Featured Question with Forrest: Are Searchers Closer than 200 Feet?

thrill of the chase

Spallies Flutterby Bracelet

Dear Forrest,

The blogs a buzz with chatter, which is not new. I’ve been observing a lot of thoughts by “veteran” searchers who have been living and breathing your “Chase”, through at least a couple of years; comments indicating you may be frustrated, or annoyed, or that somebody is so close but just can’t pull off a win.

Here I ask the following in hopes our conversations can get back to the poem. Also, to follow, an unrelated question.
Q1) Is/are the searcher(s) still involved, those you had indicated in August of 2014, who were within 200 feet of the treasure?

A) I don’t want to answer that question because it would reveal too much. f

Q2) If so, are he/she any nearer at all after two years time?

A) Don’t know. Sorry. f

OOPS, one more on this (pretty please)
Q3) And IF he/she are still searching, after two years’ time, has ANYONE else neared or passed he/she in proximity to the above mentioned “within two hundred feet”?  I’m hoping for a mind tingling, fire starting, blog buzzing answer from you, but just a response is fine by me!

A) No need for oops, but again, I don’t know. f

And last Q)  At Fennboree, you were asking spallies about the aged silver and turquoise bracelet she wore, which has a turquoise butterfly, offset atop the original, silver, bezel shape. (If you answer I hope spallies will provide a picture! 🙂 )

You mentioned a very interesting fact about that particular turquoise, and how the oils of human skin had changed its hue from wearing it very close. I recall most of what you had said, but some was lost in the background noise. Could you please provide the name of that particular type of turquoise, and tell us again how it emerged as the butterfly spallies wore?

A) It was Cerrillos turquoise JD and I sincerely hope I didn’t say that it “emerged as a butterfly.” (I was not drinking). Turquoise from the Cerrillos mines, particularly the Tiffany mine, can be chalky and undesirable when mined. But when it is worn over long periods and absorbs oil from the skin it may turn a beautiful grass green, and be the best of all. f
I know it’s a lot, but I really don’t ask much! :).
Thanks so much, Forrest!   You are welcome J. f


*a few notes from me(jenny).  I asked Jdiggins if I could contact Spallies for an image. Which was fine, I did, and Spallies so generously sent the image to use for this posting.  Also, Forrest did answer in red, after the questions Jdiggins asked and so I posted it that way.  HOWEVER, I added the A) and Q), and some spacing to format the post for easier understanding. I think that is all. 🙂


Best of luck with The Thrill of the Chase and all that you seek!  Treasure the Adventure!


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175 Responses

  1. Jake Faulker says:

    Thanks Jenny & Forrest.
    Very interesting……

    • Jake Faulker says:

      I think Forrest responded in red because he knows they are self centered questions.
      Clearly, he was not happy about these questions.

      • drecline says:

        Forrest is pretty good about not answering emails where he doesn’t like the subject matter. This case shouldn’t have been any different. If he didn’t like the questions, or the circumstances, then he can decline to respond.

      • Martha says:

        Dear Mr. Faulker,
        Maybe Mr.Fenn gets tired of being asked the same questions! I think Mr. Fenn is bored with the questions being asked and decided to answer in red to add a little color!

  2. Chesney says:

    Thank You all for the interactions on this topic. Simply put, he is NEVER going to say yes to someone being closer than 200 feet. You have to follow the poem! Happy Hunting!

    • Strawshadow says:

      I believe I get where you are aiming, within is closer, but I would never rely on my intrepretation. And If I could ask one question? How many questions would that be?
      And a Bigfoot is 17 inches long. So what this all means is that I’m going back to the poem, which as time wears on, makes more sense than my childish questions.

  3. JL says:

    That post leaves me with one thought, who is JD?

  4. astree says:

    Forrest and Jenny, thank-you. So much info, it’s easy to get lost in it. Fascinating thoughts and possibilities.



  5. JL says:

    Logically one would have to concede to Mr. Fenn that no one can get closer than 200 feet and if they have he has no way of knowing. Still the same statistics of 2014 other than it may have been found but he’s not sure or has no way of knowing .

  6. JD says:

    The convoluted way that the third question was worded, left Forrest a lot of wiggle room.
    I will assume that JDiggins wanted to know if anyone (other than those that were involved in 2014), had been closer than 200′. The question did not make that clear, giving Forrest room to wiggle.

    I agree – Forrest probably felt that the questions were a bit self-centered, and was irked by that.

    Who knows? Certainly not I


    • JL says:

      Correct JD, very observant and in this game of life a person needs to make sure they utilize all the wiggle room your allowed.

      ” I agree – Forrest probably felt that the questions were a bit self-centered, and was irked by that.”
      maybe but red has a place for my solve, maybe it’s a clue. Like you said….. who knows? certainly not I.

      I did not feel much love emanating from the questions or the answers*

  7. Jdiggins says:

    Imagine my surprise!
    Jenny, thanks a bunch, and spallies! AND…

    Forrest, I am thrilled you answered, especially about spallies’ bracelet. I was intrigued by that information and just couldn’t remember the name of the turquoise. You did say it was not far from Hyde Park/Santa Fe. I’m going to look in my GEM TRAILS OF NEW MEXICO book and see if there is more on this. Next time I’m in New Mexico I’ll be on the hunt! And it was my wording, not yours in regards to the emerging butterfly.
    I wasn’t drinking Saturday, either. 🙂

    Strwshadow, that was very sweet! Pdenver, thank you….and c’Mon now, jake faulker, don’t be a meany! 😉

    As for the first 3 questions, I was just trying to stir up the pot.
    Thanks for the spoon!

    • Martha says:

      I don’t think Jake is a Meany, I like his point of view, especially about the STEEPLE!

    • inidaho says:

      I am curious why you stated “comments indicating you may be frustrated, or annoyed, or that somebody is so close but just can’t pull off a win.” What is it that indicates this? Would you please share his comments. Thanks!

