TFTW I found there to be 5 clues in what you just quoted.

  10. Confused says:

    I’m not sure you can get anything meaningful from this because he might be hinting that the entire search area is very small.
    If the entire area was a canyon or two in size, then it makes sense that you can’t find the Blaze without WWWH. So the first clue can still be WWWH, but the Blaze can only be reached by starting at the correct WWWH and following his poem to the end because there is no other way to get there.

    Forrest once answered on another question on this site that he knows of no other way to the chest except via the poem path and his answer today might be confirming that.

    I think some university should award Forrest an Honorary Phd in English because he uses the language better than anyone ever has.

  11. Bill G says:

    I know too much I better keep my mouth shut until I look, no hints of riches new and old to share at this time. Places like Placer Creek and Silver Creek hits of riches new and old, be creative with alternate meanings.

  12. puttputt says:

    I’m so dumb.
    I don’t even have A clue.
    Fail, or not to fail….that is the question.
    The answer is in the poem.
    Please, Mr. Poem, slap me in the face sometime soon….please? Thank you very much!

  13. The Wolf says:

    My penny or five cents; there are two qualities of the blaze that I believe can make sense of what Mr. Fenn said:
    1) The blaze is obvious but displaced from the treasure location ( viewed remotely from the treasure location to find it). Because the treasure is displaced, it can’t be reverse engineered because the blaze is not part of the contiguous nine clues, thus it is imperative to find the first clue and follow the clues in order to get to the treasure location.
    2) The blaze is not obvious and in fact it can only be found upon arrival, thus one needs to find the first clue and follow the contiguous clues in consecutive order to arrive at the correct location to find the blaze.
    The Wolf

    • The Wolf says:

      Let me clarify that my last statement -“The blaze is not obvious and in fact it can only be found upon arrival” doesn’t necessarily mean one has to arrive physically, but it also includes the possibility that one could follow the 9 clues and arrive through research.
      The Wolf

    • Chris says:

      in TFTW he tells you the end point of the poem. Gives the name of the place and everything. FF said you can reverse engineer it to find the treasure but you have to know the first clue. I know the first clue, I know the ending destination of the poem. I just don’t know how to find the blaze. FF stated that the person that finds it will walk right to it. I must have missed that clue because I didn’t find the blaze. I am sure I was within a few hundred feet of it but I just didn’t see the blaze. The person that figures out how to find the blaze and walk right to it will find the treasure. Just like FF stated. The person will not have to look for it.

      • Seeker says:


        You state: “… I know the first clue, I know the ending destination of the poem.”

        So I’m curious on how you haven’t found the chest? If you have the ending destination then you would be were the chest lays in wait. So what would be confusing you at that spot? is it the size of the area? the Author says, ” Clues”… will lead precisely to the treasure.

        Blaze / marker / sign etc. aside the end is precisely the end.

        The Blaze may be just that… the trail you have taken to get to the end, with the clues being the marker to get you there…The end.

        Would like to know what your opinion is for the 1st clue.

        • chris says:

          Seeker. I cannot discuss the first clue. I did email FF about it but he has not responded. If I were to discuss the first clue the treasure would be found by the end of the summer. You will have to find the first clue yourself.

          “The Blaze may be just that… the trail you have taken to get to the end, with the clues being the marker to get you there…The end.”

          Sorry but I do not believe the blaze or the treasure to be at the end. FF himself stated as much but you will have to find his quote yourself.

      • Iron Will says:

        The fact that you didn’t find the blaze means you don’t have the end destination Chris…In my opinion.

        • Kathryn says:

          Smile. My experience is that the entire solution has to be done in exact order. While some parts/clues can be done with online research, the rest has to be done on the ground. “Begin it WWWH” is not the first clue; it is the first direction. I keep wondering why I haven’t seen the chest. As ff says, lots of studying involved. Or just maybe I should have had my reading glasses on for close up viewing. I laugh at how dumb I am sometimes. I tend not to wear glasses because they bother me and I forget that my vision is not clear enough. ff has sprinkled hints all over the place/blogs, and they are a challenge to catch. He has given the first clue but like him, it is not in the exact language and place needed. I think he insists on us doing the “work”. I like playing the chase game and don’t mind how long it takes me. For me, the most shocking part was hoB. My reaction was, “You have got to be kidding me!”

