Featured Question with Forrest Fenn and The Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt: Lost Treasure Thoughts

thrill of the chase treasure huntDear Forrest,

You often say imagination is more important than knowlege. Using your imagination, what do you think your hidden ‘Treasure Chest’ would be saying, if it could talk?  Do you think it likes where it is at?  Is it enjoying the weather?  Does it feel lonely?  Is it anxious to be found? or just what might it be thinking?

 ~thanks, Jenny



Thanks for misspelling knowledge for me. I am sure the treasure chest relishes her guardianship of the rich objects that are concealed in her care, and over which she stands sentinel. They are still in hibernation, but will soon waken as the spring warmth gestures for the Long Tailed Ermine to start turning back into weasels, and the bears start peeking out. I think the gold will again become alert to the tromp and vibrations of hiking boots. Are they hopefully anticipating? I don’t know. f


Best of Luck with all that you seek!  And always Treasure the Adventure!


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109 Responses

  1. pdenver says:

    Thank you the “Featured Question,” Jenny and Mr. Fenn. I enjoy this one. Time to do some research. 🙂

  2. MartinS says:

    I also think the gold will again become alert to the tromp and vibrations of hiking boots…except they won’t be hiking boots. 😉

  3. Point Foot says:

    Thank you Forrest and Jenny! I’ve enjoyed all the winter reading including this post! Hopeful anticipation. I imagine anyone planning a trip this season feels hopeful anticipation. I know I do. I am reminded of memories of my childhood eagerly awaiting for school to end and summers’ adventures to begin! If I am so blessed perhaps my hiking boots will take to the right spot on my next trek. No matter what happens I can be certain this season they will take me to a place where my senses will be filled with amazing sights sounds and smells and where I may enjoy a moment of peaceful solitude basking in the surrounding beauty while forgetting for a moment all the distractions of our modern world. Thank you Forrest for the adventure of a lifetime! Blessings to all and stay safe!

  4. The bears are a problem already

  5. JDA says:

    Such an interest set of questions to contemplate. Thank you SOOO much Forrest and Jenny. You always find a way to get us thinking. Spring is
    almost here, and many things will soon be coming out from their burrows after a “Long Winter’s Nap”. Thanks again Forrest and Jenny – JDA

  6. ROLL TIDE says:

    Catsup and relish… Hot Dog !
    Will soon waken and become alert…

    That gold must be pretty sensitive to pick up the tromps and vibrations from 200′ away…

    • Jeremy P. says:

      Don’t forget the officers from the catsup post and the bookshelf post. Just need to know the weapon. So…

      Colonel Mustard in the Library with the ___?

      • JC1117 says:

        Hello, Jeremy.

        With the…redhead…brunette…blond? 🙂 I give up.

        LOL! You gotta be careful. Some women are downright dangerous. Word on the street is that some of them are…*leaning closer and whispering*…bombshells. Shhh…

        Lucky me. I’m happily married. It took a while…but I finally found her.

        My serious answer to your question is “candlestick”…since I don’t recall one of those really long, heavy, seven-C-cell Maglites in the game of Clue. If they did then that would be a great weapon of choice. I’d grab that one all day long…

        …if I don’t grab the Brunette first…

        …my Wife I mean. 🙂

        Thanks for the question and answer, Jenny and Forrest. I’m anxiously anticipating the next round.

        I don’t want to be a weasel…but will that happen faster if we all badger you? 🙂

  7. litterateone says:


    Hmm, rich objects concealed in her care, now why do I sense a disturbance in the force and quite possibly a few more bubbles popping.


  8. The Count says:

    It looks like Fittest had time to prepare forhis answer here.

  9. thomas says:

    He knows the tromps and vibrations are being felt much closer now, and yes it’s time to wake her up. ( key words here are – BUT WILL SOON WAKEN ) have a great day everyone

  10. astree says:

    Thanks, you two! This one’s great fun, and there’s that darn sentinel again. What’s it take to slip past a silent sentinel ? ( for those doing “Breakfast Tea..”, check out the “nels” in there ). Just the write effort.

  11. 23kachinas says:

    #cazimi #zaminium

  12. Carissalynn says:

    So does that mean my solve was correct?