  8. Jdiggins says:

    Quite convoluted, indeed, JD. That was the point.
    Who cares if they, or someone else is closer. Nobody has it yet.
    It only matters when the last card is played.
    Until then, we are all going in circles! 🙂
    Ha! Circles…self-centered. That’s funy! 🙂

    • JD says:

      JDiggins you say, “Who cares if they, or someone else is closer. Nobody has it yet.”

      If you do not care, why ask the same question three different ways? It is obvious YOU
      cared, or you would not have posed the question.

      • Crow says:

        Could be a lot of off-blog gossip? Could be impatient to wait until the end of the summer? Could be that if someone is closer that it would be up to he/she and ff and not appropriate for the blog yet? Lots of possibilities and nice try JDiggins! Yes, I heard about the care of the stones and was told that some people turn the jewelry backwards for a while to get the skin oils to protect the turquoise. I learned about it this summer when I had to part with inherited pieces.

  9. omeN says:

    ” Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine “

  10. 5-leaf blaze says:

    Oh my! This hunt is moving right along!

  11. spallies says:

    I’m glad you asked the question about the bracelet JD since I couldn’t remember exactly what he said either…. 🙂 I like your others questions too… I don’t think they are self centered they appear to be justifed left to me 🙂

  12. DPT says:

    Thanks for the words and pictures, Forrest, Jenny, JD and spallies.

    Red, green and black. Feels like I am having tea with Olga;-)

  13. JohnR says:

    Why post questions and answers when you don’t want to answer the questions?

    • JohnR says:

      Here’s a question would be great if you could answer… You had indicated in 2014 that searchers were within 200 feet of the treasure. What year did you first know this?

      • Crow says:

        JohnR – It might be related to the November 2, 2013 interview – Not sure about the 200 feet part but someone was close and would have torn up the countryside if she knew where she was. Most information is through emails and the blogs.

        • JohnR says:

          Right. Is that the one where he says something about getting on a plane and flying somewhere? Anyways He said something like a man was closest. May of had a woman with him. Sent Fenn his exact spot where he stood. Didn’t know why he was there. But, that’s all I can remember about the person who was closest. Anyone remember more?

      • JohnR says:

        I’ll guess 2012, cuz it’s a year. Awesome. Till the next hint. If you got an email. Share it. Be happy 🙂 it winks 🙂 (a wonderful example) and doesn’t face n,s,w,e direction. What else?

  14. Thomas says:

    So, the chest is 200ft. from the road, if you watch the footage when Fenn says that look at his hand, he flattens it and turns it and zooms it across the front of him like a car going by and also stopped for a sec. before saying walked right by it , ( instead of saying drove right by it. )

  15. URaneus says:

    I read the other day in a publication fenn said that he thinks the chest is so hard to find that he will give millions for the returned bracelet. He even went on to say he might will most of his earthly belongings to the winner. This guy really is going out with 50 dollers in his pocket.

    • JD says:

      I certainly find these two statements hard to believe. Can you document where you read that?
      Just askin’ JD

      • URaneus says:

        I think he wanted a media finish but then paused and rethought. In the underworld you can’t remember this world anyhow.

      • URaneus says:

        * He doesn’t want to pass on his wealth to his grand children to the point where they don’t have to work, etc (He’s mentioned the fact that during his time in the art business, he saw the damage that inherited wealth can do to someone).
        * He insists that he will know when someone finds the treasure and even said at one point “I would almost bet my kingdom that nobody has found it”.

        I believe that he’s planning to trade “his kingdom” to the person who finds the chest/bracelet. It might sound crazy, but, logically, how else could he be so sure that the chest hasn’t been found? Since the finder of the chest will have done quite a bit of work and “earned” it, the wealth that comes along with finding it is earned as well.

        • JL says:

          It would appear that you have put a lot of thought into the motive, does that mean that you have gotten past the solve?
          Where does FF’s wealth lie, his collection, gold, land, insight, imagination,knowledge, creativity or just being here for others pleasures? It is a vast kingdom that F reigns in, if what you say turns out to be right that person is going to have some big shoes to fill.

    • Crow says:

      Where is such statements? Could someone please describe the bracelet? What does it look like and what is is made of and possibly how old it is? Thanks.

      • pdenver says:

        Hello Crow. I haven’t found the link I really wanted to use, but this will let you know what the bracelet looks like:


      • JohnR says:

        And with some reluctance I included a small silver bracelet that has 22 turquoise disc beads set side by side in a row. Richard Wetherell excavated the beads from a ruin in 1898, and a Navaho silversmith made the bracelet for him the same year. In 1901 Wetherell sold it to Fred Harvey, the hotel magnate. 64 years later Fenn won it playing pool with Byron Harvey, an heir of Fred’s.
        P 130 TToTC
        I wonder what Fenn bet?

    • JL says:

      I would like to read that if you could post a link or what publication. That statement wouldn’t surprise me, there are things in TTOTC that I think he was totally serious about. That statement and the one he says ” we are only here for the pleasure of others”. Personally, I hope the man lives forever, but if he only wants 50 dollors in his pocket then I put my money on him makin it happen.

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      I agree with JD, I’ve never seen anything from Forrest Fenn saying that.
      He’s said, regarding the question of deeds, notes, etc., that there’s none of that in the chest. Only the gold and items he’s talked about (including unknown jewelry).

      • Thomas says:

        If there’s no paperwork iin the chest how can he give you the title to the gold? ( After the part in the poem that says your quest to cease, you found the chest, then it says If your brave and in the wood, I give you title to the gold, ) I still say there’s legal documents be hind the piece of wood on the inside lid of the chest. Just fun’in

    • Martha says:

      Exactly where did you get this information, I really like to know! It is my personal opinion, your facts are misleading, so back up your statement with solid information, please! Martha

  16. Mark J says:

    sometimes saying nothing says a lot, and sometimes it says nothing.

