Featured Question with Forrest: Anyone Closer?

mw_header5.jpgMr. Fenn, After reading the blogs and personal emails from hunters over the past three months, do you think anyone is any closer to discovering the location of the treasure? ~ Madeline


No Madeline, I don’t, but then I haven’t read most of the blogs. Please don’t be deterred by what might have been.f




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164 Responses

  1. Brooks says:


    How could someone be as ignorant to solve the first two clues without knowing they had done so? If your poem is so straight forward, shouldn’t it be easy to recognize the solution? Then again you did spend over 15 years writing this thing. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to be cryptic and straight forward at the same time while using the same words. I may be too bold in saying this, although I will anyhow. I will be the one to find this treasure. You can count on that. My only request after returning your bracelet will be that you take me fishing.


    P.S. Waters can’t halt

  2. Brooks says:


    That’s not near straight forward enough. The solution will be something so easy, and so obvious, that we can move with confidence. When I’ve solved this poem/riddle/puzzle, I have no doubt that I will have no doubt.


  3. Milan says:

    That’s depressing.

    • JC1117 says:

      I’ll second that, Milan. How long will this mystery go on?

      Winter? Spring? Summer? Or Fall?

      Or Forevermore?



      I like this one, too.



      Although I don’t agree with the words: “Goodbye my love. Maybe for forever.” Love and friendship IS Forever.

      • E* says:

        JC1117 – I have had this song rolling around in my head,…ever since I posted a picture of a covered bridge for Lia,…to help her with her solve:


        • lia says:

          JC1117 & E* I have to tell you that I’m with Milan & JC1117 on this f comment. It’s completely depressing.

          Thanks for the S&G Bridge over troubled water song – I think.
          I’ve been drowning in troubled waters lately. A year of work and a great solve now have to be weighed against forrest’s comment. I snail mailed a brief question w/o my solve to ask one question. No response. Now this. Does my unanswered snail mail question factor into his comment. Who knows except f. I can’t decide whether to drag a friend on one last search, or throw my baby out with the warm waters, straight into the canyon down, watch it drown, hope I can escape my state of brown.

          • E* says:

            Lia – I meant every word,…of that song:


            “Like a bridge over toubled water, I will ease your mind”


            • E* says:

              Lia – Correction: “troubled” (I can’t even spell it,…because I am very rarely so).

            • lia says:

              <3felt thanks E*
              your friendship eeases my mind on this roller coaster called the chase. Now where is that covered bridge Eric sloane wanted to buy?

              • E* says:

                Lia – See: Eric’s “Spring Bridge”,…which is for sale,…in the link below:


                Hey,…is that Forrest fishing by the river in there???? 🙂

                • E* says:

                  Lia – There are two more on that same link,…called “Covered Bridge” and “The Covered Bridge”,…which feature fly fisherman that DEFINITELY look like Forrest to me, IMO. 🙂

              • E* says:

                Lia – That discussion at Dal’s,…way back when,…surrounded this:


                “Eric Sloane and Forrest Fenn wanted to build a covered bridge but their wives wouldn’t let them buy a river. It was a standing joke between them and a lingering fantasy.”

                It was about who in fact OWNS that river,…if a covered bridge is built across it,…by the property owner(s),…from one privately owned river bank,…to the one on the other side?

                • Lia says:

                  E* Ive read that discussion and loved reading “Seventeen Dollars”
                  Because of those conversations I’ve looked at all bridges in Madison and Gallatin counties. Wouldn’t three dollar bridge over the Madison near Oxbow Ranch have been perfect. It has a terrific history. There’s a beautiful bridge over the Gallatin too, but the poem doesn’t solve to either one, imo. Property ownership is where I’m stuck once again but thinking normal high water mark or easement laws could play out.

                • lia says:

                  E* sloane grams to my current dilemma. Trying to determine if he purchased alias property. Not sure how one could verify it.

                • E* says:

                  lia – If we go out to Soap Creek,…to find that site where the Blackfeet Indians fought Osborne Russell (where there are most probably arrowheads),…that I heard about from the lovely young man who works at the Grizzly Restaurant,…we would have to drive across this bridge over the Madison:


                  In 1885, Mathew Dunham built a cabin and the first bridge across the Madison River in the Upper Madison Valley. It was near the West Fork of the Madison River. With the help of ten workers, Dunham got timber from the west side of the river, made piers and filled them with rocks to support the spans of the king-post truss bridge. The rickety looking result of their efforts cost $1,261. Dunham charged travelers $1.50 for a four-horse wagon, $1.00 for a two horse wagon, and a man on horseback was 50 cents. One year later, Dunham sold the business to Israel Ammon Hutchins, a name that is synonymous with the bridge to this day. Hutchins became a rancher and toll bridge operator.

