Featured Question and Weekly Words: X in a Name

forrest fenn(Again, I am combining a Featured Question with the Weekly Words from Forrest for April 1st, 2016)

The complete list of Weekly Words can be found here:

Weekly Words from Forrest Fenn

Weekly Words for April 1st, 2016, in form of a featured question, are as follows:

Forrest, You said you were able to read the name of the French Fallen soldier along with the poem in English below the name, but you never reveal the name in the book.

What was the name of this soldier? I been researching this and it might be impossible and may be no reverence to your poem. My thought is you would want this person remembered like you would want to be remembered. ~Shannon

Heck Shannon, you just widened one of my largest fault lines. In my haste to get back to the helicopter and leave that place, my effort was expended trying to remember the inscription, and I repeated it over and over. In that process the soldier’s name was not retained.

All I remember is that his last name had an x in it. Is it strange that I would remember that? But there are no regrets because now he is my personal Unknown Soldier whose lack of identity stands as a metaphor for all men and women who fell in that ugly war and have now faded from our memory. f


Best of luck with The Thrill of the Chase and all that you seek!  Enjoy Life’s Adventure!

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46 Responses

  1. Mark J says:

    i think that you remembered the inscription was enough.

  2. chollyq says:

    But why was it written in English and not in French?

    • Seannm says:


      His call sign was Litter81 for a reason.


      • Could it be related to the hidden French word in the Poem?

        Hint: The end is a dream


        • astree says:

          Chateax de Brun ? This is one post from Forrest that I don’t see much in the way of other meaning, unless it’s something not hinted to in the response. “Texas” comes to mind as a name, (or Tex) but that’s not very French sounding. I am curious about whether any is hidden in this Weekly Words.

          Any more hints, Chris. I’m curious about what found. “)

    • Holmes says:

      This one smells like a delicious steak!

      The letters ⟨w⟩ and ⟨k⟩ are rarely used except in loan words or regional words. The phoneme /w/ sound is usually written ⟨ou⟩; the /k/ sound is usually written ⟨c⟩ anywhere but before ⟨e, i⟩, ⟨qu⟩ before ⟨e, i⟩, and ⟨que⟩ at the ends of words. However, ⟨k⟩ is common in the metric prefix kilo- (originally from Greek χίλια khilia “a thousand”): kilogramme, kilomètre, kilowatt, kilohertz, etc.

      Grave accent or accent grave (à, è, ù): Over a or u, used primarily to distinguish homophones: à (“to”) vs. a (“has”), ou (“or”) vs. où (“where”; ù exists only in this word). Over an e, indicates the sound /ɛ/.

    • Mark J says:

      Maybe because it is actually a quote by American author (or close to his quote) H. L. Mencken.

  3. Seanm says:


    Those names may have been forgotten by our politicians who continue to may the same mistakes over and over, but never shall be forgotten by those of us who have served.

    “If history repeats itself and the unexpected happens, how incapable must man be of learning from experience”


  4. astree says:

    Interesting. Here’s the inscription, if I’ve got the correct reference (p. 147)


    ( I see all the Roman numerals except X in there, may be just coincidence, wouldn’t want to fool our selves )

  5. Carolyn says:

    Thanks Jenny and Forrest! I too was wondering the name of the soldier for the longest.

  6. Zandz says:

    By the light of the moon! Bisous pour les enfants.

  7. PL289 says:

    Pretty unfortunate this was released on April 1st. There seems to be some worthy anagrams in this Q&A, but nothing can be trusted due to the significance of the date of release. Indeed unfortunate.

    • JL says:

      Almost everyone one thinks its a fools chase anyways. I have pretty much gone underground at home, no one wants to listen to something they don’t think is possible. Weekly words on 4/1 are just as good as any other day for me.

      • PL289 says:

        You’re prob correct. No telling how many times f has played sneaky with his words. After years in the hunt, today should be no different I guess.

  8. Family chest says:

    Yes, i have got the end…and the beginning but i cannot seem to connect the two. I have even shifted my thinking to the left and to the right. So many components but no grand solution just yet. I feel like such an idiot to get so far and become stumped. I know things are staring at me saying “hey stupid, cant you see me!?!??” Need some vodka to think things over again….brain hurts. Good luck all!!! 🙂 Cant wait for fenboree!

    • JL says:

      Family chest,
      If you have the beginning and you have got to the end, what else does a person need? Would you have not filled in all the blanks along the journey? I am at a loss if you only got the last clue correct wouldn’t that be enough? Is the answer at Fenboree?

      • Family chest says:

        No worries, i am no where close to solving this thing. Yes, i should have filled in the blanks…which is why i feel so stupid…and which is why i am probably completely off with my hypothesis. As for fenborree, i am just excited to meet everyone and hear some great stories! I am simply venting my frustrations into the ether. 🙂 (as many can relate)

        • JL says:

          Fenboree should be very eXciting I think. I hope I can make it also. When I struggle trying to make my ends meet I just stop and ask myself, self: are you making this harder than it needs to be and with a little thought the answer reveals itself to me.

      • Yawn says:

        He forgot about the middle, so here is the thing instead of stressing out your imagination invest in a good detector. They can only tell the truth!

  9. pdenver says:

    Thank you Shannon, Jenny and Mr. Fenn for this week’s Weekly Words/Featured Question. I think I can hear my Canadian French grandmother whisper from her grave, saying, “What good are the “Learn to Speak French” CD, if you don’t use them?” ‘Oui, grand-mème, je devrait avoir appris il ya a longtemps.’ Now to figure out what is being said here. 🙂

  10. Strawshadow says:

    The name had an X in it. Like so many before and after. Forgive the sinner and smile at a homely girl. And for those non believers it’s only real if you have faith, trust in knowing it’s out there.

  11. mb says:

    prefer HOMEY!

  12. Chesney says:

    Like in Mr. Fenn’s Name?

  13. Yes, big-meme, I should have learned long ago

    Thank you for posting my question Jenny And Thank You Forest Fenn for taking the time to answer it, the Vietnam air force story’s was my favorite in the Totc. If Forest has time for writing another book may be he should write one just on his air force years, he can call it Dangerous Air each chapter could be about a mission.

  14. Sourdough says:

    Listen to the Air Force Association videos if you want a full accounting of his Air Force years. I especially liked the frozen chicken bombing story.

  15. Wondering if Forrest means that the soldier’s name “X” is also place where the TC resides?


  16. Jdiggins says:

    Why is the inscription on his jacket in the drawing, JH?
    It’s truly amazing how this whole thing works. I mean, geez, what a great movie! One of my favorites, seen it a bunch of times. I could recite the lines… 🙂

  17. LMN says:

    That could only mean Xavier, Xaverius or Xever. Ring any bells Mr. f?

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