Featured Question with Forrest Fenn and The Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt: Walk Away

treasure hunt forrest fennForrest,
Was your bail-out in Laos and the night in the jungle the most challenging episode of your time on this rock, or has there been a more exacting experience in which you persevered? Thank you for everything…..loco


loco, That Laos thing wasn’t especially challenging because everything worked like it was supposed to. It’s the things that don’t work on this rock that challenge me, and most of those are people made.

One of my reoccurring problems has been: am I going to stand and fight with this guy because I’m right, or do I walk away and let him win? Most of the time I’ll walk away, but when I’m forced to fight, I go atomic.

There is a world-wide malfunction that I think is miss-diagnosed. For example, a student goes into his school and shoots 4 or 5 of his classmates and a teacher. The media reports that he is deranged, crazy, or bi-polar. I don’t believe that’s true, at least is some cases. I think the kid was just fed up with what he saw as the injustices in his life. To me, that’s supervisory error.

Okay, that’s enough. I’ll walk away now lest you get fed up and come after me for soapboxing. f


Best of luck with all that you seek!  Always Treasure the Adventure!

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109 Responses

  1. cynthia says:

    Thanks, ff, for sharing. I agree about your assessment of bi-polar, or not bi-polar. However, I believe New Mexico just one through another polar vortex. Highs in Albuquerque hovering at 39º today. Another foot of snow in the northern mountains. How am I ever going to retrieve the chest before Fennboree at this rate? I’m about to go “atomic” myself.

  2. Jeremy P. says:

    I was thinking of a Forrest Appreciation Project that everyone can participate in. Everyone writes down what they like about Forrest, who he is, a little about how he’s influenced you, and put that in a sealed container and go and bury it three feet down out in the woods like he did with his jars. Why should there just be a few jars out west? We can take this global and show how much he’s appreciated. Up the chances that someone 1,000 years from now enjoys a little surprise when they find one of these community-driven caches.

    Conflict with other people is temporary and passing. You’ve done long-lasting things, were right in permanent ways. Screw those a-holes. 🙂

    • Mike C. says:

      You going to make the Kool-Aid for everyone?

      • Jeremy P. says:

        C’mon, Mike. I think a little appreciation is in order. Either you think you can find the treasure chest, or you don’t. If you think it’s possible, you have to entertain the possibility that this man has given you a million dollar opportunity. I think when a million dollars is dropped in your lap, you should say thanks.

        Plus, I think Forrest is a cool guy. There’s not a person who’s existed that didn’t disappoint in some way, and the list of people I look up to is a pretty short list. But I’ve known many elderly people who just sit around all day waiting to die, wondering why they haven’t yet. Forrest not only has had a really interesting life, he’s still out there doing interesting things. Of course I look up to that, and you should to.

        I don’t idol worship, and I don’t really like Kool-Aid. What I’m saying is, here’s a guy who has given you a million dollar opportunity. That’s a big deal. I don’t remember what I wrote, but I sent an email asking if there’s anything his searchers can do for him in return. Of course, there was no reply. But that’s fine, because I figured out how we can.

        Here’s how you can return the favor: In his book, he expressed that he wants to hide these jars for future generations (may even still be hiding some). That’s not something he has to do alone. We can all participate in that. You just take a container, fancy or otherwise, write down how the Chase has made an impact on your life. Put it in the container, make sure it’s waterproof. Spend some effort doing so. Go hide it, three-feet down.

        Seriously, if you ever thought there’s a possibility that you may one day find that treasure chest, help the guy out in taking on the one thing in his book he expressed an interest in doing. After you’ve done this small thing, you’ll feel better about yourself, I promise.

        If I ever see you on the trail, Mike, remind me I owe you a beer. It’s better than Kool-Aid 🙂

        • Jeremy P. says:

          Oh, and do this BEFORE you go looking for the treasure chest. It’s more likely, then, that you’ll capture the Thrill of the Chase leading up to searching, and not the disappointment that you may or may not experience coming home. 🙂

    • Kim says:

      That is an excellent idea and spot-on with the theme!

    • Iron Will says:

      Well said Jeremy 😛

  3. Bailey says:

    I have a lot of family and friends who are educators. When we swap work stories, mine are pretty boring, but the ones they tell sear my brain. 9 times outta 10 it’s MIA parents.