  13. jl says:

    Long Term Evolution is at hand.

  14. Sparrow says:

    Thanks once again Forrest and Jenny. I mustela friend to read this post—quite interesting. 🙂

  15. Bailey says:

    Awww man, I wear sneakers when I’m searching not hiking boots. Guess I’m out. Still looking forward to another trip as soon as it warm up a bit. Thanks Jenny and Mr. Fenn.

  16. Iron Will says:

    How does someone throw their back out just getting up in the morning!? Oh well… back to hibernation and sleep the pain off 😛

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      Sorry about that IW. I dropped my prepared voodoo doll and the pin went in.
      We’ll revisit this again when you are ready for yer searchin’.
      Again, so sorry.

      • Iron Will says:

        That damn voodoo doll! I can tell its gonna take about 4 or 5 days to get over this one. 🙁

        • Buckeye Bob says:

          By the way, how’s your eye feel? Can you see ok?

          • Iron Will says:

            Oh yeah its all better, had “welder’s burn”. No biggie. Back is sore as hell, and I took vacation Thursday from work to help get over it. Had to go to the store earlier and looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame trying to get from the front door to the car 😛 I’m sure tomorrow morning is going to hurt a lot 🙁

    • Zaphod73491 says:

      IW: if you don’t already have one, buy yourself an inversion table. They really work wonders and will save you a bundle on chiropractor visits! I had lower back issues for over a decade (degenerative disc disease), but since getting the table I’ve been pain-free for over a year.

      • Iron Will says:

        I’ve never been to a chiro or used an I.T. I’m just an idiot who won’t learn to NOT turn sideways when picking something up lol

  17. LMN says:

    Here is the update that I have been hoping to see.

    Forrest may not feel like there is a comfortable way to update his, “within 500 feet,” and, “within 200 feet,” comments (that are rather dated) but he his a very, very creative and deep thinking man.

    “I think the gold -will again- become alert to the tromp and -vibrations- of hiking boots.” says it all.

    Thank you Forrest!
    Thank you Jenny for hosting this update (and -possibly- writing the question)!

    Can’t wait to go trout fishing. Do they bite when the water is warm?

  18. jl says:

    How does tromp and vibrations affect it if it is not in close proximity to a human trail?

    1+1 does not make three

  19. BW says:

    I have a dumb question for anyone that will answer.

    “Long Tailed Ermine” congers visions of beauty and “weasel”, quite the opposite. Same animal so why are they not named ” Winter Long Tailed Weasel” and ” Summer Long Tailed Weasel”.

    I know, crazy question.

  20. Fennatical says:

    Where do weasels live in the US?
    Three species of weasels live in North America. The most abundant and widespread is the long-tailed weasel. Some that occur in parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico have a dark “mask” and are often called bridled weasels.

  21. Strawshadow says:

    Thank you Jenny and Mr. Fenn,
    Charbonneau certainly knew the value of a couple doz wesel tales.

  22. thomas says:

    He said he thinks the gold will be vibrated, but he knows it will. Also by saying ARE THEY, meaning he’s been alerted that they know something that’s going to put them closer then two hundred feet to the chest. He also said the word hopefully, meaning they did the work but has not retrieve the chest yet but needs to act before someone else does. Also I believe there’s a part of Forrest that really want someone to find the chest before he passes because of that feeling we get when we speak the truth about something but it’s something that others find it hard to believe and you can’t prove yourself, it just eats at you, know what I mean.

  23. Zaphod73491 says:

    There’s that Easter Egg for the first clue again. Forrest sure relishes constructing his replies (no pun intended relative to the prior Catsup Q&A)!

    • locolobo says:

      Well Zap, he did tell us a few years ago: “It is fun to arrange words in such a way that you have to smile at the end of a sentence.”

  24. Afana says:

    To answer Mr. Fenns question, Yes Indeed.