          • Just says:

            Thats great news Kathryn! It’s easy to run off a cliff with that whole home of Brown thing, especially with that capitol “B”. When will you be recovering the treasure 🙂

            • Kathryn says:

              Sorry for the delay, Just. It is difficult for me to keep up with all the blogs and I am searching for things ff said. I found your reply. I hope to recover it before the end of 2015. I am a bit delayed due to my spine. It may be that I will only be able to see it – and if that is the case, I plan to take a picture to prove it and get someone to help me retrieve. At this time I am unable to move 42 lbs or carry 20 lbs. I’ll see how it goes. For now I am writing my book on my search efforts. That is why I came across this dialogue.

      • Chris says:

        “The fact that you didn’t find the blaze means you don’t have the end destination”

        Wish I could tell you why I believe you to be incorrect but I cannot. Anything that I would tell you would give away to much. Suffice it to say It’s not there because FF himself stated so. You will have to find him saying so though. THAT is the reason no one has found it. That and the blaze itself. I know the general area of the blaze but am unsure of it’s exact location. It is a small area relatively speaking. The poem spreads out over a distance of 12-15 miles. The area that the blaze is in I have down to less than 1/10th sq mile. I just don’t know exactly where to find the blaze or even what it looks like. I have a few ideas but am not sure yet.

  14. Thrillchaser says:

    Forrest has said a lot of times about getting the first clue. He has said begin WWWH. I think that still is the first clue and his answer means don’t look for the Home of Brown, blaze, heavy loads, or all other clues until you know WWWH. I have a WWWH and works in line with the other clues after it. I will be searching in June.

  15. 23kachinas says:

    My favorite vacation moment was looking at the W shape of Cassiopeia against the clearest of night skies from the warm waters of a 10,000 waves private tub. What a spectacular memory I have of that place!

    Don’t plan on searching anymore myself but I hope that someone invested in Forrest Fenn’s story finds their way to the blaze!

  16. Carolyn says:

    Great question and answer! Thanks for talking again Forrest!

  17. Chrs says:

    t´s easier to win the Lottery two times in a row!

    The chest has not been found, nor will it ever be found, for the following reasons.

    He has fantasized about having his bones buried near or put into the chest after his demise. We apparently are now living in a world where we are reverse grave robbing, i.e. adding bones to priceless valuables rather than taking priceless valuables from bones. He also expressed dismay that a Google search for his father only resulted in a single entry. This guy really really really wants to be remembered. Let’s keep that in mind throughout the rest of this article.

    The poem is 24 lines long and Forrest has said that it contains 9 clues, although he has not specifically stated which parts are clues and which aren’t. In addition he has said that you do not need a map to solve it and that the clues need to be followed in order, which I found particularly hilarious. So basically you don’t need a map, the answer is contained in the 24 lines, they need to be followed in order but no one has found it in 3 years. When you examine the poem it is easy to figure out why.

    Although people have analyzed the hell out of this thing the first stanza, IN MY OPINION (please do not comment at the bottom that you have it figured out and I am wrong. If I am so wrong just go get the treasure so we can all praise your genius and get on with our lives), is a throw away stanza. It does not offer any serious concrete clues on where to start although it could affirm your starting location, as we will see shortly. The first real clue, then, is the line “Begin it where warm waters halt.” Wow, that’s not vague or anything. People have had guesses on this anywhere from the confluence of waters at the continental divide to a toilet. Seriously, a toilet! Because, you know, that warm urine certainly halts when it hits the cool calm waters of your commode. So, basically we have narrowed it down to every toilet, river, glacier, ice pack, tributary, creek, brook, warehouse, farm house, outhouse, henhouse, and doghouse (I got that last part from The Fugutive) above 5,000 feet, north of Santa Fe in the Rocky Mountains and not in Nevada. The implications are comical. You might as well say you hid your treasure that is comprised of a needle in a stack of needles the size of China, not including Mongolia.