    • Strawshadow says:

      So true Bailey, I went to a sex ed seminar for parents when my daughter started 6th grade. I was one of 9 parents that attended from over 200 invited. The rest no shows. I randomly opened the student study guide and the first thing I layed my eyes on was about anal sex. I returned the handbook thanked the teacher and opted my daughter out of the class. When I arrived home I went into my daughters room and gently broke the news to her that Santa wasn’t real.

  4. Jake Faulker says:


  5. Sparrow says:

    Thanks again Forrest and Jenny.

  6. blazed says:

    Thank you Forrest.

  7. Strawshadow says:

    You load up for bear Mr. Fenn, thats the way to play it. Turn your back and you’ll get eaten alive, especially if your carrying bear spice. We do have many problems in our world today and thats just a fact. Free speech has been twisted into a one way wind tunnel. You’ve taken your fair share of lickins before and thats a good thing. Speak your peace and speak it peacefully. I learned my manners from my P.E. teacher when he said bend over, then from the Vice Principle when he said the same. It only got worse when I got home and my Dad said I must not have learned enough at school, that was the one that hurt the most and in hindsight corrected a few character flaws to boot. Thanks for reminding me why I loved my dad so much.

    • Strawshadow says:

      Perhaps my English teacher should have joined that select group of character builders, then maybe my punctuation would have taken more impact.

  8. pdenver says:

    Thank you for the “Featured Question,” Jenny, loco, and Mr. Fenn. Interesting topic.

  9. 23kachinas says:

    The most beautiful people in the world have healthy relationships with their families. They don’t even need money because they are already the kind of rich I admire most.

    For those not so fortunate I pray mostly because I have learned discord in family creates hurt people that to no surprise hurt people.

  10. Geydelkon says:

    It was a good day after all. I just finished answering all my emails and I stumble on this. What a way to live, with constraint to make a difference. Great thread. Thanks Jenny and Forrest.

  11. Iron Will says:

    Forrest, I like how you approached this subject and dealt with it. But, I seriously doubt the right people understood 🙁

  12. The Count says:

    Oh no, a question from loco 😉

  13. locolobo says:

    LOL!! Thanks old son, you answered my question in a typically succinct manner. At least it was for me, others may not have completely understood the question.

    I definitely agree with you on your other points. One must give consideration to how irritating a fly is before expending the effort to brush him away……And, without a doubt, those who cannot cope with the“perceived” injustices of life, that their imagination manifests, should be closely supervised.

    Thanks again for everything!!……..loco 🙂

  14. SouthBend housewife says:

    Is someone being intentionally loud/combative? If not, then hopefully this person understands there is a problem. It can be difficult to rectify something if a searcher is lost in their own proverbial jungle.

  15. Point Foot says:

    It definitely is a broken world. Hurt people hurt people and I agree something definitely seems missing. I’m thankful that my wife has been able to home school our children. The thing I like the most is they seem to grow up a lot slower than many of their friends and there is more love and less bullying. That doesn’t mean no discipline. One disheartening thing I see is lessons about character and values seem to be getting missed in many places today.

  16. voxpops says:

    An arresting post, Forrest! I think many man-made problems are due to clouded perception and fear of failure. None of us is perfect. In our isolated bubbles we often invoke monsters and bogeymen, and scare ourselves into unwise actions. Perhaps previous negative experiences also play a part. In the end, I think learning to trust is the safest route out of the pit.

    The plea for better supervision is justified, but maybe the zen approach that suggests the pupil is also the master (and vice versa) is worth considering. We all learn from one another – right to the end.

  17. Kim says:

    My two favorite mantras:
    1) Pick your battles because life is short.
    2) It takes a village to raise a child.

  18. DPT says:

    Thanks Forrest and Jenny.

    Forrest did you misspell the word misdiagnosed on purpose?

    You said miss- diagnosed.

    To draw attention to miss.

    Miss as a mistress, lady, Ms. or Madame. Or Miss like Sam Snead missing the putt? Missing a longing or desire. Is she Lady Luck, like the envious Georgia O’Keefe????

  19. Chesney says:

    Tell me not in mournful numbers,
    Life is but an empty dream!
    For the soul is dead that slumbers,
    And things are never what they seem!

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    Thank you Loco, Ms. Kile, and Mr. Fenn. Perhaps someone needs to go take another look. 🙂

  20. Jake says:

    I’ve travelled this far to search, can’t walk away now (although I wish the weather was ideal) and I wish I could go as planned… But I believe I have an almost precise location within about 15 ft. If I fail again then I just may walk away.