  25. Sandy says:

    Ermine as possibly another reference to “serge” or twill…ermine as used in heraldry displays a similar pattern. Heraldry, yet another horizontal reference to corona/coronation/crown. Indeed, the bears and perhaps Indulgence will soon be peeking out of their SUBterrnean dens. Sure have been a lot of SUB prefixes used lately by our favorite story teller. And lastly, an uncommon capitalization sequence. A big reminder to us all that Mr Fenn capitalizes the way he see fit. I needed that reminder.

  26. Sandy says:

    And heraldry/coat of arms – shield reminds me of Scrapbook #26. Oh boy, that is one crazy trip I just went on.

  27. Inohury says:

    Would that be Tory? 😉

    Thank you peas and carrots, er, I mean,
    Thank you Jenny and Forrest. Always a treat.

  28. Madesquare says:

    I’ve got a pair of new balance 750’s with tape over the heel notch, 10 bucks at Good Will-

  29. Muset says:

    Thanks a lot Jenny and f. My mother used to always correct me when I used pronouns instead of proper names. She would snap, “Who is her?” I was a distracted kid and didn’t remember her name, of course, which is why I used the pronoun.

  30. HeadedDown says:

    We know you don’t know, Mr. Fenn. It’s what you think. So do you think “they” are hopefully anticipating? “They” lol.

    Use your imagination. 🙂

  31. squat cobbler says:

    Forrest does this mean it is “amid long tree line”?

  32. BW says:

    To find a post from Mr.Fenn on Jenny or Dal’s site makes the day pass quickly.

  33. litterateone says:


    As to keep with tradition, I must ask did you chose the picture, and are those your calves? wink.


  34. Jake Faulker says:

    The man can paint a picture with words.

  35. Milan says:

    Wow, somebody must be really close. I sure hope it’s not mdavis!!! (although I miss that guy). It’s been an amazing adventure anyway.

    Congrats to whoever! (but please let us know when this is actually over)


  36. Jdiggins says:

    Catsup, relish, pickles.
    Or as mentioned, hot dog….Weiner dog, Tesuque, daschund?

  37. Jdiggins says:

    Oh and forrest, I bet that thing is laughing it’s (a hem) off! 🙂

  38. DPT says:

    Thank you Forrest and Jenny.

    I do have a question about the above information you have given us. You said “Long Tailed Ermine “and capitalized each word.
    I did some research and the Ermine is considered to be a stout and not long tailed? I’m confused? There doesn’t seem to be a Long Tailed Ermine and tailed should not be capitalized. Am I correct with my research or is Wikipedia incorrect?

  39. Lia says:

    Thanks Jenny & FF. Always interesting.

    Didn’t Forrest tell a story about Ralph Lauren wanting to purchase a beautiful Native American head dress with long ermine tails. Could it be one that hangs on ffs den wall above the bear hide from JH Sharpes collection? Weasels/Ermine borrow sod dens from other animals like chipmunks and den under tree stumps and rock piles

    Ermine black-tipped tails once were traditional trimmings on the robes of kings and Catholic clergy. I found this documented story of Sacajawea touching.

    The captains saw their first white weasel “(Taile excepted which was black at the end)” at Fort Mandan on November 9, 1804. Its pelt may have been among those in “Package No. 11” that they shipped back East the following April.2 On August 14, 1805, during aid negotiations with the Shoshones, Lewis promised Cameahwait that his people would soon be able to satisfy their needs from American traders “in exchange for the skins of the beaver Otter and Ermin so abundant in their country.”

    *At Fort Clatsop on Christmas Day, 1805, Sacagawea gave Clark “2 Doz wesels tales,” though there is no hint of when, where or how she got them. En route home on April 17, 1806, near present The Dalles, Oregon, her husband Charbonneau bargained for a horse with “Hurmen [Clark undoubtedly meant “ermine”], Elks Teeth, a belt and Some other articles of no great value.”]

  40. Jake says:

    Yes they are Mr. Fenn sir. Very eagerly and patiently waiting, hopeful the next search will be the one. 🙂 Good luck to all and don’t rush… a good plan is the best plan!

  41. Jonsey1 says:

    Note there was a comment I was responding to above (not you jd- it has been removed but just clarifying I’m not talking to myself here. Lol)

  42. Madesquare says:

    Or LONG Tailed ERMine

  43. Jeremy P. says:

    Now that we know its gender, we can make some additional deductions as to its location. For example, I think it’s safe to conclude that there is a public restroom nearby.

