Featured Question with Forrest Fenn and The Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt: Unique

forrest fenn question treasure huntHi Forrest! You’ve said you love unique things. I like unique things, too. But, to me, just about everything in nature is unique, even down to the bee husks I used to collect as a kid. What is the most unique thing you’ve ever owned? ~?



Unique is an absolute word, so nothing can be more unique than another. And I am not sure I fully understand what I just said. Can you rephrase the question please? f



Best of luck with all that you seek!  Always Treasure the Adventure!

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147 Responses

  1. pdenver says:

    Thank you Jenny, ?, and Mr. Fenn for the “Featured Question”. Absolute words: http://www.austincc.edu/health/ttt/determination.html Here I was trying to explain, and ended up having to erase it because it’s hard to explain. Unique is one-of-a-kind, for whatever reason, in the eye of the beholder? Gosh, I’m not sure I have that correct either.

  2. Alsetenash says:

    This is an odd one. Basically saying,’ compared to what’? Unique is finite unto itself.

  3. The Wolf says:

    Why do I think of colourful butterflies resting on little rocks after reading that?-?

  4. JC1117 says:

    Well…this is a unique question and answer…and very true.

    For those of you/us who like rabbit holes…

    How do you catch a unique rabbit? Unique up on it. :/

    How do you catch a tame rabbit? Tame way…unique up on it.

    Forrest’s answer resembles The Golden Rule…and my daily mantra…

    “I am a unique and special person…just like everyone else.”

    Realizing that…and being kind as a result…is Infinite Treasure.

    Thank You, Forrest and Jenny and ? …no really…???

    Just kidding…You’re special, too, (?) 🙂

  5. Waterhigh says:

    Forrest, you are absolutely unique!

  6. squat cobbler says:

    Anna? Ok, so the anagram for bee husk is “seek hub.” The definition of hub.

    1. the central part of a wheel, rotating on or with the axle, and from which the spokes radiate.
    synonyms: pivot, axis, fulcrum, center, middle
    “the hub of the wheel”
    the effective center of an activity, region, or network.
    “the city has always been the financial hub of the country”
    synonyms: center, core, heart, middle, focus, focal point, central point, nucleus, kernel, nerve center, polestar

    Notice the word nucleus in the synonyms. So Forrest is telling us once again to find the nucleus of the poem. Thanks for the question and the answer, Forrest.

    • Anna says:

      Squat cobbler…can you hear me now? If you are calling me…I’m here – Anna

      By the way my theory on solving the poem is to re’cog’nize the maps rotating circularly through the text. My brain operates like a single wagon wheel following each spoke outwardly to the rim and returning to center with a central idea. My well educated guess is that Forrest’s brain encompasses wheels within wheels within wheels. Someday I hope a movie exec comes calling for my maps and story. They are a winner even without Forrest’s box of gold rocks.

      JC1117 – so funny. You remind me of Forrest when he’s in a playful mood. His post here seems more pensive and on topic only to him. Of course, he’s unique as unique gets.

      Nmc mentioned “more” which always reminds me of the song More

      • Anna says:

        The hub of the poem’s text if dropped into a proper grid is a paw pad. This could be the “big picture” paw pad as seen on GE in New Mexico aka Valle Caldera. It could also be forrest’s home or pa pad somewhere in the Rockies.
        A very exacting map of the Big Horn Medicine wheel can also be found in the poem with a hub, spokes, and compass points directing one towards New Mexico. ALL based on my unique opinions but helpful if you know what you are doing.

        • Squat cobbler says:

          Reminds of the joke about the dog who went into the saloon in the old west. The dogs arm was in a sling. He went up to the bartender and said I’m looking for the man who shot my paw.

          • pdenver says:


            • Anna says:

              Good night guys and gals. Going back to my happy place at the corner of Blissful ignorance & peaceful thoughts

              • pdenver says:

                Goodnight, Anna.

              • Squat cobbler says:

                Goodnight geydelkon

              • Anna says:

                I can say with certainty that I am not geydelkon. I sign in here under “Anna” uniquely.

                I sign in under “Andesite” on Dal’s blog – only because Anna went directly into moderation. “Andesite” goes through the forrest filter before showing up at Dal’s….which is uniquely different than being thrown into moderation by goofy, who we all suspect is forrest. 😉

                • pdenver says:

                  Some of what you’ve said is a bit confusing, especially the part where you said ‘ “Andesite” goes through the forrest filter before showing up at Dal’s…’. Would you be so kind to explain this part, please? I know some think Goofy is Mr. Fenn. Wouldn’t you think Dal would know? I know Dal doesn’t know who Goofy is, but in the same sense, both he and Goofy share the same “company name” if you’ll allow me to call it as such, when emailing them.