    The poem exists for two very distinct and specific reasons. The first is that Forrest wants to encourage people to get out of their houses and explore nature, especially children. This is a noble cause and one which I would support and encourage if not for the fact that it is used as a subterfuge for reason number two: Forrest Fenn desperately wants notoriety, recognition, and fame. Think about it rationally (this means all you mindless believers can skip to the comment section now). If his goal is to encourage people to explore and experience nature then the actual existence of the treasure defeats the purpose. How is his goal furthered once it is found? Is he going to bury another treasure and give a new poem? The simple answer is no.

    Think about it even further. Are we really to believe that some random guy from New Mexico came up with the most ingenious poem ever conceived that is going to encourage people to explore and hunt for some random treasure for 100’s of years? It is so ingenious in it’s composition that it can get people within 500 feet but no further and this will remain the status quo for eons? Really? What is the more plausible answer? The plausible answer is that regardless of whether or not he wants people to explore the great outdoors he wants recognition. Why give out extra clues on national television if, as he has stated, you only need the poem to find it? Why include your autobiography with your treasure if your intentions are truly altruistic. Why say you want your bones buried with it? Why mention you were dismayed that your father only had one Google entry? Who cares?! I’ll tell you who cares, Forrest Fenn cares. If this man was truly driven by the desire to encourage people to get out of the house he would write an epic poem describing the locations of thousands of small treasure that actually existed, not make up a story about a huge one whose actual existence negates his entire premise.

    And the extra clues are just ridiculous. Saying it does not involve a structure. That absolutely goes along with the “get out of the house” reasoning. Worrying about man-made structures is exactly what he doesn’t want people to do.

    And saying North of Santa Fe when the Rockies do not even extend that far South? He was talking about it in a Radiointerfview: The Todayshows extra Clues ayre not really Clues. The stuff he is coming up with is just nonsense that is used to keep his story current, which all ties into his desire for NOTORIETY!!!!

    I occasionally visit websites where people post stories and pictures of where they have searched. As much as I appreciate the fact that they are enjoying some really awesome outdoor areas, there are plenty of people for which this has become an obsession for them. Throughout my search for the treasure, I have obviously spent more hours in front of my computer researching a good place to start, not going to go anywhere unless I feel that I have solved this thing for sure.

    • Desert Fox says:

      Chris we can rip people up all day long but it won’t build us up. Forrest deserves credit for writing a brilliant piece of poetry—I think. Somebody will find this sooner or later don’t be too cynical. What’s wrong with wanting to be remembered, nothing, if it’s for the right reasons. Now where was I…. OH yea that is one pretty bracelet 🙂

      • Chris says:

        I hope people don’t think that this chrs and me chris are the same. we and not the same people. Thanks

        • JC1117 says:

          Is one of you Chrises THE Chris Yates? I know he comments a lot on Jenny’s site. If not, there are a lot of Chrises around.

          Chrisi? Is that plural for Chris?

          Goose – Geese. Chris – Chreese? No offense, guys. Just goofing around.

    • jm says:

      The poem is not brilliant, rather a precise puzzle drafted by a brilliant author. It’s layers solve to an exact location on private land with public stream and trail easement access. But it won’t be found because after ff memorializes himself thru his famous treasure hunt, he plans to take with him the favorite portion of his collection that will last – metals and rocks. What is in the chest? His favorite coins, metals, and rocks (jewelry) which befit his life stories (ie: alligator shaped gold nugget..his alligator story and pet Beowulf; eagle coins match his nickname and # of missions; etc. ) TC IS out there for people to search for, just not for people to find. Fenn speaks true when he states its out there. The “someone” who will find it is him – when he’s ready to take it with him. Listen closely to ff’s precise words and conviction when he tells the Ralph Lauren story. He mentions he’s not going unless he can take it with him, but he hopes people will experience the thrill of the chase.

      • Adios says:

        Have flashlight WILL travel. Night, nite 🙂

      • Bella says:

        I agree with what you say, because I heard him state that in a video. But at the same time he isn’t a GOD and the fact is he found a secret hidden private place that is perfect for burial.. that means if he found it, others can too. he isn’t the only person on earth that can find a secret place. just look at it that way. What was found by one can be found by all. He has NO key.

    • Seeker says:


      What is your point?

