Featured Question with Forrest Fenn: The Bronze Jars

bronze jarMr. Fenn, Instinct tells me that you have something more in the jars you’ve hidden than just your autobiography, like maybe a gold coin or two. Do you think it is harder to find your jars or the chest? ~RPeternell


Each bronze jar I buried contains only my autobiography that is encased in a moisture proof glass container. Today I would be unable locate any of my buried jars or bells.

My hope is that some romantic historian will happen upon one of them in the year 12,016, and think that Forrest Fenn was not just a passer-by to life. f


Best of luck with the Thrill of the Chase and all that you seek!  Treasure the Adventure!

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36 Responses

  1. Washaufizzi says:

    Romantic Historian???? As opposed to a Classical Historian?

  2. Seannm says:

    “As I have gone alone in there, And with my treasures bold,”


  3. Milan says:

    R Peternell – pretty funny – “Are paternal?”

  4. decall says:

    Or Rest in Peace eternally

  5. Flagstaff AZ says:

    The real question that should be posed is:

    Did you Mr. Forrest hide anything other than the treasure chest of significant monetary value. A second chest or cache?

    Open ended questions never resolve questions. 🙂

    Perhaps Forrest if your reading this you’ll answer in the comments section.

    Thx Don
    from Flagstaff AZ

  6. Forrest Fenn says:

    No Don, nothing of significant value, but it has long been my habit to drop a coin way out in the hinterland someplace, and scrape dirt on top of it. That practice costs me very little, but the result could be significant to someone in the distant future. I just love doing things like that. f

    • Flagstaff AZ says:

      Thx Forrest

      I’ve had that rattling around in my mind for sometime.


    • Onuat says:

      But first you have to know the significance of being ” there” in the first place.
      Got it. Scrape in the dirt on the south side. 🙂
      Hi Forrest. Hope all is well with you and yours. God bless!

    • Lia says:

      That’s fun Mr. Fenn, and something we can all afford to do. Thanks.

  7. Iron Will says:

    I guess in certain shades of light, we are all just passer-bys… but I agree with the coin dropping philosophy. Just imagine, if some kid 1,000 years from now playing in the back woods behind his house, and notices his dog has dug up a hole in the ground to get at some old bones, and on the pile of dirt lay a gold double eagle coin. More than that, what if that was the child’s first ever discovery of a piece of history? It actually has the chance to alter the path that boy would walk through his lifetime.

  8. pdenver says:

    Thank you for this week’s Featured Question, Jenny, RPeternell, and Mr. Fenn. Interesting thoughts.

  9. Buster says:

    Through the looking glass
    Chapter One – Looking-Glass House: Alice is playing with a white kitten (whom she calls “Snowdrop”) and a black kitten (whom she calls “Kitty”)—the offspring of Dinah, Alice’s cat in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland—when she ponders what the world is like on the other side of a mirror’s reflection. Climbing up on the fireplace mantel, she pokes at the wall-hung mirror behind the fireplace and discovers, to her surprise, that she is able to step through it to an alternative world. In this reflected version of her own house, she finds a book with looking-glass poetry, “Jabberwocky”, whose reversed printing she can read only by holding it up to the mirror. She also observes that the chess pieces have come to life, though they remain small enough for her to pick up.

  10. spallies says:

    Forrest, I love your Jars and Bells and I hope somebody finds one before the year 12, 2016…:) What a great vessel to store your autobiography in… The jars that is… Are you not worried that the glass might break?

    • spallies says:

      opps… I meant to type “the year 12,016” not “12,2016” lol… would that be the year 122,016? That would be a looong time for one of your bells or jars to be hidden!

  11. JohnR says:

    “What do we have to appease the great forces? …thinking it could be controlled. He should have said:
    I have nothing, I am at your mercy.”