  44. Jonsey1 says:

    Interesting with a weasel being a weavers tool and F’s recent scrapbook on dals about the “loom” hmmm…

    • Jonsey1 says:

      A spinner’s weasel consists of a wheel which is revolved by the spinner in order to measure off thread or yarn after it has been produced on the spinning wheel. The weasel is usually built so that the circumference is six feet, so that 40 revolutions produces 80 yards of yarn, which is a skein. It has wooden gears inside and a cam, designed to cause a popping sound after the 40th revolution, telling the spinner that she has completed the skein.

      All around the cobblers bench…..

      • LitterateOne says:


        “Alas, and dame fortune, so often a fickle and seductive wench, never spun her wheel to lure them back.”f


        • Jonsey1 says:

          Nice catch there l-one! Thanks for sharing 🙂

          #240ftclub, #POP, #clew

          • Jonsey1 says:

            clue (n.) Look up clue at Dictionary.com
            1590s, spelling variant of clew “a ball of thread or yarn,” in this sense with reference to the one Theseus used as a guide out of the Labyrinth. The purely figurative sense of “that which points the way” is from 1620s. As something which a bewildered person does not have, by 1948

            • Jonsey1 says:

              Probably a blaze in that news there somewhere. Maybe a covered up compass or something. Who knows. Fun to think about though.

              • Wade says:

                Joes look close at the map in middle show a north compass but if you look real close the lines are true north

    • Spoon says:

      That’s all interesting stuff, Jonsey. I’m not sure what you mean about a recent SB being about the loom. Which SB are you referring to?

  45. DelaYah says:

    Good information page on weasels:


    The Short-tailed Weasel or Ermine has brown fur on the top and white fur on their belly. There is a black tip on the end of the 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 inch tail. Their feet are white. In the winter Ermines gradually molt, replacing their brown fur with white except for the black-tip of the tail. In our region weasels molt to white between October and December and back to brown between March and May. The molts are controlled by hormones which respond to the length of the period of daylight. Short-tailed weasels weigh 2 to 6 1/2 oz with bodies 7 1/2 to 13 1/2 inches long.

  46. Kedar's Mom says:

    My innate self would like to know more specifically how close the boots were…something along the line of….someone was within 5 feet(?). : ) Did they have a dog with them?..lol.

  47. Jdiggins says:

    Do you think that hinges on something important?

    • Kedar's Mom says:

      This hunt is so interesting. A lot of chatter that someone knows something. It feels like a poker game for sure, who is at the table with a royal flush and sunglasses on? : )

  48. thomas says:

    The trove has been in hibernation for seven years, it’s about to be awaken once again, the only tromps and vibrations that the trove has felt were that of Mr Fenn’s the day he put it in there. ” Yes the gold will again become alert to the tromps and vibrations of hiking boots .” No one has been closer than 200′, but soon will be, and Mr Fenn knows this.

  49. Iceman says:

    Here is my take on f’s post. When approaching the treasure beware of bears and weasels. Weasels stink worse than skunks when threatened. Someone (with hiking boots) has already stood over the chest. They will return in the spring to retrieve the treasure. I wonder if f is saying the chest is encased in a Sentinel vault to protect it from the elements. Or is he saying the park rangers come by at mid morning and mid afternoon? The mention of misspelling ties this post to the previous post. Actually the last three posts are related. Catsup goes with relish. There must be a diner close by the treasure site … I’m guessing. You can probably get a soda or beer there too. The Cheshire Cat seems to be in the neighborhood too.

  50. Iceman says:

    The key word here is “again”. Hikers have been here before. They are coming back. This time for the treasure? Were the hikers also searchers? I don’t know … either. Until someone actually finds the treasure, I don’t know nothin. Hopefully this year the treasure will just jump to attention and latch onto my backpack without asking.

    • thomas says:

      I agree with you Iceman, but I think the last stomps and vibrations that were felt by the treasure chest was that of Forrest, and the chest will soon again be awaken from hibernation after seven years of being undestured.

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