                • E* says:

                  Lia – From that same link,…under “Hutchins Bridge History”. I wonder what caused the stampeed? I don’t think they had Air Horns back then:

                  “A herd of 600 cattle spooked, and instead of fording the river as was usual, they began stampeding across the bridge. The center span of the bridge broke, plunging both cattle and bridge into the water. To read the story of the stampede, click here.”

                  I haven’t clicked on the link to read about it yet.

                • Ed says:

                  Page 106 black and white painting. Wooden bridge. Coded stuff there. So what does the wood part mean a stump? Brush? The chest is covered in something wood? Impossible to know.

                • Ed says:

                  Someone mentioned GE recently. Maybe all the black and white talk is satellite imagery. Shadow/snow.

  4. JohnR says:

    Like talking into a mirror… So close. Its kinda sad. So many people looking, but still no one knows what the heck F’s talking about. Must be lonely being so…

  5. Jamie says:

    Hi I’m sure most of those comments can be taken lightly and not as brazen as they sound…
    Hope so anyway as Iv sent a few that make me sound like a door handle too.
    Not sure what’s going on now but thank you to Forrest One way or another self diagnosed Iv got add

    • JohnR says:

      So do I… Maybe. I think. But I call it “Bud Light”. F wrote the poem when he was going to pass. He survived. He re-wrote the poem. What did he change? “Leave my bones”. Maybe he is still writing as if he’s already gone…

      What do you think of the word “of”? I ask cuz of the “Bud Light”…

  6. Jenny Kile says:

    At first it seems depressing, I agree…lol…….however, it is possible that if anyone was any ‘closer’ (like solved the Third clue (since we know the first two have been solved), they would have the treasure.

    Forrest did say that if someone figured out the first few clues, they could find the treasure. This answer seems to support that statement, perhaps?

    • JohnR says:

      Maybe several have solved clue #1, #2, #6 and #8, but they don’t know it? Have no idea. They get close but without “the whatever” they’re forever too far.

      • E* says:

        John R. – Forrest never confirmed my GPS coordinates for my primary spot (which hasn’t changed),…nor my solve for The Poem,…for each of the Nine Clues (which has changed from two years ago). Therefore,…how would I “know it”??? 🙂

    • The Wolf says:

      Agree Jenny,
      Initially I thought something similar, but from a literal point of view “getting any closer”, one would have to have been closer than 200 feet in the last 3 months and very few would have searched over the past three months?

      • Ed says:

        I was in my spot within the last 3 months and I’m sure Forrest knows that so that rules my location out. Oh well it was fun.

        • Iron Will says:

          Actually this post was exactly 3 months from when I went and was so sure it was under his “SLICK” and got back telling him how devastated I was it wasn’t under it. o.o

          • Helen says:

            Iron Will – so the first time you emailed Forrest to tell him about your “slick” and its location was exactly 3 months before the response was posted here, i.e. 7th January 2015?

            • Iron Will says:

              I went on the 7th. Got to my location at about 2:30 PM pacific time. I returned on the 9th and emailed him about my trip and that I screwed up, etc.

            • Iron Will says:

              Keep in mind, the location I went to…I had already told Forrest where it was and what it was (and he knows exactly where…map pictures provided), around December 28th or so.

      • locolobo says:

        Hi, Wolf. 🙂

        That would be a valid assumption if he had ceased with the first sentence.

        However, he added “Please don’t be deterred by what might have been.f”
        …..Is he not saying here that he no longer sees a “threat” to the chest being found?? Regardless of whether or not searchers have been actively searching??

        Good Luck to All!!!!

        • E* says:

          locolobo – When Forrest wrote, “Please don’t be deterred by what might have been”,…I thought that was code for,…you don’t know it, but,…your “My Grizz” has been relocated by thee USFS! But then,…knowing My Grizz,…he has found his way back. They often do that. Especially if they miss their “home of Brown”! 🙂

          • E* says:

            Jenny – Sorry if you felt my discussion with Chris was not on topic. We all try to discern what Forrest means,…when you post his answers to your queestions here. I posted my interpretation above. And that led to the Grizzly Bear discussion with Chris (because he was leaving in 8 days for Yellowstone,…and I was concerned for his safety). I think it was important,…as I pointed out,…over on Forrest’s blog:

            “There are two whole states filled with Grizzly Bears,…so maybe some will be interested (but not that searcher at the bottom,…who doesn’t have any idea why we are discussing this topic).”

            But that’s just me…I took the opportunity to get an important message out. It was not like I was discussing xxxxxx…lIke xxxxx and xxxxx,… on xxxxxxxxx..over xxxxxxxxx thread. I could have posted all this there,…but I have been placed on forever-moderation there (because xxxxxxxxxxx).