  21. BW says:

    We all strive for an untroubled enjoyment of life.

  22. Mindy says:

    Thanks, Forrest…

    I agree with your answer whole-heartedly. The media (and society in general) are quick to diagnose (wrongly) those who are different. With school shootings, it’s usually not due to the kid having a mental illness, but a result of stress built up over time.

    But no one cares about what kind of injustices, real or perceived, the school shooter suffered. More police presence and guns on campuses isn’t the answer. The answer lies in stopping the bullying, period. A kid who feels accepted and safe will not resort to violence in that place of safety and acceptance.

    Many school shooters have been bullied so mercilessly and continuously that “atomic” is the natural result of the internal pressure, like the eruption of a volcano.

    The problem is supervisory…children imitate what they see in their parents and other adult figures. If we model kindness and acceptance, our children will likely follow. If we model bullying and bad behavior, our children will likely emulate those behaviors too.

    The simple answer may just be to be kind to everyone. Treat every heart as sacred ground.


    • Brad Hartliep says:

      When I was in the 12the Grade in Tucson, we had a HUGE gang fight on campus, at Catalina High School, about 15 minutes before school started, over a Girl who was attacked and nearly raped on the school bus ..

      The next day, we had about 6, or maybe 8, Police Officers on Campus, armed. And within a week the entire school (a full block campus) went from being completely open, where you could enter according to your own whims, to completely encased inside a 10 foot high Security Fence, with a Police Guard Posted at a single opening that everyone had to go through — which was closed and locked the moment the school bell rang — and everyone was constantly stopped in the halls and searched.

      Only about 40, or maybe 60, kids, from two opposing “race” gangs, out of 1600 students in the school, were involved in the fight — but all of us were treated like criminals from that day forward ..

      The Administration turned into a post-apocalyptic Utopia of anal retentives egg-heads and I went from an A-B student — with 11 years of “educational successes” — to nearly failing — and not graduating: primarily because every time the Principal, or one of his enforcement goons, got his whithers in an uproar — over more than two friends talking together, like we always had — and started screaming in someone’s face — I would butt in and tell him to go screw himself — then leave Campus, ultimately skipping the maximum number of days allowed, and taking 8 or 10 of my friends with me up to Seven Falls or some other hang out for the rest of the day ..

      Injustices are not “perceived” – in most instances, they are real – but everyone just ignores them — like our treatment of the American Indian, or the Mexican Farm laborer — because they want to “fit-in” with the rest of the ‘Intellectual Class’ ..

      I had done nothing wrong, I wasn’t bothering anybody, I was in no way shape or form a threat to anyone else in school, or anywhere else in town — nor were 98% of the Black, White, Mexican, and Indian students also minding their own business – and the over-bearing actions of the School Administrators to a single incident — that had never happened before — was completely uncalled for and without merit .. just like the FAA and the morons running Homeland Security and TSA, following 911 ..

      I spent 25 years in the Aerospace Industry, have millions of miles of air-time, flying to Asia and Europe — and have flown exactly three times, commercially, in the last 15 years — not because I’m “afraid” of flying, or “afraid of Muslim Terrorists” — but because I will not be treated like a criminal in an over-reactive Police State ..

      Utopianism is a Euphemism for Mass-Manufactured Human Standards and Forced Incarceration — And Freedom is Waning .. in the face of Artificial Societal Norms ..


  23. Helen says:

    The problem with Forrest’s argument is that a person who sees injustices in life may *only* be viewing it this way because of an underlying mental disorder. In this case, the solution is not simply better supervision – it’s to tackle the heart of the problem, whether it be mental illness or something else.

  24. Brad Hartliep says:

    The Rockies, and the Great American West, all the way from Browning and Babb to Truth or Consequences (for those of you who continue to believe Bronze Beauty is hiding somewhere South of Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe) just got hammered with another round of snow again, so .. if your preparing a walkabout in May — you may want to keep your non-dominant eye on the weather:



  25. WyMustIGo says:

    Well its definately a broken world when people are not aware of which restroom to use.

    Perhaps it is time they started to educate people instead of indoctrinate!

    I grew up in the 60s and 70s, if I was bad out came the belt (or spatula if it was my mom). We respected our elders and learned from each other. Dinner was not time spent alone on a cell phone or watching television, it was family time at the dinner table.