  12. jjdiggin says:

    This jar is beautiful! I do not recall seeing this particular jar before, up close, anyway. The butterfly/moth is so sharp and smooth at the same time. Another antonym? Ha ha! Nonetheless, in arguably stunning!
    Gosh, the finder (s) of these jars, whatever place in time that may be, will surely have found a treasure, and as will said, could shape the course of their life from that very moment.
    A profound thought. Deeply profound.
    I love it here! 🙂

  13. Jeremy P. says:

    A few years back I had the opportunity to view the Ginevra de’ Benci at the National Gallery of Art in DC. It’s the only da Vinci on public display in America. I didn’t even know it was there. I accidentally ran across it. In any case, the entire painting is beautiful, but I found myself stuck on one very tiny part of it. There was this tiny brush stroke that stood out, to me, and that’s all I could focus on. I remember thinking, “This brush stroke was painted over 500 years ago by Leonardo @#$-ing da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci! — and my face is less than five inches away from it.”

    That’s what that guy in 12,016 is going to think when he finds one of those things and sees the hand-molded bronze, and the fingerprints forever preserved in it.

    • Lia says:

      Jeremy, thanks for a tour od the National gallery’s finest. She’s quite elegant. I enjoyed reading about the portrait.

  14. uken2it says:

    RPeternell= Retell Pern (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pern)
    The name Pern is an acronym for Parallel Earth, Resources Negligible
    Parallel Earth-mirrors-looking glass etc.
    But Retell what? Her son wrote a bit after author passed away. There are companion books.

  15. WiseOne says:

    Just fenntertainment.

  16. 23kachinas says:

    Forrest, thank you for thinking of those living in the distant future. I’ll have to try @joejonas @hinterlandLA someday. https://www.instagram.com/hinterland_la/

  17. Ramona says:

    Lovely jar, lovely thoughts. Thank Jenny, RPeternell, and Mr. Fenn.

  18. Chase Fan says:

    Mr. Fenn, you are certainly no passer-by to life. And with your treasure hunt, you’ve given many people the opportunity to chase adventure & not pass it by. Thank you. And thanks to Jenny & RPeternell for this post as well.

  19. OS2 says:

    Mr. Fenn, do you think this planet will still support intelligent life in 10,000 years?
    (Forgive the ‘still’ assumption.)

  20. Seeker says:

    “Today I would be unable locate any of my buried jars or bells.”
    …That seems to be an odd statement… not “any”? Wouldn’t simple recalling of memory work?…
    “The person that finds it, { the chest } is going to be a person who thinks and plans and has an analytical mind and uses logic, not someone who has a hunch.” 
    I have asked myself a 1000 time… what is it I would need to “Plan” for? If all I have to do if decipher the clues.
    Extra pair socks…Check
    Gas money…Check
    Spare car key…Check, always a good idea.
    Bedroll… Check
    Flashlight and a BBJ…Check
    Deciphered poem…Check
    Plans…??? …………… Did FF forget to plan something when burying the Jars?

    C’mon Seeker, it’s all straightforwards… no worries. Right?

  21. Friend says:

    Hi Forrest, not sure if you will answer but I thought that I would try.
    On many of your jars you have placed either a dragonfly, butterfly, or frog on its façade. Do these represent something special to you? If so, in what way?
    I ask because the dragonfly to me has always been a symbol of change, emotional/mental maturity, and a deeper spiritual meaning of life. When I see one, I see it as a gift or message from nature, keeping me connected…

  22. Spade says:

    Thanks Forrest and Flag staff AZ and all my friends for great questions. I think I should say Forrest has been more than admirable with his journey through the TTOTC. It is IMO that if a searcher were to ever find the chest in Forrest’s life time, that we owe it to him to reveal ourselves, and if he wishes, to keep its location secret. Also, (I speak for my self) to give him back anything he would desire from the chest, as I am sure some of its contents are very sentimental to him. I also believe that the chest could be hidden well, perhaps even too well. I won’t be posting tomorrow going on vacation ths Saturday, looking forward to reading weekly words though.

  23. locolobo says:

    Interesting initials……RP!

  24. Strawshadow says:

    What a wonderful idea hiding jars for future enjoyment. If I were to hide one it would be under the watchful eye of Kiowa.

  25. a says:

    12,016? isn’t this a typo?

  26. Jarrod says:

    Did Forrest make them himself?

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