            You may choose to moderate and delete this post,…but I think you should consider it. Thank you. 🙂

            X’s are where post was EDITED by moderator.

        • The Wolf says:

          What is interesting here is when he was first asked this question back in 2013, he replied (paraphrasing) by asking “that depends on your definition of close.” Then he said some were close because they got two clues correct and then he said some were physically close because they were within 500 feet. (BTW I have analyzed this for many a moon and I have concluded they are two separate parties) He has the choice to write this answer out but elected not to include which close he was referring too. The second sentence seems irrelevant. I mean does Madeline sound deterred? Was there more to the question and more background info than what is disclosed? Why would she be deterred if no one is any closer unless she was one of them who sent in a solution or searched. Wouldn’t most people be happy to hear that no one is getting closer? Remember how depressed everyone got when the few were in tight focus?

          Maybe he is trying to let Iron Will down gently since he made that nice video and all! lol

      • Kathryn says:

        Hi Wolf, It is unlikely that many searched during the last three months given the holidays and the weather. No one is any closer – I guess they are still at the same spot wherever that is. I am at the same “spot” in essence because I technically have not been able to get to the location yet this year. I am having a later than expected start which should be today. I probably will not show my face until perhaps Monday. I wonder what Sir Brown will think of my “new look”. Any closer – what a thought. I don’t know. With my luck, last year I probably walked right over it back and forth! I think that is what happened when I did not correctly solve the “look directly down” part. I insisted on solving this poem on my own. I think after all of the work if I do see it, I probably will faint.

        • Helen says:

          I don’t think it makes any difference whether anyone has been out looking – “closer to discovering the location” is commonly understood to imply physically *or* mentally.

          If you have told Forrest any part of your solution beyond the first two clues in the past ~3 months, it is almost certainly wrong.

          • E* says:

            Helen – Unless you had the right solution two years ago,…and it led directly to the Bronze Chest,…so “any closer to discovering the location to the treasure” would not apply (See: within 200 ft.). AND he doesn’ read the blog where you have posted the updated cryptic details of your solution to The Poem (See: Clues 3-9). AND you haven’t been physically able to reach your spot (due to the looming presence of My Grizz,…and deep, slushy snow).

            Just saying,…there are a lot of ways to interpret forrest’s statements. 🙂

      • E* says:

        The Wolf – I interpretted Forrest’s comment exactly the way you did. That is why you are on th A-Team,…at TTOTC.com. And that is why I keep asking:

        “What DID The Fox say????


    • E* says:

      Jenny – Not necessarily,…on that, “they would have the treasure”. You wrote, “Forrest did say that if someone figured out the first few clues, they could find the treasure.” The operative word is “could”,…but my response is, “haven’t been able to!” 🙂

  7. Ed says:

    Thats really too bad. I guess i’ll have to back to the drawing board. Oh maybe next year when I have time.

  8. No one is any closer to discovering the location of the treasure because I’m still sitting on my couch.

  9. Mark J says:

    Badinage or seriousness? I sometimes wonder how to take Forrest’s answers. He answers questions, but are the questions asked the right questions?

  10. Spallies says:

    Well, if Forrest doesn’t think that Anyone is closer in the last three months and No One has given him the correct solve past the first two clues… Then Everybody still has a chance 🙂

    • E* says:

      spallies – IMO,…the location of the Bronze Chest and the solution to The Poem (to match Forrest’s solution for clues 3-9) are two separate things. Searchers have been within 200 ft.,…and I don’t think he said whether or not they had boots on the ground when they were. Giving him GPS coordinates,…from Google Earth (which I did via email two years ago),…could have been what he was referring to. It was really hard to get my cursor right over my spot. 🙂

  11. Ramona says:

    Good point Spallies. Everyone still has a chance.

  12. Woody Bogg says:

    There is so much Fallacy in the way the question was asked and the way it was answered. I am sure I will not be deterred by the way that Forrest has answered this question.

  13. Mad Max says:

    I’m angry downright angry spent all that time looking and now this?

  14. Helen says:

    The question and answer are both straightforward. The reasonable person would assume that they are related to:

    a. A comparison of the situation between when Mr Fenn responded and three months earlier.
    b. “Closer” applying to both physically (on the ground) and mentally (theories).

    The key thing here is:

    If you suggested anything beyond the first two clues to Forrest in the last ~3 months, then there’s no reasonable way he could say that “nobody is closer to discovering the location of the treasure” if you were right. To do so would be incredibly obtuse and misleading. This also applies if you posted on Dal’s blog, Forrest *does* read it – otherwise “Forrest Fire” would not exist.

