Featured Question with Forrest: Favorite Fly Rods

thrill of the chase treasure huntDear Forrest,

I was a fishing guide a few years back and there were many who preferred using certain fly rods over others. Do you have a favorite type of rod/brand to fish with? ~ matt


Matt, when I was a teen I saved and saved to buy a Granger Victory split bamboo fly rod. At $25, it was way beyond my budget, but I just had to have it. Although it is now retired, it occupies a place of honor in my fishing cabinet.

In rods and reels the magic name in those days was Hardy Brothers, but I couldn’t afford those things. Once, when I was in London on art business, I went to the Hardy Brothers store and just wandered around – looking. The Hardy name is like Mahatma to me. f


Best of luck with The Thrill of the Chase and all that you seek!  Treasure the Adventure!


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30 Responses

  1. Strawshadow says:

    Thanks Matt, Jenny and Mr. Fenn,
    You have no idea how that makes me smile Mr. Fenn. That Mahatma Ghandi movie was as long as an old fashioned Hardy. When the movie started it was low tide, so we hid our packs under the Seward pier. When it was over the tide was high and our trip to Kodiak island took on another term far from endearment. As I recall those rods came with two ends. I guess any guide worth his salt needed a Hardy Brother.

  2. Spallies says:

    I have a cute story about a little boy and a fly rod… A family friend and his son, who was probably about seven were fishing on the Skagit when the little boy lost his pole in the river… They did not have a lot of money and he went back to the truck crying… A man was getting ready to head out fishing and asked the boy what was the matter… He told him how he lost his pole and the man smiled and said he was in luck because he happened to design fishing poles. He gave him a whole brand new set-up from his truck. I don’t remember the brand name but it was very well know to both him and his Dad… I wonder if he still has it?

  3. JohnR says:

    So I guess he never bought one, because they are…?

  4. Chesney says:

    The Granger Victory Split Fly Rod…. imagine that. Granger is a Safety Company and… I will retain the rest until tomorrow. Thank You Mr. Fenn, Matt, and Ms. Kile!

  5. Seannm says:

    Sure, but has anyone answered SB 124 question yet to receive your prized pflueger reel?


    • JL says:

      I will take a crack at that reel…………Caught left upper jaw. because foul hooking doesn’t count……… @ Wade Lake.

  6. 23kachinas says:

    My first Rainbow trout was 12″ long. I was with my Grandma at a special place on the ranch that we still take all the kids to through the generations. At the time that dark water seemed deeper than the sea. Pretty sure we used hometown hardware store rods but it’s nice to know what a Hardy is comparatively.

  7. pdenver says:

    Thank you for this week’s “Featured Question,” Jenny, Matt, and Mr. Fenn. The Granger and Hardy Brothers rods certainly look nice:
    Which rod and reel do you use now?

  8. Raja says:

    I’ve wandered around stores for hours too, checking prices. I like fishing but I’m hard at hearing so I mostly just fish alone so I don’t have to read lits.

  9. Rosie says:

    I think I am packing for a fishin’ trip. Wonder if I should continue….the weather on my computer looks threatening. Sure would like to test out my non-existant fly fishing skills.

  10. Rosie says:

    Moby Dickens is my choice CD for my 4×4. Deserved a throne. Hee hee. The co-pilot would probably rather hear some Taj…. but they are always out voted.

  11. DPT says:

    Thanks for the featured question Forrest, Jenny and Matt.

    Mahatma means great spirit, life. Sage.

    Hardy is a word of great interest as well. It means brave, bold, stout, robust, courage, intrepid, sturdy. Not only are these words that Forrest likes to us, but some are in the poem.

    Hardy to me seems like a place not for the meek. A place to go-looking around.

    What do you think searchers.

    • pdenver says:

      Hello DPT. With both definitions, they seem to imply something Native American. This is just one thought, but not sure if I have the correct one he wishes us to understand. When I see stout, I think of one of his titles in his book, “Stout Hearted Men.” Part of his answer, he stated, ‘a place of honor.’ I’m still trying to think in which direction to look at this.

    • pdenver says:

      Hello DPT. You’re a wise person. Look at Mahatma again and think Stetson and continue to follow the string.

      • DPT says:

        Hi Pdenver, you are wise as well and I always appreciate your input.

        Stetson as in hat. Like the Montana or Gus. That is the crease hat Forrest likes to wear.

        The string around the hat is a band. As in bond or band together.

        Is this what you are referring to in Stetson?

  12. Travelingal says:

    Off for another adventure. Must stop to load up on greens in CO. Then I will get me some gas and to buy watermelons. I will probably eat the whole thing there. And wait. Hope I dont get lost. YEM means You enjoy Myself. My favorite song. Ill b excited…. and full from that melon.

  13. Ramona says:

    Thank you Matt, Jenny, and Mr. Fenn. I don’t know anything about fly fishing and I don’t know anything about rods. But with all this talk about it, everyone should take the day off work and we’ll all meet down by the river.

  14. Spade says:

    So why is it I must go And mahatma my trove for all to seek? The answer I already know I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.???

  15. lifesablaze says:

    I see another addition to the gallery. The artwork of Ann Hardy is just beautiful! Thank you, Mr. Fenn for these opportunities to learn and experience new things.

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