  17. 23kachinas says:

    Olga and the tea colors was a clever observation by DPT.

  18. Mike Forni says:


    Does anyone remember the movie “The Sixth Sense” in 1999? Bruce Willis (starred in the movie) and played a doctor who was trying to connect to a Boy who saw ghosts.

    In the movie, there was a very special scene where Bruce Willis (doctor) played a “mind reading game” with the Boy. If Bruce could articulate a true statement about the Boy, then the Boy would take a step closer to Bruce. If Bruce said something that was untrue about the Boy, then the Boy would take one step back. If the Boy reached Bruce, then the Boy would talk to him. If the Boy backed up to the door, then the Boy would leave.

    Forrest is Brilliant. Our questions have to be clever, accurate and demonstrate that we are listening. It pleases Forrest to see that we are making progress. If we submit good questions, then we get good answers and Forrest takes a step closer to us. If we ask poor questions (questions already asked with nothing special or clever), then we get poor answers and Forrest takes a step back.

    Forrest has taken a step back…. There is a picture in front of us. Anyone can ask about the lines, figures and colors in the visual picture. But can we formulate a question that inquires about what is NOT in the picture (but should be)? Or that the special place in the shadows where Sloane likes to hide…

    The alternative… we take Forrest to the closest pool hall and get him really liquored up. Just a thought.

  19. Muset says:


    turquoise!.. aspirin… calm..

  20. Ramona says:

    Thank you Jenny, JD, and Forrest. I like your bracelet Spallies.

  21. DPT says:

    Look at the end of the last statement by Forrest. He uses a different title for JD. He uses J and right after that he signs f.

    J.f Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, any ideas searchers?

    • pdenver says:

      Hello DPT. One possibly may be the “JF” initials for one of TTOTC sketch.

      • DPT says:

        Hi pdenver,

        Yes, that is why it stood out to me because he uses that on page 99 sketch. But why? Why Jf. I guess we may not know until someone has the chest.

        • pdenver says:

          Hello DPT. I’ve read an answer from a searcher that it stood for “Just Forrest.” As I was typing this, I was wondering if we could look at a map and find a “just forest.” I believe you have brought up how he used the word “just” in some of his responses. If we go with this string, which “just forest” would it be? Could be a rabbit hole, but I like rabbits. 🙂

        • Chesney says:

          Perhaps you have to adapt your body into a “J or hooklike form”, to get to Indulgence. Just my opinion or thought. 🙂

    • Chris L says:

      Sometimes different fonts cause a “smiley face” to be translated as a J. (I see it often on my work emails). I would speculate he tried to create a smiley face with : – ) and it was translated by the fonts as J. Probably wouldn’t put too much thought into that one 🙂

    • Forest says:

      Yes, most likely it’s not Forest!!

  22. Bailey says:

    I wonder who these mysterious people are, or person is from 2014, who where or was so close.

  23. Jacob says:

    This came to me this morning. I just felt like sharing it with everyone, I apologize if it’s corny. 🙂

    How strong am I to continue to search,
    When others judge sharply from their lofty perch.
    It’s not real, it’s not there! Their voices profound,
    But I am too busy with boots on the ground.

    I’ve thought once or twice, “This must be the spot!”,
    But tired and humbled I find out it’s not.
    I try and I fail, to find a single gold coin,
    But the real treasure is where you are planning on going.

    The sound of birds chirping and water quick running,
    can give a soul goosebumps, it’s really quite stunning.
    The iPhones and Starbucks are so overrated,
    For solitude and nature are never outdated.

    So here’s to indulgence, wherever it is,
    To the hunters and fishers and the parents with kids,
    To all those retired who still seek the thrill,
    Will you continue to search, or do you not have the will? 😉

    • pdenver says:

      Hello Jacob. Definitely not corny. I like it very much. Thank you for posting it.

    • Chesney says:

      I agree with pdenver… that is quite fitting. I could sit where I am and hope this HOB is the right one all summer long! I like your poem!

    • JC1117 says:

      Great poem, Jacob. You should share that on the Poetry Page at Dal’s if you haven’t already. I’m too busy working to see if you have or not. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Ramona says:

      Very nice Jacob. When you put it like that, yes I have the will and I will. 🙂

    • rose says:

      the birds chirping, the water running, be silent, be still, it’s the voice of God singing in your ears. Many years, I wondered, I pondered, why, why, man loves the great out doors, I pondered, and I wondered, and one day it came to me, it’s His voice, His Presence, they feel, for they are far, far away from their real home, and their hearts call out to Him, are you there, and He replies, YES I AM….where is God, blind people ask, will silly, look in the mirror, there He is….. truth, are as pearls to behold, never mind the spirits who fly in the wind, listen not, for they speak not the truth, they know, I know, someday, they will be gone, if you can hear, not with your ears, if you can see not with your eyes, but understand with your heart, that the matrix working behind the scene, is losing his hold on you…. if only for ‘just one’, for just one to hear with his heart, then my life, my effort would not of been in vain!!!!

      • Mb says:

        That is beautiful…

      • Ramona says:

        Very beautiful Rose

      • pdenver says:

        Hello rose. Inspirational. Thank you for posting this.

        • rose says:

          thank u, I see that are a lot of great, good, and diverse people in the chase…. I feel, sometimes like I know u guys, even thou I don’t … The playfulness of the people, I understand it very well, especially the ‘men’, my career in my past working with the majority ‘a male dominated arena’ and work was a blast from the past!!!

      • bj says:

        Very Good… God’s always there.

      • JC1117 says:

        Beautiful comment, Rose.
        I enjoy coming here to read and listen to what others have to say.
        It’s very enlightening.
        “No time spent in thought is wasted and nothing is too small to know” – Forrest Fenn
        …and no effort for “just one” is ever made in vain.
        As there is One who watches over All.
        He Is.