    This is very bad news. If you have emailed him with a solution beyond where warm waters halt, or posted it on Dal’s blog, in the last ~3 months then it seems time to go back to the drawing board. I’m sure that some will try to delude themselves and manipulate Forrest’s response, just so they can hold onto a pet theory, but to any reasonable observer it’s pretty black and white.


    • Ed says:

      Yep Helen that knocks me outta the game.

    • Woody Bogg says:

      Helen ….Yea Skunks are black and white too. But they still smell.

      • Helen says:

        Oops, I was looking to discuss Forrest Fenn’s treasure hunt and I seem to have accidentally stepped into the amazingly bad analogies room 😉

        • JC1117 says:

          True that, Helen. After reading Forrest’s response and what everyone else has to say about it I’m kind of left scratching my head. Woody thinks it might be a skunk …but maybe its not.


          • E* says:

            JC1117 – Where ‘ya been? We’ve missed you over at TTOTC.com. Especially your fine sense of humor. 🙂

            • E* says:

              JC1117 and 42 – Like when you BOTH probably missed THIS thread,…about Forrest and “Dancing with the Stars”,…over at TTOTC.com:



              42 on April 10, 2015 at 2:33 pm said:

              JC1117 – I heard f, in his free time, was taking dance lessons for next season if Dancing With The Stars!! He should be verrry light on his feet after shedding those 42 lbs. I’m applying to be f’s “comma editor” for his next book since he’ll be busy dancing. How much can a comma editor make??

            • E* says:

              JC1117 and 42 – Or when you just missed this thread,…about Dal’s Found Object Contest,…and my very unique entry:


              And I forwarded my Found Object Contest photo and text to Jenny, here,…as well,…via her email. Maybe she can post it when she has the time? I know she is traveling and meeting with Forrest to get those prizes for the Egg Picture Contest. I did that in case Dal decides to moderate me right out of that contest. Thanks, Jenny! I would appreciate that. The photo is great! 🙂

            • JC1117 says:

              Hello, E*. I try to touch base now and then over at TTOTC.com. As you are fully aware of your difficulties posting on Dal’s site…for whatever reason…I have been having difficulty posting at Mike’s. I have no idea why I’m being shunned. I think it may have been a little TOO much humor in a YouTube “existential blues” video that I posted. 🙂 Oh well. I’ll confess that it wasn’t exactly “chase related”. So shoot me! Does anyone else get tired of all the drama?

              • E* says:

                JC1117 – Oh,…Bummer. I bet if you email Mike, though,…he would let you back onto TTOTC.com (unlike Dal and Goofy!). And like a famous Queen E*,…I NEVER tire of drama:

                A good quote for Forrest’s shadow photo,…on the cover of TFTW:

                “This life, which had been the tomb of his virtue and of his honour, is but a walking shadow; a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

                William Shakespeare

                And because I have been tacitly called a “fool”:

                “A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

                William Shakespeare

    • E* says:

      Helen – They are dropping like flies,…after reading your comment. I was getting concerned about the health and welfare o My Grizz…


  15. Jdiggins says:

    I’m not deterred one bit. I don’t give up. 🙂
    Besides, read a little more carefully, and you will see.

  16. Jdiggins says:

    Think about not just his answer but his words, and how he may have read the question. Interpretation. 🙂

  17. anna says:

    “But then I haven’t read most of the blogs” Forrest Fyre, Forrest fire, Forrest, ff, f – how many scrap books and vignettes has he written, posted and responded to on Dal’s and numerous again here on Jenny’s? The main two blogs. Why position yourself in your own marketplace as one who doesn’t speak true?

    • E* says:

      anna – He said “most”. I assume that he reads Dal’s, Jenny’s and his own. What DID The Fox say??? I am pretty sure he doesn’t read TTOTC.com. 🙂

    • Spoon says:

      Anna – I caught the Forrest Fire persona, but never the Forrest Fyre one. Where have you seen him post as such?

  18. G-5 says:

    So what if you emailed him a solve exactly 3 months ago to the date of this post? Cause for action?

    • Helen says:

      G-5 – Why, did you do that? Did you send him a solve on 7th January 2015?

      • G-5 says:

        Say I did. What are the chances of Jenny sending him a question on that exact subject matter 3 months later? Meh, probably not. Even if he made the question up himself and sent it to her, she would have to send it to him on that date………..again, highly unlikely. But then again, maybe Jenny sends all the questions and Mr Fenn picks the ones that he wants to answer….

        …….well you know what G-5 says: cant spell conspiracy without piracy……….ARRRGGHHH!!

  19. Evan says:

    I don’t see where this contradicts his statement that searchers have been within 200 feet. If they’ve been that close they’re well into the poem whether they mentioned it to Mr. Fenn or not. It does make a person a little seasick, way too much up and down, close and not close.