                • ROLL TIDE says:

                  Goofy is Forrest ?

                  ndat rotderz funny.
                  ontker hooyar !

                • pdenver says:

                  ROLL TIDE, I don’t know about you. 🙂

  7. WiseOne says:

    Cheers, Forrest! 🙂

  8. pdenver says:

    The person who sent the question is known as “?”, yet, Mr. Fenn responds with “?-?”. When one looks at the question, we can see the question ends with a question mark, but has a tilde, and another question mark. This would be an aberration. So the question would be, which does he draw the attention to? I’m going to lean towards the tilde, rather than the punctuation mark he chose to use. I’ve always known it to mean “approximately,” but I see there are other suggestions.

  9. Jeremy P. says:

    I’m not sure a thing’s uniqueness is absolute.


    While it may be a true statement that each question mark in the questioner’s paragraph is a separate object, occupying a distinct place in the paragraph as a whole, is indeed an individual instantiation of the thing that is a question mark, and as such is unique from not only all other question marks, but also any other punctuation in the paragraph, it is unique only in the narrow view of evaluating the object by itself.

    In the context of the paragraph as a whole, an object of the type question mark is not unique. There are two of them. The question mark is closer to unique than the comma, of which there are four, but further from unique than the exclamation point, which is actually the unique punctuation in the paragraph! but now not unique on the page as a whole because I added one here. Still, the exclamation point remains the closest to unique punctuation both in the context of this page, and in the paragraph, though not in the context of evaluating each object in the universe individually — in that context alone all things are absolutely unique.

    A context is built into question: “What is the most unique thing you’ve ever owned?” Individual, distinct things are thrust into a collection: “thing[s] you’ve ever owned”. Each separate thing is just one of many in the collection, and from this context none of them are truly unique at all. They all share the characteristic things of type you’ve owned. However, in the context in the question, some may be closer to being unique than others.

    So, then, “What is the closest to being unique thing you’ve ever owned?”

    Crap: The moment you suddenly realize you may be in the 7% 🙂

    • pdenver says:

      I’ve read your comment three times, and I’m still trying to understand, Jeremy P. If you only knew how many times I’ve tried to respond after my first sentence, only to end up erasing it. I think you’d laugh.

      • pdenver says:

        Gosh Jeremy P., it seems I still need to stick with “one-of-a-kind” to this “Featured Question”. We know Mr. Fenn has stated he collects unique things. He has a book that has the red wax seal on a letter, as well as, other wonderful things inside. To me, this would be a unique item. Once again, I’ve had to erase part of my response, because in some ways, I could somewhat see the point you may have been trying to make. How would you rephrase the question for which he had asked?

  10. Jake Faulker says:

    One of a kind.

  11. OH! says:

    How do you catch a unique bird?
    Unique up on it!

    Why didn’t the hen cross the road?
    He was Minervas!

    Ahh! Tomatoes!

  12. Onuat says:

    One and only…
    Salute,Forrest. Thanks Jenny.

  13. Sparrow says:

    I’m too dense to understand any of this.

  14. Crow says:

    Well, IDK, perhaps being unique is as simple as ABC. Either it is unique or it is not. But I think sometimes the distinction in something like the difference from bee homes and wasp homes and hornet homes may require an expert. I could never tell a wasp from a hornet and for me insect nests/homes are not unique. However, when it comes to milk, I can tell where the cows were from – and that makes certain cartons unique (Borden) from others and way more valuable to me. 🙂 What was the question, again?

  15. Iron Will says:

    Alright, first of all this is my opinion. I will speak as it is fact but unless Forrest comes here and says, “Wow Will you are smart,” then it’s just my theory. With that in mind, lets dive into my head.

    This question is asked by a mystery person. Why? Because Forrest doesn’t know who it is…yet. It could be any of you, if you are smart enough to ask the right question. “What do you mean Iron?”

    To answer this question, I have to take you back to the beginning when a butterfly was a flutterby. I believe Forrest has a passion for anagrams that stems from his childhood, when he chose to make his own words. How else can you explain the “flutterby” comment in his book? It had to have some meaning to him for it to be included in print. He even said recently that people trying to anagram, was not tomfoolery. I believe I have seen multiple posts where he has challenged us to anagram something. Unfortunately, I was never able to be successful. What follows is my best attempt at explaining the challenge he is presenting us with here.

