Featured Question with Forrest Fenn and The Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt: New Book

forrest fenn armchair treasure huntMr. Fenn,

There is a lot of talk about you backing away from the chase as evidenced by your lack of posting on the blogs. Some say your health is not good and that is why you stopped. It is lonesome without you. Do you have anything to say about that? Thanks,  ~Billy S

Well Billy,

Every day for the last few years I’ve told myself to retire, and I always do – for a few days. But just last night I finished the 39th story in my 3rd memoir. I selected what I think are my best Scrapbooks, rewrote them, added lots of new graphics, stick figures, and new/old photos. It is pretty much designed and will be printed next week hopefully.

Doug Preston wrote a lengthy foreword that beautifully sets the tone for what is to come. He and I will launch the book at Collected Works bookstore on 2 October (November). After that maybe I will retire for sure, but I secretly hope not. f


Change/Edit to above:  Date change: It is NOVEMBER 2nd.

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55 Responses

  1. pdenver says:

    Looking forward to the Third Edition, Mr. Fenn. I hope I don’t sound too selfish when I say I hope you won’t retire.

  2. Jenny Kile says:

    So Exciting! Can’t wait for it!

  3. voxpops says:

    Well Forrest, sounds like a great book! Maybe this time I’ll take the plunge and read all three. End of a poem purist, perhaps. I sure hope my energy is half of yours in 20 years time.

    As for the question, did you forget to answer it (again)? 😉

  4. wildwestwendyjo says:

    Forrest and Jenny, I’m looking forward to reading the next book!

  5. JDA says:

    Congratulations on the upcoming book. If retirement is what you seek – go for it, but we will all miss you a great deal. Maybe the treasure will be found soon, and that might make your decision easier – JDA

  6. Sher says:

    I’m thrilled. How great is that!!

  7. blazed says:

    Awesome, can’t wait to check it out.

  8. Nora Virrey says:

    Forrest your books are too expensive for poor people. If you want the good ole boy from Texas with 12 kids to find the treasure maybe in time you could release the books in soft cover. Thank you for this fun adventure you have given us!

  9. Alsetenash says:

    Nice, 10/02/17! It’s not that far away . Today is 09/07/17- T minus 25 days. No wonder he has been quiet, been busy writing a book! This makes a 2 in 3 days of him posting .

  10. JCM says:

    If you work for money and don’t really enjoy your job, then retiring from that job is great once you are able.

    If what you do everyday is something you enjoy and are happy to continue doing, why would you want to retire? When you stop having a purpose, the end is certainly drawing nigh…

    Hmmm… maybe that will be the name of f’s 3rd memoir book… The End is Ever Drawing Nigh. 🙂

    I wonder if he could get as much mileage from that title as he did from the title TFTW.

  11. Copper says:

    I wonder if 10% will still go towards cancer research/patients? I’d like to know how much has already been raised with the first two books. Great cause on top of a good read.

  12. Strawshadow says:

    Thank you Jenny, Doug and Forest,
    Blazing with nothing but good news here. I’ve worn myself weary traveling this world and had to patch, not only my shreds, but a light spot on my hair worrying about when you 2 would make another joint appearance. A las the time will come.

  13. Focused says:

    Congrats on your upcoming book Forrest ! I’m looking forward to reading it….. will your new book be available for purchase then ? I’m about due for another trip…lol
    Thank you Jenny for all that you do for us chasers and thank you Forrest for giving us somewhere to run……..
    Take care….. until next time… see ya 🙂

  14. Forrest Fenn says:

    Lou Bruno and Susan Caldwell own the book, I just wrote it. It’s called Once Upon a While, and I think the price will be $24.95. Anyone who wants a copy can order it at lou@brunoadvertising.com. f

    • WyMustIGo says:

      Hah, you’re a mind reader, I was just going to ask that!

    • JDA says:

      “Once upon a while…I do something right” I believe is how Forrest once ended that sentence. I bet he did something right with this one – like TTOTC and TFTW – Thanks Forrest, I can not wait to get my copy – Maybe I can come to NM and you will sign a copy for me – JDA

    • JDA says:

      Sorry, I have to ask the age-old question – Are there any “Hints” in your new book that will help searcher’s find Indulgence? – Sorry, If I didn’t ask, someone else will – JDA

    • Twingem says:

      Oh how I wish I could be there for the book launch. I’ll be on a final trip that’s just too late to change.