  20. Leslie says:

    From my perspective I haven’t emailed him or posted location on Dals blog but I do have a site of my own that he is aware of…..and I’ve been to the area in JAN/FEB/MARCH…… So if I haven’t been closer in the last 3 months ASSUMING I was the 200ft person……..this statement just ended my solve. Forrest is not known to lie.

  21. Project Why says:

    Ok. So maybe no one in the last 3 months, but what about before that? There could be someone/people who has/have been close for a long time now and possibly haven’t given up on certain areas, …..that are still working on a solution, but just haven’t got any closer and therefore that statement could still be correct. It may also be, as has been mentioned, that for one to get any closer than 200ft or figuring it out past the 3rd clue, …..one would probably find the chest. And that can also support his statement, “but then I haven’t read most of the blogs.” — Because someone may have gotten closer, but only on paper, …..but he doesn’t know that because he doesn’t read EVERYTHING. There could be someone out there who is getting closer to it right now, either physically, mentally, or both?

    “Please don’t be deterred by what might have been”. — He’s saying don’t worry how close others have been or are, because it is still anyone’s game. And the fact that searchers have been within 200ft of it, shows one can be close, but yet so very far away, …..doesn’t it.

    If you have an area that you think it’s in and you emailed him in the last three months about where you’ve been or your solve, then either you are wrong or you are still just not closer than has been disclosed? It doesn’t mean necessarily you are in the wrong place, …..I mean you very well could be, …..but it could also still be there, …..but just not where you searched. Giving up on a search area is ones own personal decision and should be weighed very heavily with EVERYTHING that he has said. It would be a shame though, that just because you didn’t get closer than 200ft of it or didn’t get past the 3rd clue, …..that one would necessarily throw in the towel though. But like I said, that is up to each individual. Personally, I have several places I search and until he says it’s NOT there either straight out or in some other fashion, …..I will consider them viable. To each there own. But as has been said, it can get a little seasick out there on the waves of understanding. 🙂

  22. Chris says:

    Jenny, Could you please tell me when, what day and time, FF said this to you. I know that you posted this at 2015-04-07 Time 19:32:36+00:00 or 7:32 last night. Also what time zone does your server work from if you don’t mind. The reason I am asking is because at approximately 10:30 last night I emailed him with my solve. I am wondering if his quote in this blog also includes me. I am leaving for Yellowstone soon it could help. Thanks.

    • Chris says:

      I am east coast time. Thanks again

    • E* says:

      Chris – Are you this searcher,…over at Dal’s?:


      chris on April 4, 2015 at 11:24 pm said:

      “Michael. Odds are against me. I know that. I am probably wrong. I realize that. There is one thing though that I believe is true. The blaze must be seen as FF would see it. HOW would FF see it? It is my belief that he has told EVERYONE how he would see the blaze. At the same time he wants it to LOOK like he has said nothing. So completely out in the open that it just cant be. GOD bless and good luck.”

      If so,…the bells went off when you worded your post the way you did. I am on forever-moderation over at Dal’s,…so I couldn’t post a picture or two,…to see if we are on the same page.

      • E* says:

        Chris – And do you WANT me to post that picture,…which is found in TTOTC book,…or not????

        • E* says:

          Chris – Yeah,…you’re right. Why should I give lazy searchers,…who spend their time milking other searchers for info.,…a HUGE hint to the blaze??? Maybe not. 😉

          • Prophecy why says:


            Reality ck.

            “Chris – Yeah,…you’re right. Why should I give lazy searchers,…who spend their time milking other searchers for info.,…a HUGE hint to the blaze??? Maybe not.

            So you have a huge hint? …..Yeah, sure you do. 🙂 I don’t THINK anyone can ‘milk’ anyone for anything USEFUL.

            But l’ll tell you this, …..someone/some people, …..have been 200ft from it?? And we still can’t find it………. And we all have different solves………. #%^^^***

            • E* says:

              Prophecy why – The operative word,…for me,…has been “can’t”. As in not able to physically retrieve the Bronze Chest from where I very much hope it to be (See: My Grizz). The blaze I found is blantant. And fits Chris’s description perfectly.

              And my comment was directed toward the searcher that tried to milk Chris for information,…over at Dal’s. Some study and think and contribute their insights to the blog. Some are lurkers and never contribute. And some ask vapid questions,…showing they have no clue at all what the blaze is,…hoping that another searcher will give them the answer. Using phrases like, “what do you think?”,…etc. That’s one way to try to win a treasure hunt, I guess. By Chris’s response,…I think he figured all that out.

      • E* says:

        Chris – And based on the time I saw vs. my local time here,…Jenny’s blog is located in the EST zone (I am in the MST zone,…and it showed it posted two hours ahead).