    Now that I am in my 50’s and both parents are gone (dad just died 1/22/17 at 75, mom died in 1989 at 47) I miss them dearly of course. I did not appreciate what they did while raising me until I was finished raising my children and they left the nest. I walk along the street and see children yelling or even hitting their parents! That thought would not have even crossed my mind back then.

    In todays world we need more discipline, and we need to stop being hand fed (indoctrinated) all the stuff that helped cause them problems we have now. If you try to discipline your child these days, some jerk from the school will have you sent to jail. And no, I don’t mean abusing them, I mean using discipline along with family values to instill the correct behaviour, not how someone else thinks your children should be raised, especially if they never raised a family themselves.

    We need big changes to get this world back in shape! A good start would be maybe spending time with your family instead of in a dreamworld playing online games or reading Facebook.

    • Helen says:


      You’re repeating something that has been viewed incorrectly throughout history. There’s plenty of written evidence that generations since the Ancient Greeks considered society to be a mess, that children disrespected their elders, that somehow previous generations were better.

      If this were truly the case, the human race would probably have declined into oblivion hundreds of years ago.

      In reality, on balance, the world is still a beautiful place and there is plenty to be positive about – in the Earth and its future generations. Yes, they may be different, yes they will have different habits and interests, but on balance they are just as good as, if not better than, those who have gone before.


      • WyMustIGo says:

        I am not repeating anything, I just posted my opinion, and it isn’t up for debate.

      • WyMustIGo says:

        And by the way, who are you to decide what is and is not correct? Please take the liberal lectures elsewhere, I don’t need you to tell me what is right and wrong, I can do it myself.

        PS: IMO you are incorrect, see how that works?

  26. The Wolf says:

    “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” – J. Robert Oppenheimer(father of the atomic bomb)

  27. Jdiggins says:

    Goodbye. 🙁

  28. Jonsey1 says:

    To me this post provokes thought on the “Fight or Flight” response and how it is biologically similar (changed seratonin, dopamine, adrenal changes etc) to bipolar and other mental illnesses. Often labeled differently by others depending on environmental contexts. (Did the kid try other routes to remove, or have the negative stimuli removed?)

    I do see a difference between going “atomic” when its is done as a last option rather than a first. The failure in discrimination between the two probably often lends itself to a miss-diagnosis of the cause itself…despite the reaction being wrong either way.

    • Brad Hartliep says:

      I doubt going atomic is ever the “first” option. There is almost always a LONG history of the “in”, “popular” people and their hangers-ons laughing at them, or ignoring them, or making fun of them, or calling them names, or saying things behind their back – or, worse, doing things that is embarrassing to the “odd” person, as everyone else stands around laughing and pointing fingers. Rarely does anyone – including the teachers – actually try to befriend the person – they are almost always “loners” and “outsiders” for 9, 10, 11, 12 years before they finally can’t stand it any longer and break .. I was a teacher in elementary school for two years and I quit and left and will never go back because of how I saw the so-called “normal” kids – invariably the 4th, 5th and 6th graders – treating the so-called “special” kids .. I had one kid who was quite large for his size and several of the other kids were laughing at him and making fun of him because he was slow mentally — He was normally very sweet and kind but they finally got him one day and I had to physically grab his hands and hold him and talk to I’m until he calmed down, because he was two or three times stronger than the other boys and he could have very seriously hurt someone without realizing it .. these are the kind of kids that turning into shooters – kids that have been ostracized by the other kids most of their life — and the Teachers and Principals are doing nothing to bring them into a positive relationship within the school community ..


  29. JC1117 says:

    This Question and Answer has a very ominous overtone to it.

    It is a sad world where we develop more and more powerful weapons as a deterrent…to “keep the peace”…so they say.

    “There’s too many men…Too many people…Making too many problems…


    Can’t you see this is a land of confusion?” – Genesis



    We all have moments when we are fed up…it is inevitable. It’s what we do about it that defines us…

    …which will make us laugh…or cry.


    There are certainly moments in time for all of us when we are fed up. It is inevitable.

  30. SL says:

    We come into this world alone, and we go out alone.

    Knowing when its time to leave others to their own space is what will, in turn… give us our own.

  31. threerocks says:

    Have to say in two years of closely following Mr. Fenn’s comments this is the first I have a problem with. It trivializes the role of mental health issues in violence. My wife was on the Virginia Tech campus during the worst school shootings in history and I can tell you this and other similar examples were not simply a “supervisory error”. Forrest, you are brilliant guy but I think you got this one wrong.