      Your opinions jump all over the place…First you know where the chest is, then the chest is not there or not true, Then you’re near the area of the chest but you don’t know where it is… misquoting or twisting comments to fit your arguments and statements…. If you do find it you’ll burn the bracelet… but at the same time accuse this to be chase to be grave robbing. You down the poem, the Author, the chase saying. “Allowing people to go to the wrong search sites that are100’s of miles from his treasure is pure evil, and all for his own enterainment as he sits on his recliner…”

      It was meant to be a challenge to solve the clues, is it not? And is it not the responsibility of those who take on the challenge, of their own free will, to have self discipline.

      “And saying North of Santa Fe when the Rockies do not even extend that far South?” Who said this?

      You keep repeating this is about “NOTORIETY!!!!” Seems to me the only one looking for that is you at the moment.

      What is the true point to all this??

  18. Chris says:

    I can write a Poem like this in 10 Minutes!

    The scheme is similar to a treasure hunt launched in 1979 by the author of a British children’s book, ‘Masquerade,’ which had clues to the location of an 18-carat jeweled golden hare hidden somewhere in Britain.

    It is a fine thing to be interested in history, and to want to see for oneself a cliff dwelling or a pot or a spearhead outside of a museum or a fenced-off National Park, but the most well-meaning of explorers becomes a looter when he or she pockets a relic.

    (There are exceptions to this last, but they are too complicated to get into here.) By burying artifacts and encouraging people to find them, Fenn is essentially encouraging the finders-keepers attitude that has done so much harm to archaeological sites around the world. It is for this reason more than any other that I am skeptical of the whole enterprise

    To believe a rich guy giving 3 million dollars to any one is delusional. !0% ( $3.50) going to a sick kid when $33.00 goes to his buddies at the book store. 1.2 million jumping up to 3 million in 24 months? Wrong again. Allowing people to go to the wrong search sites that are100’s of miles from his treasure is pure evil, and all for his own enterainment as he sits on his recliner with his little weiner dog. Yes, that’s it, were only here for each others entertainment. It is certain that if this box should be found, it will be by one of his buddies.

    • Iron Will says:

      Chris I won’t insult you any more even though you insult Forrest’s intelligence. This seems to always be the case with people who think they are wise and are frustrated with a failure like this. I can tell you, with concrete proof (which I will not provide) that Forrest is far more intelligent than you give him credit for. I believe your problem lies within the fact that you believe yourself to be superior to Forrest. That if you, of all people cannot find it, then It is a hoax…because how could you ever be wrong? There are people in the world that have innate qualities of greatness in them. You must remember that Forrest Fenn grew up from a D grade student in school to a multimillionaire, while you have not. That in itself should make you reconsider your conclusions of him. I wish you the best and hope you learn to give people the respect they deserve in life in the future.

    • Should you be willing to write a poem or verse, I would very much like to have a go at solving It. Who knows, one day I may do one myself and start a chase of my own. But first things first, I need your poem so I can see true genius at work! Happy writing 🙂

    • Chris L says:

      Because of this I am changing to Chris L folks. I am a different person than this other Chris

    • Flotten says:

      Wait, aren’t you the guy who has solved the poem and located the chest area within 1/10th of a square mile? Seems like you’re looking for attention, or you won’t admit you’ve been wrong all along.

  19. Carolyn says:

    Wow, Chris; where do I start? You say who cares. I say, I do. I care about all those things that you said who cares. I like the chase, the treasure, the comradery, the stories, and Forrest Fenn. I don’t think he is evil; quite the opposite actually. I believe you underestimate him. And as far as the first clue in the poem, I believe the very first line is the first clue; specifically “alone.” You think people will lose interest? Uh-uh. I have bought several books on treasure stories that have been around for hundreds of years. Why? Because I like it. I like learning about it, the search, the outdoors, etc. Perhaps, you are not that kind of person, but there are a lot of people like me out there. Have a good evening.

  20. bhndr says:

    A negative response about the treasure hunt? Are people coming to their senses? If so it’s about time! You can believe what you want but don’t believe everything someone says just because their rich. Forrest is not a god. I wish someone would find this treasure and put this thing to rest. Do you really think it’s. Going to go on when he’s gone and it’s years down the road. Maybe so people are still looking for the Dutchman’s treasure. Maybe that’s what he wants. I searched and may still do some but like in gambling know when to quit!