      • chris says:

        I don’t need any pictures. I know what the blaze is and where it is. I am just not going to short change myself. When I am done I will tell everyone. Not till I am done though. 11 days.

      • {} says:


        Forrest told us twice WHAT the blaze is. First time in an interview, and second time in TFTW.
        In the poem he tells us HOW and WHERE can be found.
        IMO of course 🙂

  23. A guy says:

    U folks r mising the point he is intentionally lying. this is to cross reference chapter learning curve

  24. Jeff Burch says:

    First off Guys and gals this is a party worth reading. I think it is funny how every one reads into Forrest words as the hidden chest is going to be found by them. He has said where the clues are. I thought I heard In the poem, 9 of them. For a lazy searcher would not take the time to read all of these interesting thought’s from all of you.

    I think it is good to hear what your minds are thinking. Not a clue as to what the real point is, tho. I thought I would write a few words that where in comparison, If the first two clues were figured by person’s unknown to all but Forrest. the fox is laughing! Only he knows of whom ever it was. I may think I know of one or two as active as they are. And one may be you. You have to start over again where I am, in the beginning without a clue as where the Beginning is. Sure I could guess by his younger years and walk around and find all the beauty. Because there is plenty to go around where Forrest grew up, spending his summers.

    But I also hear his words that he took into consideration of time passing. Not to say a volcano won’t blow for another thousand years. But the wise old owl will be long gone before this ever happens. He senses things like that and takes flight to avoid it fury. Maybe he will fly the chest out of there for safety. Or land on it where ever he travels to.

    I myself find this a adventure in the beginning of where warm waters halt a place scattered all through the Rocky Mountains. And I live in the middle of them. Well closer to Forrest. This state will be hurt if not gone if That old baby blows.

    The other clues lead back to the first clue.Which will not narrow it down without the Blaze, cold, wood excreta. My mind is lost in the beginning.I think It may be good for you to know, it may take me a thousand years to figure this out. So please bring me candy when you see me at the treasure Chest. I might at this point also need some help carrying it out. Good luck all J B

  25. Jeff Burch says:

    It’s fury. Sorry for the typo, I think my brain is turning Brown.

  26. Spallies says:

    Maybe Madeline went into a mine alone 🙂 and she got scared 🙂 and Forrest is just telling her to not worry about the mummy Joe’s of the past that she was scared of… Something along those lines?

  27. Pacman says:

    For of all sad words of tongue or pen,
    The saddest are these: “It might have been!”

    Ah, well! for us all some sweet hope lies
    Deeply buried from human eyes;

    • E* says:

      pacman – That was a beautiful tie-in to Forrest’s comment! But,…why stop there?:

      The poem is “Maud Muller” by John Greenleaf Whittier, which he memorized years ago. The poem tracks the fate of a poor maid and a wealthy lawyer whose paths and emotions crossed. Here is the ending:

      Then she took up her burden of life again,
      Saying only, “It might have been.”
      Alas for maiden, alas for Judge,
      For rich repiner and household drudge!
      God pity them both! and pity us all,
      Who vainly the dreams of youth recall;
      For of all sad words of tongue or pen,
      The saddest are these: “It might have been!”
      Ah, well! for us all some sweet hope lies
      Deeply buried from human eyes;
      And, in the hereafter, angels may
      Roll the stone from its grave away!

      • JC1117 says:

        Revelation 21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

        • lia says:

          JC1117, that my friend is the Good News of the Gospel and the Best news! I anxiously wait for that day. Won’t it be sweet to know and understand each soul, rejoicing in their uniqueness and eliminating all human ‘misumderstaindings.’
          Rev 2:17 is a favorite of mine. I love that God has engraved a special name for each of the redeemed.
          ” Anyone with ears to hear must listen to the Spirit and understand what he is saying to the churches. To everyone who is victorious I will give some of the manna that has been hidden away in heaven. And I will give to each one a white stone, and on the stone will be engraved a new name that no one understands except the one who receives it.”

  28. Chris says:

    Figuring this out has been like putting a puzzle together but you don’t know what the picture is. You eventually get to a point where you figure out what the picture is and all of the pieces just start falling into place. The more I reread the stories and quotes of FF the more I find clues that he has given. They are literally everywhere. I will say this.. the blaze is NOT natural. FF made the blaze. 8 days

    • E* says:

      Chris – I agree that FF made the blaze. But mine is deep in snow right now,…so glad I didn’t post that picture,…which would have been a HUGE hint! And did you not see my post higher up on this page about the Grizzes??? I know I would hate to have someone sounding off an Air Horn constantly,…as I hiked or snow shoed into the quiet wilderness. I don’t thing the USFS would look to kindly on it, either:


      • Chris says:

        From the National Parks Service

        “Give bears the opportunity to avoid you:
        Detour around areas where you see or smell carcasses of fish or animals, or see scavengers congregated. A bear may defend its food aggressively. Bears use trails too, so camp at least 1/8 mile from any trails – including game trails. Be especially wary when traveling along streams or rivers when salmon are running. It is a good idea to carry a non-lethal deterrent such as an AIR HORN or pepper spray in case of a surprise encounter – but make sure you know how to use it! Discharging pepper spray improperly won’t help and could make matters worse if you incapacitate yourself.