        • rose says:

          Lol. I like you sense of humor.. laughter is good. did u know that when we smile, the muscles and the surrounding nerves, send “endorphins” to make us feel good. our Creator definitely fine tuned us with amazing things, such as our hairs are small antennas that warn us against danger, to too much exposure to heat. My ‘just one’ is also a saying of mine going back when I was younger, and my ”BELIEF” WAS … if I could make someone smile, some laugh, when they were blue, if I could say a word to ”enlighten them” so if I could help SOMEONE come closer to the ‘light’, then my life was worth the ”vanity” and senseless pain and suffering this world can bring. For our Master , our Rabbi, our teacher, says, that he left the 99, to search for ”just one that was lost”, the ”prodigal son”, ”it was for the sake of the prodigal sons that this world came to Be’ ‘Making a difference ‘it is in giving, that we receive JOY and I found these secret to be true. I love that prayer from st. francis of assise, …(IF u read the reason and the story about him, it turns out that he fell in love with a beautiful woman who use to give food to the lepers, and it was love that= that converted him to give and be a different person) One of reasons I read the ”chase” is to entertain myself, and study ‘people’, only when someone says something, do I feel moved to respond….and also I hadn’t looked at these blogs and dal’s for about 3 months or so. LIFE, people is what makes the world go around and around.

        • Ellen says:

          JC1117…thank you. I had neither read “The Starfish Story” before…nor any of the words of Loren Eiseley.

          As I was reading/sensing his works…I was drawn to the following…”One does not meet oneself until one catches the reflection from an eye other than human.” (another ’empath’ thought…Rose!)

          I would like to add…from American Photographer Andri Cauldwell…”To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.”

          • rose says:

            I am a (prism), light giver, heart knower, lover of those who give to give, blue my aura, blue to the core, I see the beauty around, my hands feel the wind blowing, calling out, fly out and be free, the chains of bondage, make the blue, bluer, the sky clouds, faces, animals, I see, the chains of bondage, I wish I were free, free to just to be, colors, so beautiful, echo canyon, beautiful mountains, I see, the river, not far away, beautiful, beautiful, everywhere I see, nature, beautiful nature, my soul smiles at the beautiful colors, I see!!!!

            • rose says:

              I saw a movie, I AM LEGEND, ( WILL SMITH}, the best line of his was, him naming his daughter after Bob Marley, ”because his little daughter would say to him ”, daddy, look at the butterfly. He named his daughter after Marley, because Marley promoted peace for the world, and he believed in peace and harmony. Well, he was shot, cause EVIL, was trying to stop him (Marley), two days later, he was at a concert performing and his quote” evil doesn’t take a day off, why should I”,…….. willis upon seeing a butterfly, knew his mission all along… The other best quote from that movie, a lady with a butterfly on her neck, and she said “”God spoke to me, but people don’t listen”” it was then that the eyes of ”willis opened up, and saw what God was saying to him’… In darkness, a small light shines for people to see…

  24. lifesablaze says:

    Jacob thank you for the beautiful poem. I have been to my place four times now. It’s like courting a lover, each time I see and feel more deeply. She reveals what she wants when she wants. I am a jealous lover. This place must not be shared, only to be overrun by those without reverence. The treasure is still there. The butterfly assured me yesterday.

  25. Anthony says:

    How do I ask a question? I feel have a decent one.. I’ll post it here. It might be to big of clue but I’ll ask anyway.

    Q: Lands change over time, the same is true of location names given by man. My question is: Are the names of locations a necessary part in solving any of the clues?

    • JL says:


      Helpful………………….yes, but only for the one.

      but what do I know? Is my opinion necessary? no.
      am I helpful? yes, but only to the one.

      • Anthony says:

        Sorry JL, I do not play the cryptic insider game on comment threads. In my opinion it is just an annoying way for empty handed people to pretend they have something in order to feel relevant. It was a serious question for Forrest As he is the only authority I would take seriously in regards to this question. Thank you for you opinion though.

        • JL says:

          No problem I did not realize you had intended the question for Forrest alone, I thought you put it out on the blog for opinions.

        • 4est Fire says:

          JL provided the same answer I would have provided. Does that make it any less cryptic? Probably not.

    • DPT says:

      Anthony, I really like that question.

      I would love to see Forrest answer this and not step around it. A straight forward answer for a straightforward solve.

  26. rose says:

    to u, I am blue, blue I am, blue it is, my e* is true blue 5,—-, gee wheez, also blue rose is the code on my computer. Maybe I knew u, “from the world that was”, long ago, I say,…. I had a dream, I dreamed I was sitting under a tree. The tree grew gold coins, and they fell on the floor, I had a jacket with a large pocket. I put some coins in the pocket, but coins kept coming out of the pocket. The jacket had a hole in the bottom of the pocket. Tried to hold it with my hand, but the gold kept coming out of pocket…. Had another dream, I dream there were 2 bells caught up in wind and they flew way way up in the air. They ran a song for all the world to hear. As quickly they went up, they came down again. Dreams, dreams come my way. I know what they mean, I learned something new, for knowledge in it’s beginning the “reverence of God” …. someone said ’empath’ wow!!! I keep learning something new!!!

    • JL says:

      “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Mahatma Gandhi

      • MajorPaine says:

        Good quote. Some of us would rather have known if f meant what it sounded like he said. Say it out loud, does 200 feet equal two hundred feet equal 2400 hundred inches equal 61 meters equal 66.6667 yards?

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      I like it, Rose Lined With Gold.
      And the “reverence of God” fits on so many levels here. I get caught up with that all the way through this adventure.

      • rose says:

        He will sit as a refiner and purifier of the silver, he will purify the Levites and refine them like gold and silver. Then the Lord will have men who offerings in righteousness and the offering of Judah and Jerusalem will be acceptable to the Lord… Gold, here on earth has a value. great value, gold in the bible is referred as people being refined in the ”fire”, purged through trials, … Symbols of people,…. I give a lot of credit to Mr. Fenn. He’s proven his worth in gold, he gave back to the people, ….. it’s amazing how just one person can affect so many lives for the good. If there were more like Mr. Fenn, the world would be a lot better place, don’t u think???