      Congrats on writing another book!

    • randawg says:

      I’ll be visiting Santa Fe soon Mr Fenn. Will your new book be available at Collected Works? (And if so, when?).
      Thank you.


  15. WyMustIGo says:

    Sounds good to hear from you, Forrest. The new book will be cool, and maverick’s like you never retire.

  16. WyMustIGo says:

    Forrest, is there any way you might consider posting the “foreword” for the new book, as a teaser of sorts?

    Yeah, yeah yeah yeah, always asking for something. But hey, it keeps me going!

  17. Lou Lee Belle says:

    Great news Forrest! Best Wishes to all on the chase!

  18. Y. Mangum says:

    I look forward to reading the 39 stories in OUW.


  19. Jdiggins says:

    Super excited. Love the chase! Love it, love it, LOVE IT! 🙂

  20. Ramona says:

    Greetings Mr. Fenn, Jenny, & Billy. Thank you for this Featured Question. Retire pffft!

  21. Belle says:

    I am thrilled!

  22. 23kachinas says:

    Really looking forward to reading Once Upon a While.

  23. jonsey1 says:

    parking spot / last clue / no place for the meek/ no paddle all suggest same place = ROW 4 🙂

  24. Keith Kastner Smith says:

    Our Artist Friend
    Have you seen our artist friend?
    He always knew just what to do, why, and when.
    We didn’t listen to his sage advice, and then,
    We just ignored him again and again and again.
    He might have even berated and pleaded with those,
    Who insisted on continuing this lengthy prose,
    At a time when another turned up with loss of life,
    Which caused him much internal strife.
    Dismayed to discover that a game was still ongoing,
    A treasure now dry, he devised a master plan for showing,
    That if he must he could show he knew ways to mount a resurrection,
    Yet he was foiled by all through foolish insurrection.
    Off he rode into the final battle,
    On a beautiful steed; majestic in saddle,
    We looked at him as if he was addled,
    And sat back tending our cattle.
    Our friend is a bit odd; you see,
    He is not quite like you or me.
    His confident directives seemed to us so strong, strange, and stilted,
    Which prevented us from understanding what he had quilted.
    Now when we try to reach him these past few weeks,
    He won’t respond but his silence implies, ‘Gone Fishin’ in a couple of dry creeks.’
     ‘I may not catch anything on this desolate Indian reservation’,
    ‘But the natural state is now the most important preservation’.
    And further still his silence bellows, ‘Two men are dead in these short months few’,
    ‘Why take more risks – Isn’t that enough pain and loss for you?’
    Nothing can shake our docent’s resolve,
    In this matter he will no longer himself involve.
    He didn’t give up by any means,
    But children unruly we were it seems.
    No matter the lectures, we would only partially grow and listen,
    Incompletely thawing our snow in his sunlight glisten.
    My own role was meek and mild,
    Until I began to venture into the wild.
    Now instead of maintaining docile inaction,
    I plan to go out with a flourish by forcing a strong reaction!
    Let us remember: We all could have done things better,
    ‘Cept our artist friend who knew everything to a letter.
    So instead of a hydrant flood that will make things wetter,
    Let’s all do the right thing and rescue him with an inflatable sweater.
    There is none more deserving than our artist friend,
    His tapestry grand to which his name he’ll lend,
    If you do the right thing and to him send,
    That by which all things shall mend.
    Or if that doesn’t work then try this request,
    A special item I figure must lie in the chest,
    Send to me decoded regulations, my official behest,
    Which should immediately bring an end to this quest.
    I’m going rogue in my small role to give options for ending,
    I want to correct this for the artist I was beforehand befriending.
    The man wronged by many whose heart is rending,
    Let this post be what is required for mending.
    Perhaps a route still existed for fishing,
    But on this mountain I look up at his star and am wishing,
    That we can end this now one way or another,
    For our dearest friend who is like a brother.

  25. Onuat says:

    Great,Forrest another book to read for hints. Hope you have a lot of pictures and drawings in this book. I don’t like to read much but I do like to look at pictures. Sent my email off for the book… I hope the book gives me hints on how to be braver. Thanks Jenny,oh and you to Forrest and Doug.