  32. hallowmasmike says:

    Heavy stuff. No topic off limits, huh. I can somewhat relate to the example. I was an extremely quiet kid and got bullied a lot. Bullies that ridicule and terrorize people for sport are unjust to say the least. I got my two front teeth knocked out when I was 12 and that was the easy part. The terror I felt of the thought of going to school each day is something most people can’t relate to. I can see how, for those who had it similar or worse than me, going atomic became an option to end the injustice. It’s tough to describe how much fear fit into every minute in a situation like that. It’s like the opposite of ‘time flies when your having fun’. Time slows when you’re in that much anguish and all you want is for time to go by faster.
    I think what Forrest might be saying is that maybe some of his toughest days with some people may have given him some insight as to why he isn’t so quick to place any and all blame on the individual that seemingly acted violently without reason. At least some of the people at the center of those horrific situations are good people that may not have had a heck of a lot of good choices. My dad told me to go to school with a baseball bat and break the bullies legs or he’d break mine. That’s a pretty tough place for an introverted 12 year old to be. I’m glad I made it through by walking away, like I always try to do, but a small part of me also has has an eye on the atomic switch in my head. I play it much like you f, mild mannered for as long as possible, but if I flip the atomic switch they’re not gonna believe how fast day can turn to night, calm can turn to shock. Of course not every example is on the level of death and destruction as we see in the much lighter example in Fenn’s fabled, The Turkey and the June Bug…which was a great tale.
    Thanks for covering subjects big and small, including the not necessarily comfortable.

    BTW MR. F: Even the seemingly minuscule comment “Stop, you idiot” you said to your friend Forrest Gist is refreshingly humanizing and candid. I needed to hear something like that from you to demonstrate your not always calm and measured to perfection (perfection like that is kinda scary in a way).
    Keep up the fantastic work! Very few, if any, subjects are off limits in this thrill we call The Chase and I for one wouldn’t have it any other way.

  33. Alsetenash says:

    Hmm. The last 48 hrs have been a terse theme. Seems an unbeknownst is now known and other culminations not reigned in by someone whom has control. IMO.

  34. Thomas says:

    Is Dale holding information, what happened to the story of E on his site??

  35. Thomas says:

    Jenny, I noticed you commented on the story about E, over on Dale’s site. Was that some sort of code to you and Dale that there was a searcher in trouble or something? Very weird stuff going on, what’s your take on it???

  36. lifesablaze says:

    I have two sons. These behaviors, on both sides, begin at birth or even before.


    • GEYDELKON says:

      @lifeablaze Everytime, I sing this song on stage, it really gets me thinking about myself. I have seen Aaron so many times and I had had the chance to meet him. Aaron is a good family man. His song Zoe Jane really tells where he wants to start in life. I am glad he is a country singer now but his words still carry weight no matter what he sings.

      I sense Forrest is not talking about current behaviors. He is talking of steps we take in life. One must be taught to draw the line to not go down the same path.
      There is so much hate in this world. I sometimes wished our forefathers were able to vision the long haul. I put a lot of thought recently into why change is happening so rapidly. No one is on the same page. Everyone going in different directions without a map.
      Many hold values dear to their hearts but are silent to show a child. It is never too late to start because that is what I have learned the last 4 years. I shall not go silent for a 1000 years.

  37. JDA says:

    I am concerned about the dark tone of this post. I hope that your life, or the life of someone in your family is not being threatened Forrest.

    You mention poor supervision. I hope that IF you are being threatened in some way that you have the protection that you need.

    What is giving in? What is walking away? Who wins? I have w
    “Won” altercations by walking away. I have “Lost” altercations by staying and fighting a losing cause.

    You are wise Forrest. Your heart will tell you what is best. JDA

    • Alsetenash says:

      JDA. IMO. I think this story speaks of this quote-“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

      Perhaps those that have power over others that are morally bankrupt need to be stood against before it’s to late. True power is in compassion . Conflagrations can be avoided if a little fire is noticed and put out quickly in response by those of wisdom ,inner strength and the ability to do so. Responsibility is for all; we all have the ability to respond-Fight or Flight. Pointing a finger in the mirror first will help guide solutions of problems. IMO. Poetic story by a poet.