  27. Chris L says:

    Brand new to this…and only going off what I’ve found on some of the sites and google searches. Seen a lot of info relating to fishing, but wondering if anyone has considered the railroad angle?
    Blaze could mean lighting in a tunnel
    Also, blaze could be a marking on a tree or wall
    Tarry scant may refer to old railroad ties
    The information regarding WWWH and relation to NM fish and game…somewhere along the CO/NM border
    The hint of north of Santa Fe had someone speculate that this may not refer to the city — Santa Fe Railroad?
    Too far to walk (into a canyon?), high water, don’t go in winter, cold, below the house of Brown(‘s Canyon)

    Could it be in the Royal Gorge region of Colorado, somewhere along the tracks?

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      No offense, just trying to help with an opposing opinion, but I think some of that is a stretch. But that doesn’t mean a railroad can’t be part of the solution, in my opinion. Once a railroad is there, even 1,000 years later that history would still apply.
      Still, I don’t think Forrest would use something like a railroad, I think he’d stick to natural features.
      That’s just my take, I haven’t proven my solve so I’m even with you. 😉

      • Chris L says:

        Thanks, no offense taken. As I said, I just began this “quest.” I’ve got all the riches I need at home. More interested in helping someone else find it. I’m more of a numbers guy than a wordsmith (which from what I’ve read, might be to my advantage). But I know in solving problems sometimes a fresh perspective can lead to new ideas. I kinda like the idea of house of Brown being Brown’s canyon (because I love that area and how it adds up with other clues).
        Anyway, if I brainstorm any other ideas, I’ll post. Otherwise I wish you all the best of luck.

  28. Chris L says:

    P.S. Upper Arkansas river through this area is renowned for fly fishing.
    Also considered along the Cumberland Toltec railroad, but don’t remember much about canyons as it’s been 30 years since being on that train.

  29. pdenver says:

    Hello Marked. ‘He should make a comment.’ Sounds like you’re demanding he should reply. Forgive me if I’m wrong. No, I do not believe there is a need for a comment. Randy made his decisions to explore the way he did. Mr. Fenn gave everyone plenty of warning not to go where a 79 or 80 year old person couldn’t go. Remember, Mr. Fenn helped in the search for Randy when it was known he went missing. Randy’s decision resulted in his own death.

  30. Forest says:

    I look through and read comments, you guys are desperate for Fenn to “just” tell you where he put the chest! Did you see the way I used the word “just”. Now that’s funny!!

    • pdenver says:

      Hello Forest. What fun would it be if Mr. Fenn “just” told us where the treasure chest is? Yes, it was funny. Finding rabbit holes are my specialty. I’ll find that rabbit! Keep forgetting to tempt it with sweet clover. 🙂

    • Iron Will says:

      Dude! don’t do that. Do not trample on the “boundaries” of impersonation. It’s tacky. It’s uncalled for. And it’s an incredible trespassing upon the integrity of a man we trust in this Chase.

      • Thomas says:

        Sorry, but can you really trust what your reading? Are there any names on this site that you replay to but never answers back? And then they comment about something deferent later? That’s a good induction it could be just a computer keeping conversions going. Are they really asking Forrest questions every week? If I was Forrest I wouldn’t after five or six years of that answer the phone!!

  31. 5-leaf blaze says:

    I always felt that those hints years ago about people being 500 feet and then 200 feet were likely trips searchers took, documenting with photos and details of where they were, or those are view settings on a map. I don’t think they are the same people. There is something new and crisp to this red print. It has fire.

  32. Strawshadow says:

    Some beautiful comments here, and naturally so, with such an informative Q and A. It always makes me smile:), I hope that doesn’t come out like a J. Which reminds me of a photographer I once knew who had a beautiful green outdoor setting for wedding pictures, he called it “Park by Jay”, Jay being his name. Jay also took Santa pictures at Christmas. He was quite the professional photographer and my biggest competition. My advantage was the ability to think like a child and in a moments notice grab a smile by surprise, many times before the child knew where they were sitting. The spontienety of a child is a wonderful thing and should always be taken with an open heart. I also happened to have one of the best “Santas” in the business. Carl Brown was his name and a fine Christian gentlemen he was. Mr. Brown loved children as much as life itself, was married to his high school sweetheart for over 60 years and once told me that he tried a sip of beer once on a hot day on the farm as a teen, didn’t particularly care for it so never tried it again. On a few rare occasions a mother would complain about Mr. Browns smile. The one time I mentioned this to him he just looked at me and said “That’s how I smile, I smile with my eyes”. Wow, was he right, and from that moment on that was my response to the mother who could not see the beyond the first glance. I miss Mr. Brown and his honest nature. Why I got off on a tangent here is beyond me but the thought of Mr. Brown was worth carrying on if only for an extra moment.
    I don’t really have any reason for sharing this other than the reflection of a beautiful smile from my past, Thank You Mr. Brown.

    • pdenver says:

      Hello Strawshadow. I loved your story. Thank you for telling us about Mr. Brown. Yes, the eyes tell so much.

      • Strawshadow says:

        Your welcome pdenver, he was a very rare man, one who I greatly respected. I could have said so much more, perhaps another time. He was one of my best Santa’s, I have also known the roughest.