        The louder you are the safer you are. Bears WANT to avoid you. If you are quiet however they may not know you are there.

        • E* says:

          Chris – The Bear Man’s website I shared is posted on Yellowstone’s National Park site. I don’t think he advocates air horns. Elk herds and maybe Bison, too,…tend to stampede when they hear them FYI. I know,…I stood guarding a herd of 25 Elk,…right next to the main road here,…just last night,…and then someone honked their car horn. Guess what they did??? I’d post the picture,…but my cheap flip phone does not have a close-up focus,…so you can’t see them very well in the photo I took last night. I was only about 40 feet away,…but they didn’t run until they heard the car horn. But the Bear Man DOES have some advice about Bear Bells,…in case you are considering those to make noise:


          Why stress out all the beautiful animals,…when you are technically invading THEIR territory???

          • Chris says:

            I am not advocating going around the park and just blowing the horn all over the place. ONLY if a bear should come close and as I have clearly shown the National Parks Service and the United States Forrest Service both RECOMMEND air horns

          • Chris says:

            Oh and I won’t be spraying around a bunch of nasty chemicals either. Just air. While Both are recommended I choose air. Besides that I will be in the open 90% of the time with no chance of being snuck up on. I’ll be done in less than an hour.

            • E* says:

              Chris – I once compared the habitats of the Wooly Mammoth and the Mastodon,…in an email I sent to Forrest,…to make the comparison with habitats of Grizzly Bears and Black Bears. In general,…Grizzly bears prefer to be out “in the open”,…most of the time,…and Black Bears prefer the cover of the trees. But because we humans have forced the Grizzes out of their natural habitat (ie. with AIR HORNS),…they are now living and roaming wherever they can. And if they see, smell or hear you,…from wherever they are,…they will be on top of you in no time. REALLY!!!


              “Bear hunting requires proper identification of bear species. North America is home to a few bear species, in Montana the Black Bear is abundant, but so is the Grizzly Bear. Grizzlys are currently protected. Bears are naturally native to grassy valleys and light brush, however as man populated the west, the bears were forced out of their native habitat. Bears can be found in valleys as well as forests. They are natural scavengers and will bully off other animals with their massive size for an easy meal.”

              And My Grizz makes frequent trips to the camps located “below the home of Brown”,…so he enjoyes following that nice USFS trail they made for him,…which is almost entirely in the trees. Ask La Lee,…from that story over on Dal’s blog. She’ll tell you.

          • E* says:

            Chris – An existential question,…because your bear info. link was from Kenai, Alaska:

            If an AIR HORN sounds in the Alaska wilderness,…due to a Grizzly attack,…would anyone hear it?

            Probably not:


            • E* says:

              Chris – I didn’t paste that link correctly:


              And I think a gunshot would be more effective. At least it was for my friend,…who hiked my trail “alone in there” years ago,…with his horse and donkey. They were tied to a tree,…and he was getting undressed to head into his tent for the night. When the animals appeared to be disturbed,…he turned to see a Grizz directly in front of him. He remained calm,…and slowly reached for his pistol on a table to his right,…and fired. The Grizz ran off. And he packed up and high-tailed it out of there! They seem to know what a gunshot is.

      • Chris says:

        From the USFS on this web site…

        Close to the bottom of the page.

        While nothing is 100% effective, bear sprays and air horns have proven to be successful in deterring bears in many situations.

        • Chris says:

          Release Date: Sep 1, 2011

          US Forest Service
          Rocky Mountain Region
          White River National Forest

          From the USFS on this web site…

          Close to the bottom of the page.

          While nothing is 100% effective, bear sprays and air horns have proven to be successful in deterring bears in many situations.

        • E* says:

          Chris – That link was in reference to Colorado,…where there are Black Bears only,…and no Grizzes (unfortunately for the Grizzes!):


          I had a HUGE Black Bear here,…in my old neighborhood North of town,…which I had often observed eating trash all night,…in my back yard,…from the upper story. His name is Ralph. I used to converse with him out the window about my IDIOT co-tenant (a bigtime hunter),…who thought bungies to hold the trashcan lid down would work to deter the bear. I asked Ralph to do me a favor and return the next time in the morning hours,…so as not to wake me up at 3:00am,…by destroying the trash can next to my wall. He came at 9:30 am the next time. 🙂

          p.s. I am glad we are having this Chase-related discussion,…for ALL to see. 🙂

  29. Not getting all the bear talk here. I thought this was about getting closer to Forrests treasure….who says there are bears near where he hid it.