    Let us begin with the reason why it’s an anagram: ?-? and “Can you rephrase the question please?” the question marks with hyphen indicate a transfer from “this question” to “that question”. His request to rephrase is letting you know to ask that question…but differently. And then there was the bee husks which had a few in a tissy. A husk is defined, among other meanings, as a constituent part or parts of something (depending on word form). Forrest, when young, used to make up his own words to get his meaning across. What if the BEE does not buzz, but is rather… a spelling bee? Words and Letters are the husks of that BEE. Notice the U picture to this question? I believe it’s up to YOU to figure it out. But to do so you’ll have to follow the rules. “What do you mean rules Iron??”

    Well, in Forrest’s response, he clearly indicates that Unique is an absolute word. This means that within the new question anagram, UNIQUE must be used. Building upon that we know that he said nothing is more unique than another. No Thing. So perhaps our newly organized question, using the word unique, is not about a what, but a who. So, ask about someone, with UNIQUE in it and use all the letters given in the original question. I don’t know if the apostrophe is required to be included as well. Muset, Astree… get to cracking 😉

    • pdenver says:

      Interesting theory, Iron Will. Please remember Jenny chooses the photos, unless otherwise stated by her.

    • JC1117 says:

      Unique ideas, Iron Will.

      Forrest is definitely in the middle of this.



      Happy Memorial Day! To Forrest and all Veteran’s who fought/fight for Liberty…which is always worth fighting for.

      Thank You, ALL. My deepest, heartfelt thanks.

    • Viceroy~Timpanac says:

      Thank you Forrest and Jenny.~?..And Will.

      I rarely post but desire to do so more. I do want to say your whispers nearly always have merit. I enjoy your thought process.
      I would like to think that asking correct questions (according to some searchers code) isn’t always an easy task. It is comforting to know that if somebody asks incorrectly, then that human would be allowed to clarify or make corrections. All in the chase have access to ff’s responses. Keep up the good work.

      Daniel Patrick Moynihan — ‘Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.’

  16. Strawshadow says:

    Thanks Jenny,?, Forrest,
    I’m leaning towards sui generis chasing A

  17. who are you,I am me,but I am me also??.me,I ,one ,myself.just me .I get me,do you get me.just get me.I found burke.

  18. Bailey says:

    How do you catch a unique rabbit? Unique up on it.
    Have a Great Memorial Day everybody.

  19. lifesablaze says:

    Ha! A man named ‘Doc’ came to my work yesterday. We talked for a while. He told me he used to work at Los Alamos and that at one point in life he had scored a perfect score on his IQ test. Now I don’t know if all that was true, he was quite a character. He bought 2 silver bees and all of my dragonflies!

  20. WyMustIGo says:

    I’m pretty unique!

    I told my wife long ago that when I die, I want to be buried in the dirt face down so that the one person who visits me has a place to park their bicycle.

    • pdenver says:

      Oh, my gosh! My husband says he wants to be buried face down for other reasons, when the visitors come. He can have his, “I told the doctor I was sick.” on his grave marker.

  21. Iceman says:

    Fennboree is right around the corner. I think f would like you to bring something you-nique. He wants to know who the searchers are. A photo of you? A place you searched? A story? A thing you found? Well that’s my opinion.

    • Iceman says:

      You know … a scrapbook item, a keepsake. Things purchased are not unique. You are treasure hunters. What did you find? Bring it. Leave it.

    • Iceman says:

      I will bring an empty treasure chest. You guys will be filling it with your contributions. Who’s in?

  22. Iceman says:

    Unique => you neek > unyoke

  23. 23kachinas says:

    Please read mention of “unique” from the World Charter for Nature


    Convinced that:

    (a) Every form of life is unique, warranting respect regardless of its
    worth to man, and, to accord other organisms such recognition, man must be guided by a moral code of action,

  24. Sparrow says:

    Unique = 6 letters. Bees create hexagons in their honeycombs. There are six stanzas in the poem.

  25. Buckeye Bob says:

    First of all, Forrest is telling us to “rephrase” the question.
    Looking up “rephrase” in Merriam Webster takes you to “paraphrase”, which is the same thing.