    • Jake says:

      Forrest Fenn is a good guy, you people just need to get a grip all the negativity towards the guy. What happens when we find out he really hid it?

  21. Chris says:

    xxxxx (EDIT by Moderator)

    My question is… when the treasure was hidden, did you follow the clues just like they are mentioned in the poem or did you just go to where you wanted to hide it, knowing that the poem would lead someone there? Does that make sense? ~Tim

    I knew from the beginning where to hide the treasure. It wasn’t until later that the clues were provided to find that spot. I don’t know “…that the poem will lead someone there,” as you asked, but the poem does provide everyone with that opportunity. f

  22. Chris says:

    Forrest is a Smart Guy! xxxxxxxxxxx (EDIT by moderator-keep it respectful please)

  23. A place you can say what you want without being moderated out. I’m surprised the guy got to post something negative. Everyone deserves the right to their own opinion. Stop whining!

  24. Kathryn says:

    This is supposed to be an adventure for those inclined to enjoy a puzzle as well as the outdoors. I doubt it is for everyone – not everything/activity is for everyone. I enjoy puzzles and do not care how long I take working them. I agree that like everything else in this world, caution should be adhered to prevent an addiction which would harm other life actives and relationships as well as one’s financial position. Further, I do not believe ff ever stated the “value” of the chest. He stated a few items that are in the chest. Like many events, the media and others like to sensationalize to draw attention per their agenda. If this is truly a thrill of the chase, it does not matter the actual “value” of the chest – just that it is found and the puzzle/thrill is finished some day and that the goal of having outdoor fun is accomplished. I think the chest’s monetary value only depends on the sensationalization and whether someone is willing to pay for the item in the end. As for the negativity, it would be appreciated if it did not happen on the blogs. When it does, ignore it – the best way to get the “temper-tantrum” type of activity to end – do not feed into it. If they do not get the attention, they will move on to another blog and try there.

  25. augyrl says:

    Chris thanks, when I read to bottom of your post I realized I had wasted my time reading it. How much time did you waste writing it.

  26. Zoogrl says:

    Anyone ever think “warm” means something besides temperature? Like warm feelings? Warm welcomes? Or if the literal “warm” could actually be tepid, toasty, cozy etc..? What about “riches new and old” talking about treasure being with fossils? Wood being petrified? I’ve only been at this a week, but I have a few spots I’d like to check out! Besides, I’ve found things on the map I would’ve never thought to visit and my video game hooked teen is actually excited about going outside. This is going to be fun!!

  27. wildchild says:

    I believe no place for the Meek. Was in Reference to a founder of Yellowstone Joseph Lafayette Meek . Who left the Yellowstone and grand Tetons’.

  28. 42 says:

    42 commented:

    Hello everyone, As I’m no longer in the chase, I hope to offer to all my gift:

    LET’S LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD. Here are my best ideas available for all. I will not be answering questions since I’m moving on.

    I hope I am recognized for generously giving away KEY METHODS developed to everyone:

    1. 32 points on a compass rose,
    2. 32 degrees – freezing point, Warm waters halt at freezing, run at 33. Follow section 32 East on a straight line, down the middle of a glaciated canyon.
    3. Section 32 of every township on a NFS map; 4. HALT ends numerically at 32.
    4. plot 4 compass POINTs N,S,E,W each on Sections 32 with the center section 32 landing on the Continental Divide or Rocky mountain spine.

    “KEYS TO THE POEM”: “musical/piano tones” FF is a piano player and likes finding the center or middle of everything. look for Middle E, frequencies which match Longitude and F major tone frequencies which match latitude. (note Fran Warren’s song (forrest’s fav) is Major F (forrest finished as a major in the AF.

    1. WWWH = MUSIC tone frequencies:
    W.W.W.H.= Whole note, Whole note, Whole note, Half note (Diatonic, Dorian)

    2. SEEK = KEES backwards. Longitude is Middle E. Look for KEEE, KEE, KEY in the poem both vertically and horizontally. LONGITUDE sits on the key of middle E frequency. You will find latitudes which match other F frequencies.