  26. John Boy says:

    Everything is confirmed and will be going again soon. Luckily Irma didn’t damage our new home and we have electric so we will be able to go after all. Water levels should be lower than they were in April so I should be able to get to my spot. If it is not your spot then I will have to take a break for a while. I need to take my lady somewhere else. She has been so supportive these last 4 years. She has certainly earned a vacation where she can see somewhere else and do things she hasn’t done before. Thank you for the chase and I look forward to reading your new book.
    John Boy

  27. John Boy says:

    I just read something written by Forrest and WOW was it good. It’s called The Mother of Indiana Jones and I have to tell everyone. If you would like a little more insight on just who Forrest is then you MUST read this. WAY TO GO FORREST YEA!!!!

    You can find the article here—> http://www.artifactsguide.com/catalog/extra_info_pages.php/pages_id/17

    • JDA says:

      Darned, Forrest sure is one smart feller – But that is written in plain English, can be understood by a 14 year old boy who loves diggin’ in the dirt. Just sayin’ JDA

    • Strawshadow says:

      Thanks John Boy, a very good read in deed. Don’t bite the hand that feeds ya, just sayin.

  28. Martha inzer says:

    Mr. Fenn,
    Congratulations on your trilogy!
    Look forward to reading it.
    Thanks all who has been involved in this 3rd memoir.

  29. Kee Muncaster says:

    Forrest, super excited to read your new book! I realize everyone is hoping to get to the end of this adventure. I am here to say, get ready to start a new chapter because I finally think I got it! In my mind, heart body and soul I feel I have the solve!
    Tell your people , not to retire till next spring because we are headed back! No more Dodo family here, consider us like The Jeffersons cause we are moving on up!
    The way I see it , is either we are going to be arrested or shot or we will be cold and find it! Going to take our chances.
    So far I figured out about 4 meanings. I am certain there are more. You are a genius and I hope this time we will get to meet! Ready or not here we come!

  30. C.M.R. says:

    Cover of the book. Four stars, four capitals. Largest and brightest Denver, smallest Helena, partially off the book and same in the map in TFTW Cheyenne, his line is in Sante Fe. Creative on his part if intentional. Does it mean anything?

    • pdenver says:

      Hello C.M.R.. If by having the stars representing capitals of the four states in a one-dimensional view, and the size of each star as the population, the star on the hook would represent Cheyenne rather than Santa Fe.

      Approximate populations for each capital:

      Santa Fe…83,875

      • pdenver says:

        (Statistics based on Wikipedia.)

        • C.M.R. says:

          But…. the half and dimmed star is mapped in TFTW as Cheyenne. So if you apply logic to it: if Cheyenne is Santa Fe then Helena is the Big Bright Star. We already know Fenn is connected to Santa Fe.

          • pdenver says:

            In TFTW, I would agree the star representing Cheyenne may be dim due to the placement of the book, but I see a full star rather than half. To draw a little interest in comparing stars on the map in the book, look at the one representing Helena to the others. Again, I believe it’s a matter of how Benchmark Maps represented the Rocky Mountain region for this particular book. As far as the incomplete star on the cover goes, I do not see it as being dim, nor half a star. I see a little more than half a star shown.

            • pdenver says:

              In regards to applying logic as you have suggested, with the hooked star representing Santa Fe…the second smallest star (second largest in population), I concur. Denver would represent the smallest star (largest in population). Next, Santa Fe (hooked star), followed by the incomplete star (next size) representing Cheyenne. Finally, the largest star representing Helena (smallest in population).

            • C.M.R. says:

              For a map company they don’t know their Geography very well. WWWH isn’t on the map.

  31. SL says:


    A beautiful shot of the Dead Indian Creek area – Wyoming. Would so enjoy being there!


  32. SL says:

    I believe you will be in that space and time, my friend. Yellowstone awaits, and that opposite side of the Park will become…. your reality!

    I’m also trying to place myself on the Wyoming and Montana border near the Red Lodge. On TTOTC Map, there’s a ‘light purple’ section to the West of it. Whenever I’ve noticed it, I envision The Flyer wearing that beautiful color!

    Where is this particular section, (area), on the border? Drawn to it.

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