    Next, the tilde mark is used as a symbol, in mathematics it means “similar to”, and in logic it means negative to a statement. (As in ~P = “not the case of P”.)

    So we have a question we’re supposed to paraphrase, and it’s not supposed to be the exact same case as the original question.
    But I don’t think it’s the whole question he’s looking for, just something in it.

    One possible answer is “hornets nest”.

  26. Julie Howe says:

    My father and son are wanting to hunt this treasure with me. I had surgery in January and my father had told me to try and remember what i dream of while under anesthesia (He was hoping for a visit from my Mother who had passed away) but pieces I remember were of finding a treasure. I was watching expedition unknown while I was recovering from my surgery and it was of Forrest and his treasure and it hit me that this wasn’t a coincidence. So my father who lives in New Mexico and I who lives in Washington have been messaging each other back and forth about where this treasure is. We have our own ideas and now trying to get the funds for him to drive to Yellowstone and for my son and I to drive there from Washington and hopefully have a 3 generation treasure hunt together. Happy Hunting 🙂

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      I liked your story, Julie. There’s a lot of stories like this, and I hope that if the treasure is found soon, you won’t stop your plans. (Lots of people think someone is very close.)
      Wishing you a safe and memorable time with your family.

    • Strawshadow says:

      Thanks for sharing Julie. I think you have discovered The Thrill of the Chase. For all of us that is where it begins. I look forward to hearing about your family adventures.

  27. SL says:


    Some bee husks that are not only unique, but most ‘special’ to ‘discover.’

    I hope that you will, my friend:


    • pdenver says:

      Hello SL. Thank you for the link. It looks like an interesting place to explore, and would love to do so.

  28. Iceman says:

    Bee Husk => be husk e => (who) be husky?

    • Iceman says:

      It took a trip to “Home Depot” to figure this one out. They sell “Husky” hand tools … axes, picks and sledge hammers … for all your Viking needs!

      • Iceman says:

        To “bee” honest I was shopping for some things to take with me on another treasure hunt… “Breakfast Tea and Bourbon”. They didn’t have what I was looking for so next stop is “Lowes”and if necessary “Walmart”. I can’t tell you what I’m looking for. It’s too much of a clue.

  29. Iceman says:

    Fully understand => fraudulently

  30. randawg says:

    FF simply used his knowledge of words to avoid answering the question.
    The message here is that many words we think we know have more definitions than the words are commonly used for. And that the knowledge of words is an important tool in the Chase.
    I don’t think my opinion is unique (is it?)


  31. Iceman says:

    What I just said => jihadist

  32. Iceman says:

    rephrase question => superheaters

  33. Iceman says:

    unique things => unquieting

  34. Iceman says:

    question please => neoplastia

  35. Iceman says:

    Hi Forrest => heritors

  36. Iceman says:

    more unique => ermine

  37. JL says:

    unique—– synonym=======hidden
    hidden> buried
    burried> entomb
    entomb> concrete
    concrete = Jimmy Hoffa

    indulgence may never be found because F borrowed from the mob and entombed it in concrete in the middle of nowhere.

  38. OH! says:

    What if this line was for us searchers and not necessarily directed at the questioner:
    Can you rephrase the question please? f

    It’s not Fenn’s answer we are to look at, it’s the question.

    Are we to rephrase ?’s question because Mr. Fenn has two ??’s.
    Is the answer to the question rephrased by using a synonym?

    Or did I just confuse the entire featured question?

  39. Iceman says:

    U => University of Utah

  40. JL says:

    Unique is an absolute word, f can’t twist it or bend or manipulate it so he will not answer the question.

  41. passenger says:

    Although you are unique, the solve is not. It needs to make scents on multiple levels.

  42. OH! says:

    Four one of a kinds? Hmm, the first page in TTOTC?

  43. lifesablaze says:

    My sister chased a bull into the room. I said “Bury the bull but leave the horns”. Later we dug it up and set out the carcass. Over time a colony of bees blessed the old bull’s bones with sweet honey. These days she and I drink sweetened milk in an old tin cup. I remind her to do her Best and don’t be in such a rush to see. If you want to find the hall beneath the tree, you only have to follow the bee.



  44. Focused says:

    If you want to see some unique stuff, go to the “three Rivers art festival” in downtown Pittsburg Pennsylvania… I was there today… live music, food and art of all kinds…. it’s a ten day festival… Google it… ok, it’s time for me to leave the big city and get back to my good ole country life… see ya my friends…

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