      • JC1117 says:

        Great thoughts, JDA and Alsetenash…and Others here. Thank You.

        “Pointing a finger in the mirror first will help guide solutions of problems. IMO. Poetic story by a poet.”

        VERY True.

        The Man In The Glass

        When you get what you want in your struggle for self
        And the world makes you king for a day
        Just go to the mirror and look at yourself
        And see what that man has to say.

        For it isn’t your father, or mother, or wife
        Whose judgment upon you must pass
        The fellow whose verdict counts most in your life
        Is the one staring back from the glass.

        He’s the fellow to please – never mind all the rest
        For he’s with you, clear to the end
        And you’ve passed your most difficult, dangerous test
        If the man in the glass is your friend.

        You may fool the whole world down the pathway of years
        And get pats on the back as you pass
        But your final reward will be heartache and tears
        If you’ve cheated the man in the glass. – Peter Dale Winbrow Sr.



        Good Examples can either be listened to…or ignored…for our own glory…or cost.

        Horrible warnings and warning bells should never be ignored.

  38. lifesablaze says:

    …and yet, it is Fortinbras who inherits the Kingdom.

  39. WoodyBogg says:

    Forrest You have provided a wonderful constructive way for many to just walk away get some fresh air and clear their head from all the crap a person is subjected to.Nowadays it seems that the ones that are instigating or antagonizing the problem or screwing someone over are protected by the system and nobody seems to care to make an effort to make it right . They just react to the cause after someone goes Atomic. Often the person is persecuted twice by standing up and fight. There are no right answers but our systematic society is screwed up more than it has ever been.

  40. The Count says:

    Here is something I’ve done recently. When ever I’m at a thrift store I look through the used books, some of the books I look for are about the Rockies or other possible chase related resources. I found this fun book called In To The Wilderness, I think I paid a quarter for it. Well at the place I’m at now there is a community laundry mat with a few book shelf’s kinda like take a book and leave a book. So I put a copy of the map from TFTW in this book and left it there. It must of been there half a year before someone found it and took the book. I know that day the chase started for another and in some small way a feel a little responsible for some of the adventures in there future. Next its time to hit the library and make some more copies of the map, maybe I’ll leave a few copies behind at that library 😉

  41. Jeremy P. says:

    I was just thinking, there’s actually not that many people alive today who can remember a time before the atomic or nuclear option, and Mr. Fenn would have been, I think, fourteen? That’s old enough to have somewhat of an understanding of what the development of the bomb meant in the world. I dunno, it’s just weird for me, at my age, to think of a world before these things were in it. It wasn’t actually that long ago in the history of mankind.

    • Jeremy P. says:

      I was also thinking, no one ever mentions the third “f” response to stress. Besides “fight” and “flight”, there’s also “freeze”. Animals do that all the time.

  42. Jake says:

    I walked away f, should’ve gone atomic but… Safety comes first, so it will remain for now, unclaimed. 😕

  43. Chesney says:

    Let’s try to envision the following; a person could theoretically have been close for a year or maybe more. Said person is well versed in the “trials and tribulations of life”, but any person can only try to accomplish their objective and be called “Crazy” so many times before that person starts to believe they are:

    A) Completely wrong
    B) Insane
    C) Just obsessed
    D) All of the above

    I know that there are a lot of searchers that can relate to this post, whether they will admit it, or not. I don’t care how many sociology or psychology classes or degrees you have, this is real!

    • Point Foot says:

      Lol. I just read this and I have to say I’ve lost count of the number of times people close to me have called me crazy. These days I do attempt to see things from their perspective at least initially. And at times I temper my enthusiasm. But it rarely causes a change in direction. Look at Elon Musk. I can’t compete with the number of times that man has been called crazy. And it only drove him to succeed. I tell people that when they call me crazy.

  44. Jake says:

    I know what you mean Cheney. My family and friends don’t like hearing about it much these days, but I know it’s real. I believe things happen for a reason, but it’s frustrating not knowing why, Lol. Are you going out searching soon?

    • Chesney says:


      Yes I will be out searching at the end of this week, weather permitting! I wish you well in “The Thrill of the Chase” and whatever you do!

  45. Crow says:

    Misdiagnosed . . . There are injustices of all kinds and probably always were. Why waste time being angry and revengeful; it will not change the injustices. It typically creates more injustices for others. What is misdiagnosed is the demand for immediate gratification coupled with superiority and entitlement. Those who are busy understanding themselves and delving into their own interests (socially acceptable ones) tend to be compassionate and social. I think a good grip on good morals (and ethics in the workplace) would be best. Most of the time, walk away is best. Unfortunately, there are seldom times when one must take action.