    3. EF = ef cryllic, or 2:3 perfect circle of 5ths in music, 3/2 perfect symetry in architecture, coordinates, aviation, etc. IT WILL HELP ANSWER EVERYTHING IN THE POEM as it is the key to perfect balance in the poem and life.

    4. IMO ff is a 33 degree free mason. Many signifcant Masonic symbols, geometry & numbers provide answers to the poem.

    5. LOOK AT PRIVATE PROPERTY on township sections down from your Cardinal direction Point CROSS.

    6.MAKE A POEM GRID; take out all spaces in the poem. Justify LEFT, and do a WORD SEARCH vertically, horizontally, backwards, forwards.
    SLIDE ALL WORDS TOGETHER to give additional meanings.

    7. WORDS INSIDE OF WORDS: examples;

    -But.tarry.scant= buttery, butt, airy, scant, cant
    -MARVEL run definitions for mar, are, V, EL

    (I found twin butt shaped butter colorred short buttes in Big Sky, Montana where the hill side is marred with a blaze of EL on private property fitting every portion of the poem’s directions including exact coordinate found in the poem.

    8. PRECISELY; means slice down to the smallest portion. Look for letters in pictograph form and use the RUINIC symbols. IMO ff has used both for the final game.

    9. NUMERICAL VALUES: assign every letter of the alphabet 1-26.

    10. WITH SO MANY SPANISH references in the poem and memoirs study the JESUIT method of treasure mapping and treasure monuments. It’s well definied and several helpful books are available. Fenn lives in SANTA FE. This was the Palace of Governors 400 yrs ago who governed new spain in america and governed Gold mines for the Kind with specific treasure mapping methods.

    11. MONTANA = treasure state, Gallatin River named for US Treasurer, numerically #42

    12. Line 16 down from the top reads ERT NM
    (run the definition for ‘ert’ and decide for yourself)

    13. Number 13 or B is indicative of Treasure in Spanish gold maps and most likely also in the treasure.

    14. The poem must be solved on at least 3 levels. I have completed 7 levels all leading soundly to the exact same place in Montana.

    15. “What is above, so below.” mirror images all over the poem: MW is one example which you can find on the map and in landforms.

    16. Pay attention to CONSTELLATIONs on your map in name and structure.

    17. As Fenn said, ‘ALL YOU NEED IS IN THE POEM.’ the key is music key. The blaze may be the letters Blaze. HoB is also found in the poem as WWWH that I described for you.

    My methods are sound logically and reasonably.
    I have been signed on for 18 months and spent 2500 hours of thought with the poem, fs map, google earth.

    Sincerely, “42” Valerie

    • BigBadBeethoven says:

      Hello. I don’t know where to start on the musical comments. I’m a Pianist; have been playing piano since Age 2; it put me through college and I’ve made a living from it and it’s the only job I’ve ever had. I can tell you that I cannot imagine a Pianist going on about middle E or middle F. From day one we learn middle C. I also wondered about if “Where warm Waters halt” is 33 degrees on a map and wondered if Fenn is a Freemason of the highest order. If so that opens up a completely new venue. But a lot of your musical comments didn’t make sense from a Pianist’s point of view… which is what you claim inspired them.

  29. tiffany says:

    Hey in regards to being close to it. He said that he knew for a fact
    that people were 200 feet away from it but they did not know it.
    It sounded like it was different sets of people, so maybe you could
    somehow narrow it down by starting a data base of locations people
    have searched and with the data to see if there are any overlapping points.

  30. Dave says:

    I have solved several of the clues in this “poem”. I believe I know nearly exactly where to look when I go there in April. I have not read on any blog or message board my findings. I have a partner. We can follow the poem to a nearly exact location but need to be there to spot the “blaze”

  31. Ken says:

    I think I know what the first clue means.

  1. August 16, 2015

    […] What surprises me is that so many ignore the first clue in the poem. Without it all the searcher has is the memory of a nice vacation. Although many have tried, I doubt that anyone will find the blaze before they have figured out the first clue. f ( from FQwF: First Clue Importance) […]

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