    • Yes Sir Chris! Everyone be careful out there! Its Rare, and its true, but bears can come up on you so fast, Some people can’t even draw a gun fast enough before its on you.
      I will spare you the horror stories I know, unless someone wants to hear a Bear Story…..

      Lou Lee Belle, Chased by Brown Bears in Jellystone Park and lived to tell.

  30. jenny says:

    Quick here: I would like to ask for more on topic discussions please and ask if you would like to chat about other things, this isn’t the place. Thank you so much for understanding.

  31. OH sorry Jenny, I did not see your post. So we should start a thread after we ask Forrest a Bear Question.

    Here is my question:

    Forrest, I am sure you don’t want to tell us if the treasure is in BROWN Bear county….What would or can you say to us about the Brown Bear Fear, going on?

    Much Respect, Lou Lee

    • E* says:

      Lou Lee – Excellent idea! Yes,…we should all respect the Grizz. It is not about fear. The Grizz was there in Montana and Wyoming first,…after all. I would hate to have a searcher on The Chase be mauled while searching,…how would we all feel if we didn’t share our information about protection???

  32. jenny says:

    Thanks so much all for understanding. You guys are awesome.

  33. Jenny Kile says:

    Just to add. I wasn’t referring to any one discussion or any one thread. It’s all about the chase.

    I was giving a reminder that this is a place to discuss the chase and not add personal issues or drama.

    Thanks again

    • E* says:

      And thank YOU Jenny,…for all you do. I really enjoy you,…and your fine blog site. 🙂

      And how is our fearless leader, Forrest, doing? Is he feeling better??? Did you have a chance to meet with him yet???

    • Hi Jenny, Thanks so much….For that post!

      and, I have been thinking about Forrests statement……On topic, I was wondering if he said the above statement, because the searcher who was close before, may have told Forrest, they are not searching anymore for a number of reasons, such as Lack of funds, health or family issues. Or he just has not heard from them, Who knows? Just thoughts IMO! 🙂

      Also Jenny, did you get my picture? Let me know? I will try the other mail you gave me….

      Lou Lee Belle, Chased by Brown Bears in Jellystone Park and lived you tell!

      • Kathryn says:

        Searchers are still searching – I doubt many were searching before spring. For that reason, it may appear that no one is closer unless they indicated more on a solve. I am back since only yesterday after a number of months and I have not sent any solve modification. I think everyone should keep on track – at least give it until winter comes again.

  34. I want to believe I’m in the right spot but this definitely shoots it down. Even if the possibility existed that the treasure was there who would be able to find it 10x10x5 I’m going to slowly fade into the background if F wants to come out and confirm it that would be cool otherwise I’ll check it in a year. Right now I’ve got a new job starting so can’t be running around.

  35. Kathryn says:

    As the search continues,
    without a paddle – understand more
    the chest is “wet” – understand much more
    look quickly down – working on it – encountered a snake – hmmm is it protecting something bronze
    It’s really taking a lot of study – Internet/library, terrain visual, interviews with people, and repeat
    I still insist that I understand every aspect of The Thrill of the Chase fully before hoping to find the chest
    Taking many beautiful pictures – at times it seems like a “before” and “after” grouping. Fun anyway.
    Spending time writing my story while Mother Nature tosses me about like a dried leaf.

    A Guy, what did you get?

    Jenny, is there a preferred method for reporting of finding the chest because I do not have a valid e-mail address for ff and the blogs are skeptical? I do not expect a sudden find; just looking ahead and planning to either “report” or read about the successful find.

    Thank you.

    • Iron Will says:

      valid email?

      forrestfenn@gmail.com, or just write to him at that PO box for his contests in Santa Fe.

      • Kathryn says:

        Thanks Iron Will. I noticed he removed that email from his Old Santa Fe site and thought it was no longer valid. I used the blogs to hear of news releases and any chest success. Except for this one the others are out of control. I now go it alone. I believe there is a difference between a thrill of the chase and a rat race. I understand your desire to share solutions and thoughts. Depending on the medium your work could contribute to the thrill or to a rat race. My thoughts are to strive for what ff would want and that is the thrill. I’m at khkrautheim@yahoo.com if you would like to chat. I’m otherwise off the blogs. I took pictures before being chased out with recent snow and one shows the significance of his 200 ft comment. I’m strictly a NM hunter with one location for 2 years.

  36. Jdiggins says:

    I hope to be “closer” next week! Wish me luck! 🙂

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