    • Crow says:

      . . . walking away creates insanity in hateful individuals. When they don’t get their way, they create a delusional world full of events and documents that just aren’t real. They will do whatever it takes to cause wrongful harm. Many times, keep walking. I should know; I’ve been a survivor of intense hate for over 50 years. I’m called a loser among many things. Rather than strike back, ask why do ‘you’ continue to search for me? I believe I’m of good stature and it bothers hate that I survive. Otherwise, brush me off like you would a fly and move on. Misdiagnosed . . . everyone wants an immediate gratification answer to hate. My soapbox end…..

  46. Jdiggins says:

    If I’ve learned anything it is this, and most profound: love each other like there’s no tomorrow. We are all together in our journey on this planet. Let’s ensure our children a better future. Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Thank you forrest and Jenny for opening my eyes.

    • JC1117 says:

      There is Wisdom, Jdiggins.

      “Love each other like there’s no tomorrow.”


      “Only love can bring the rain…
      …that falls like tears from On High.” – The Who



      Thanks Forrest and Jenny…Et Al.

      • Jdiggins says:

        Thx jc, u r wise…
        I believe I’ve been on a vision quest. I’ve been praying a lot more than usual. Just strength. That’s all I need to keep going, I have lots of love to go around. I’ve walked away, and been forced atomic, and it’s not a fun place to be. I pray for all of us. And I pray my thoughts stop blending in the wrong places. It scares me, my imagination.

        • The Wolf says:

          Jdiggins it saddens me to hear you talk like this. I noticed something was off when I posted that father or the atom bomb quote – I am sorry if that offended you it was just something Mr Fenn said made me think of that sad day at Trinity.

          You have always been a ray of sunshine and an inspiration to me. Keep your head up.

          • Jdiggins says:

            Wolf, I am extremely blessed to have found the friends and “family” I’ve found on this journey. Your words mean more than you know. Thank you.
            I don’t think it was any one thing said recently, I think it was a culmination of the negativity, the flurry of activity, my own journey and most certainly my imagination. I scared myself mostly! 🙂
            The sun shall shine, thank you wolf, and everyone else, I think I’m better now…lol!
            But seriously, I was THERE!

            • The Wolf says:

              We all have been there in varying degrees and yes I too was feeling the negativity recently and I feel am trying harder to stay positive and set a better example. It is comforting to see you smiling again and that makes me feel much better now. Thank you!

      • JC1117 says:

        I just remembered another great song that goes well with the theme of Love.

        Spill out on the streets of stars
        Ride (…or walk) away
        Find out what you are
        Face to face
        Once you’ve had enough
        Carry on
        Before you’re gone
        – Kings of Leon



  47. Jdiggins says:

    Goldie said just grin n bear it. 🙂

  48. Jdiggins says:

    Thanks everyone. Truly. It means a lot. 🙂

  49. Passenger says:

    Jdiggins, maybe this little poem about the Chase will cheer you up.. or down?

    Dr. Forrest.

    If you had an affliction from watching too much tele,
    Or an ailment from barrels of beer in the belly,
    You might call Dr. Forrest…
    Who’d send you oft the poppy forest,
    And thus procure this morpheme for rest.

    As you l’eye in a daze,
    His prescription becomes a-maze.
    Might you awaken from this ad-diction morpheme?
    A blaze with boundless encryption or scheme?
    No, you see what’s sane, what’s best and when,
    Of course, no pain, for rest, more-Fenn!

  50. Jdiggins says:

    Good morning, all! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, I’m tying strings and mapping out my future…you are all such a ray of hope, I need my shades! 🙂 Long live the chase Familia! That’s my Spanish word for the day, but as we hillbilly folk say…kin!!! 😉

  51. Jdiggins says:

    Jk…I’m feeling much better tis all..

  52. Smartblonde says:

    I have to mention what I think this post is about: a man stalked Forrests granddaughter and threatened to harm her if Forrest didn’t give him the treasure. Forrest had to go to court to get a restraining order. I think this “supervision” thing is about the difficulty getting and enforcing restraining orders, and the ‘Excuse’ of insanity. I think this is frustrating for many people, and its a part of our system that needs repair.

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