  33. Forest says:

    Something to thank about, my sister was diagnosed with stage four cancer, she seemed fine before she was told that, after that her mind and health declined very rapidly from that point. She pasted away a month later. My point is I believe Forrest Fenn after reserving the news about cancer thousands of thoughts were rushing through his head, at one point he realized after a friend said “well you can’t take it with you” he was going to do something with the things that was his and only his. I myself collect artifact but my wife or my kids have no interest in them, nor do they want to go along. I’m a firm believer that personal thing like that is OK to be selfish with ! When I go I wouldn’t want my family fighting over thing’s of mine after I’m gone that they had no interest in while I was around. But still, I believe Forrest at that time wasn’t thanking like Einstein, he remembered a place he was at one point and thought, now that would be a perfect place to hide something. So he came up with a poem witch iis only a map that in his mind could led you to his fortune, it’s perfect he thanks, but really only in his head because he’s been there a dozens times. He’s probably thanking how come they don’t see it? At the time he wrote the poem he wasn’t thanking about family adventure’s or anything like that, he was just hiding his shit !! He was supposed to pass away after that and the poem was all you were getting. But he didn’t pass away, publicity and books came later every word he says is documented, like Forrest says,”It’s out of my hands now.”

  34. Thomas says:

    Sorry for using the name Forest with one r but no one would read my comments until I did, let that be a lesson to you, what you see most likely or hear may not be true! I needed to say I came up with a solve that in my mind takes you straight to the chest, just like a thousand other believe with their solve, I know and Forrest may to that his poem works perfectly in the mind of the solver in a lot of places. Your solve makes no sense to me just like mine to you, I artifact hunt with a friend , we don’t go without each other. Recently me and my family were moving to Colorado and for fun I hide a box of arrowheads from him and left a poem to him to defragment, I didn’t get out of the room before he knew were I was talking about. He knew when I said ” When it’s not cloudy on this side of the road”,whitch probably would make you wonder what I’m talking about, he knew very fast I was talking about Sunnyside road. Just saying clear your mind, start like Forrest says at the beginning of the poem, meaning the first sentence. As I’ve gone alone in there, this has to take you to a starting point, and the rest could fall into place, maybe or just to Forest.

    • pdenver says:

      Hello Thomas. People do read your comments. No need to try to imitate Mr. Fenn’s name. Most time, when other people tried doing it, their post were ignored or deleted. The joy of trying to understand the poem. Many have their approach to it and try to understand the clues. Some feel it begins with the first line, others with WWWH and some feel it’s the entire meaning of the poem which needs to be understood to find the treasure chest. The poem’s intricate design matches the person’s mind who wrote it. I wish you the best of luck in your search.

      • Thomas says:

        Thank you pdenver for putting me in my place, I needed that! When I started blogging here I was looking for some one to see what I see in my solve or to tell me it could not work with a good reason why so I could look somewhere else. When I first started working on Fenn’s poem just four or five months ago I read the first line and looked on his map along with google map and found what I thank is a match, after that places and things fell into place, one right after another. Two weeks later I was 110% sure I had it, I took off to New Mexico with only gas money to make it there. I didn’t need the gas money to come back I was picking up two million dollars you know. I made it within ten miles of my destination when my transmission went out of the car, my wife was not to happy with me, sent me a train ticket and crowned me for that one. Bad deal! And my solve just sets there. The crazy thing after I was back I was thanking about something someone told me as I was there remained me about a book I had of my dad’s and in that book was a story and this is no joke took me to the same spot. They match to the tee, how could that be? I would like to post my solve and the story I found so anyone interested could tell me what their thoughts where, that is all. Thank you

        • pdenver says:

          Hello Thomas. No one will know for sure if their solve is the correct one until they pick up the treasure chest. I believe there’s nothing wrong with feeling positive with one’s solve. Some people feel differently than me. It’s unfortunate your vehicle broke down so close to your destination. If you feel there’s still a chance to go out and search, perhaps it’s best to keep your solve private. If you feel others may offer suggestions to your solve, choose your questions wisely to protect your search area. This is an opinion, offered as a thought. Good luck to you. Enjoy the adventure.

        • Andrew Jef says:

          Thomas, please post away . . . like you indicated that you’d like to. I think the TC is NOT in New Mexico, and would be
          happy to tell you where in your solve I think you have it wrong. Please don’t take offense — this is all just my opinion.
          I promise I’m not fibbing or lying to you in this message. If you are nervous about this, you could just post the “solve”
          to one clue. It doesn’t even have to be the first one or the last one. Any info you provide, I’d be happy to give you my
          feedback. By the way, my two searches in 2016 were both in the same place as where I plan to search in 2017. I have
          a heck of a lot of CONFIDENCE in my solve.

  35. Joe Sparrow says:

    Two comments–I’m new to the blog. If Forrest had to call “911” on some people who got too close to his house, could they be the ones who came within 200 feet of the treasure? Just asking.

    Secondly, noticed on internet “Roaring Hell Creek and High Waters”—in Montana—definitely not a good place for the “meek” to visit. 🙂

    • pdenver says:

      Hello Joe Sparrow. Mr. Fenn has stated the treasure chest is 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe and below the Canadian border. Hope this helps.

      • pdenver says:

        I should have also included in the Rocky Mountains. Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico are the states people will need to decide where the treasure chest is.

  36. Spade says:

    That thought about the 200 feet has crossed my mind too sparrow, and it would make sense. So how about it Forrest, is the chest in your possession? I guarantee you the one who finds the nine clues will know positively they are close.

  37. HeadedDown says:

    “A) I don’t want to answer that question because it would reveal too much. f”

    Did they die Mr. Fenn?

    • pdenver says:

      Hello HeadedDown. I do not believe the person died. To think logically, if the person/people who searched in 2014 was no longer searching and he had answered this, then it seems possible those of us who are currently searching, may not be close, that he is aware of. Not everyone corresponds with Mr. Fenn to let him know where they are searching/have searched. If those knowing they had searched in 2014, but had stopped, and he had answered they had done so, then they would get their boots back on and search their area approximately 200 feet broader. I can understand why it was wise for Mr. Fenn not to answer the question differently than he did.

      • pdenver says:

        Thinking more about logic. One may also think the person/people are still searching and one must broaden their area(s) 200 feet. In my opinion, the latter would seem most revealing.

      • HeadedDown says:

        pdenver, to think logically and they were not searching, why would they be reading (searching -researching) this website?

        • HeadedDown says:

          To think with more logic, if they are still searching and would need to broaden their area by 200′. Wouldn’t that be everyone? I think he can’t answer for a different reason.

          • pdenver says:

            Hello HeadedDown. It may include everyone, as long as, they were within that time period. Yet, what you say holds true, too. Mr. Fenn doesn’t know where everyone have searched or is searching, hence, the answer he had given to the other question.

            ‘I think he can’t answer for a different reason.’ Have you any thoughts of what this may be?

        • pdenver says:

          Hello HeadedDown. Some have searched and say they no longer go searching for whatever reason they may have, but do continue to read the blogs.

          • HeadedDown says:

            So You don’t consider reading the blog’s as searching? I consider myself searching while I read.

            • pdenver says:

              Hello HeadedDown. I know of some people who have searched, but say they no longer do so, but still follow and comment on the blogs. I hope this helps.

              • HeadedDown says:

                Hi pdenver, Thank you for your responses. I still don’t get why saying yes or no to the question would reveal too much. But I’m a newbie so maybe it will sink in later. Anyways thank you.

    • Strawshadow says:

      I’m glad you piped in pdenver, I was thinking the question was asked with a sarcastic tone. Maybe I should apologize for my predetermined assumptions, my judgement has been flawed over the last nine months. It is a difficult task learning how to steer a backwards bike.

      • pdenver says:

        Hello Strawshadow. I’m sure we’ve all been in the same boat at one time or another. Not hearing someone in person, it’s hard to determine what is truly being said and how it was said. I think I’d like to try that backwards bike just to see how I would handle it. I’d be sure to wrap my entire body with bubble wrap first. 🙂

        • Strawshadow says:

          Oh that backward bike is a psychological nightmare and the bubble wrap sounds playful and fun but will leave you hanging and that’s no pun. Trying to undo something you trusted is not an easy task. You have to go all the way back to the beginning and relearn again. Like a cheap Chinese watch, you trusted the time before one part became faulty, maybe all the rest of the parts can be trusted, but you still can’t rely on the correct time. You just throw it away and buy a new Swiss watch that you know can be trusted. It trusts you and you can trust it, 100%.

          • JL says:

            Yes sir Strawshadow, it’s all about trust. Without trust in a relationship, there is no relationship or not a very good one anyway.

            • Strawshadow says:

              Correct JL, why did you think I was a sir? 🙂 if you think about the poem, book and scrap books there are many references regarding trust, deception, magic etc. There are no 100%s in life except for the beginning and the end with many variables between. If the watch is broken how does one know only one part is broken? As far as relationships are concerned, time is a very important relationship and it can be trusted. With or without a broken watch.

              • JL says:

                why did you think I was a sir? = Oh I don’t know, I just follow my intuition.

              • JL says:

                “As far as relationships are concerned, time is a very important relationship and it can be trusted.”
                I don’t know if I’m tracking your meaning correctly, some relationships are healthy and some are not. We arrive in this world with a certain amount of time allocated to us no more no less, now a person could slam the door on that relationship but to what purpose. If the relationship is not a healthy one then it might be time.

          • pdenver says:

            Hello Strawshadow. It appears I may have misunderstood what you meant when bringing up the backwards bike. For me, I saw the backwards bike as a challenge and was wondering if I could accomplish riding it. Would love to see if I could do so. The bubble wrap was to protect my body from the fall that I’m sure I would have met. I hate pain.

            • Strawshadow says:

              pdenver, I understand, the bubble wrap struck me as funny and made me smile. And if it is protection from a painful situation, that sounds like a good idea to me. I also would like the challenge of a backwards bike….like a kid I just wouldn’t use my hands to steer;) simple!

      • Spoon says:

        Straw – you’re killing me! And cracking me up, too. I understand most of your subtle language and you are close – but I’ve been there for two years now, ever refining. Trust me, finding that little box is next to impossible. For all practical purposes it may indeed be impossible. Brute force will not avail you. I have to ask again. You sure you don’t want to team up and see if we can finish this thing off? It’d be a shame for either of us to finish second when we’re so close.

  38. Joe Sparrow says:

    May I postulate that perhaps Forrest’s answers are in red above because he is hinting at Colorado (means “color red”)? Just a thought. 🙂

  39. Nik76 says:

    Forrest Fenn,
    Jdiggins’ question read like a deposition, and not a very good one. Unfortunately, Question 2 gave you an out on pure semantics. If you’d permit it, I’d like to take a crack at re-wording Question 2.

    Forrest, of the searchers that have contacted you since August 2014, do you suspect that any of these searchers have been closer than 200 feet to the hidden location of the treasure chest?
    If your answer is in the affirmative: Of these searchers that have contacted you since August 2014, did any one of them lead you to believe that they have solved more than four clues to the poem?

    Thanks in advance.
    Sincerely -Nik76

  40. Spade says:

    And if he/she are (not or don’t know if they are) still searching, after two years time has anyone else neared or passed he/she in proximity, to the above mentioned “within two hundred feet”… Now that makes more cents.

  41. Buckeye Bob says:

    Maybe someone is “red hot”?

  42. JCM says:

    Tinking about f’s answers…

    Q1) Is/are the searcher(s) still involved, those you had indicated in August of 2014, who were within 200 feet of the treasure?
    A) I don’t want to answer that question because it would reveal too much. f

    Why would answering this Q reveal too much? Some thoughts and possible answers…
    If the answer is yes, then anyone who has quit searching would know it was not them if they had told f they were done, but on occasion check in on the search. A yes answer would also confirm to active searchers that someone is correct in figuring out some of the clues and that they should keep after their solution.
    If the answer is no, then everyone actively searching would know that they are not the person. It reveals that a whole lot of people are not close and eliminates a lot of locations people are specifically focusing on for the possible specific location of the chest (at least those who have shared their searches with f).

    Q2) If so, are he/she any nearer at all after two years time?
    A) Don’t know. Sorry. f

    If f doesn’t know, then has the person stopped communicating with f? Or are they just not telling him any more detail about what they are doing in their search?
    So does that mean that anyone who has sent f their solutions, or publicly posted their solutions in conspicuous places that f would have read, since the 2014 statement, are not the person who was so close, because f would otherwise know and this would have answered differently?

    Q3) And IF he/she are still searching, after two years’ time, has ANYONE else neared or passed he/she in proximity to the above mentioned “within two hundred feet”? I’m hoping for a mind tingling, fire starting, blog buzzing answer from you, but just a response is fine by me!
    A) No need for oops, but again, I don’t know. f

    So does this also mean that everyone who have sent him their search/solve detail since the 2014 statement have not been correct in getting to or closer than the 200 ft? And f not knowing is only because he Is not sure about others who do not send him or possibly publicly post anything?

    And how might these answers correlate with someone possibly figuring out 4 clues, but f not being sure?

    A lot of questions, and possibly some theories that could be considered, come from this when thought about and considered deeply enough, IMO.

    • Chesney says:

      I would say you are pretty darn close in your observations JCM. I speculate that he/she could be a different searcher near it, than the one or more in 2014. “They didn’t know where they were”, or something close to that. The person or persons will not be certain until “Indulgence is in hand”, then if they are a good person they will tell Mr. Fenn they have it, send pics and his Row Bracelet back “without further payment”!

    • JL says:

      I don’t mean to be evasive, but I see I am.f

    • locolobo says:

      Hi JCM, great questions….. (from both JD & yourself).

      I tink dis–> Anyone who has sent f their solutions, or publicly posted their solutions in conspicuous places that f would have read, since the 2014 statement, are not the person who was so close, because f would otherwise know and this would have answered differently?

      and dis–> Everyone who have sent him their search/solve detail since the 2014 statement have not been correct in getting to or closer than the 200 ft? And f not knowing is only because he Is not sure about others who do not send him or possibly publicly post anything?

      now dis–> And how might these answers correlate with someone possibly figuring out 4 clues, but f not being sure? ……just because someone may have mentioned something that he construed as being the first four clues does not necessarily mean they even thought they had solved them. Like the one’s who have figured the first two, and don’t know it, the one(s) who possibly solved 4….also don’t know it. And, it is possible they have never had BOTG. Until they do and tell Fenn (or post somewhere), they will never be “physically” closer to the chest. So, unless he knows where they write to him from, or post from, he truly doesn’t know how close to the chest they are! 🙂

      (maybe that’s the reason for the Rolodex contest @ HOD?? 🙂 )

      Oh yeah……..IMOIMO 🙂

  43. HeadedDown says:

    Mr Fenn,
    The only thing I can come up with is you can’t answer this question as it would give too much away because you ignore that searcher and no longer communicate with him or read his emails. Now the questions are… Is it because you don’t want to be judged as influencing the out come when he finds it? Or did he upset you? Or was it his wife? I don’t know. I don’t know. But you do.

    • Point Foot says:

      Hi HeadedDown. Do you really think Forrest stopped reading his emails? Him being the one who is closest? I think only Forrest and that person know for sure. Why would Forrest stop reading someone’s emails? I understand not replying. I also can’t see why anyone would be upset at anybody. I guess if someone solved it and send Forrest the solve and/or a photo of the spot Forrest might stop reading emails from that person, but I’d suspect the urge to see that person’s next move would be too great. The only reason I can rationalize where Forrest would stop reading his emails is if that person stopped sending. But the bigger question in my mind is if that person exists when is his next trip. Will time and weather provide another opening this year? Or will it be next year. I don’t believe any of us knows that answer and that means the game continues and any one of us could leap to the front and snatch the prize.

      • Ramona says:

        A game of Leap-Frog? Just NO!

        • JC1117 says:

          I agree, Ramona.

          No Leap Frog…and NEVER with a Unicorn.

          Btw, I took a long walk down the beach many moons ago (no pun intended…see below…no pun intended). I was lost in thought…gazing at the ocean…when I suddenly realized that I had inadvertently walked into a section of beachfront which was…I discovered…for nudists. (Dis-covered. Get it?)

          My face turned red and I picked up my walking pace as I made a 180 to hightail it out of there. On the way out I noticed a sign which read, “Leap Frog Players Must Continue The Leap”.

          I thought that was kind of odd…and I must admit that I don’t fully understand it to this very day. :/

      • HeadedDown says:

        Hi Point Foot. It’s been awhile but i’m now just seeing this. Fenn’s recent comments about not giving responses to emails and not to take it as a clue (something like that) reminded me of my post here and a quote I think he would appreciate. So first, to answer your question. Yes. I do think Fenn would stop reading the person who was closest’s emails. I would bet that he would even block their emails from even arriving in his inbox. I would also bet that Fenn would tell that person first. What if the person who is closest keeps Fenn in a “down mood”? What if he is, I dont know, seeking some kind of revenge for whatever reason. What if Fenn feels this guy is judging him in someway? I don’t know.

        Anyways, to what I wanted to do initially. And post this quote here…

        “I don’t have no fear of death. My only fear is coming back reincarnated.”

        Bonus quote…
        “Only God can judge me.” 🙂

  44. Ramona says:

    A game of Leap Frog? Just NO!

    • Point Foot says:

      Lol. If you don’t wish to leap you could also just start walking now to the spot. I believe it’s there for the taking.

    • JL says:

      Even frogs have to burrow up in the winter, they won’t be stumbled upon. Who ever is close probably knows they have gotten the most thrill they can get the rest is just going thru the motions, there’s a time for everything and precision is a fickle wind of change.

    • Passenger says:

      Ramona — Leap your creek!


  45. Point Foot says:

    Now that is an interesting perspective. I wonder about the chances that your words describe the true state of the chase.

  46. eric says:

    i know where it is. and im going to go get it tommorow.

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