Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest: Which Direction?

thrill of the chase treasureComplete list of Weekly Words can be found here:

Weekly Words from Forrest

The Weekly Words for April 29th, 2016 are as follows and combines with the following Featured Question:

Mr. Fenn,

Which direction does the Blaze face? North, South, East or West? Curious. Foxy

I didn’t take a radial off of the blaze Foxy. I’m thinking it may not be any of those directions. f



Best of luck with the Thrill of the Chase and all that you seek!


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94 Responses

  1. Indiana says:

    Very Interesting!

    • Indiana says:

      Also, thank you, Forrest, for such fun!!!

    • Indiana says:

      So what type of Blaze would direction not apply, maybe?

      • liv42dy says:

        “What type of blaze” you say. That statement infers a limitation on what could or could not be a blaze. what if it were perfectly round, and that “circle” was NOT on a vertical surface such as a tree, rock or cliff wall.

        Just a thought. for any sense of direction for a circle one would have to go through it instead.


  2. William says:

    An Arrow pointing DOWN!

    • decall says:

      You may be right about up or down, but it can’t face down AND point down. So an arrow pointing down must not be the blaze or it must face a direction.

  3. pdenver says:

    Thank you Jenny, Foxy and Mr. Fenn for this week’s Featured Question/Weekly Words.

  4. Lombach says:

    Harump…..Radiating out from a central point…..Sounds like the blaze is the sun….Must be a time of day thing……Harump…..

  5. WiseOne says:

    Thank you Forrest, Jenny and Foxy.
    Forrest, I’ll call your bluff.

  6. jerry says:

    tyvm FF and Jenny and Foxy

  7. Strawshadow says:

    Thank you Jenny, Foxy and naturally Mr. Fenn, Taken at face value, I’m continuously directed towards the same place, if a bit more focused, I just might finish this one with a rhyme.

  8. Friend says:

    Dang nabbit!
    Ok, so no direction on the blaze……

  9. Hi Jenny
    I just would like to clarify that the drawing (not a picture) on pg 99 in TTOTC is really unfinished lines that our minds are finishing into a arrow. If you look at the drawing under a magnifying glass you can clfearly see that the lines are not forming an arrow. It’s our minds that are forming an arrow. I too had to study this drawing a lot. It;s just Forest playing another mind twister on us. He gives us the drawings and our minds end up finishing the form to something we want it to.
    Thank you Jenny
    Love this site

  10. Kim says:

    Any direction he blows will be fine…

  11. Sunrise says:

    I think the man said | If you R standing on top of the blaze then stop horizontal movement and begin vertical descent

  12. Goldwatch says:

    I think it faces “you”.
    I’m just tryin’ ta help. 😉

    • Sunrise says:

      He could be saying the blaze has a face, like maybe an object with a face. He could be saying ace too ,until he explains what hes saying then we are only guessing. Astree does the blaze have a face?

      • Goldwatch says:

        That’s just it. This doesn’t answer anything.
        I think Forest has given out all the clues he’s going to, and this stuff is just a means to keep us all from going w-a-y off track, or keeping us safe from ourselves, or whatever the need may be.

        The “blaze” could still be many things, including a trail that winds a bit. It may not have a simple answer on what direction it faces, for this and other possible reasons.

  13. Sunrise says:

    Maybe he’s trying to tell us he drove it with Michelin tires? I’m wondering if Foxy is French curious could mean meddling or prying and wich rhymes with pitch. (Pine pitch) 🙂

  14. 23kachinas says:

    We imagine hearing and saying things that were never heard or said…

    “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

    – George Bernard Shaw

  15. astree says:

    I’m thinking it may not be any of those directions. f

    These words are true. And may is just around croner.

  16. Mark J says:

    Seems like he just eliminated the 4 points of the compass. So is it something in between those points? Or maybe all of them? Such as which way does a column face? Maybe it is up or down? Or maybe we are just not to the point of understanding him yet. What a steep, rocky slope.

  17. Ramona says:

    Forrest was recently “attributed” with being a cunning fox. Now Foxy asks a question. Hum… Well, anyway, I bet Osborne could have found the blaze with his mountain man wisdom.

  18. Chris says:

    I’m thinking it may not be any of those directions. f

    Why does he say that? Because it faces UP. When you find it, if you find it, you will be looking down at it and it will be facing straight up. The rock will be the ground you are walking on by a creek that you cannot paddle up. Then look quickly down towards the creek, but don’t fall, it’s a 20 foot drop! At the bottom will be the chest. Trees fall and deteriorate and so would the blaze if on a tree. Only rock stays in place for thousands of years. Unfortunately right now the rock is covered in snow. Remember last week, “snow is the enemy of the searcher”.

  19. bart says:

    If the blaze doesn’t face any direction, then maybe it doesn’t have a face.. Ha ha

    A church’s bell ringer passed away. So they posted the position and a man came in with no arms wanting the job. The clergy weren’t sure he could do it, but he convinced them to let him try it.
    They climbed the bell tower and the guy ran toward the bell and hit it with his head. They gave him the job.
    The next day he went to ring the bell, tripped, bounced off the bell and fell to the sidewalk below. Two guys were walking past.
    One asked, “Do you know this guy?”
    The second guy responded, “No, but his face sure rings a bell.”

    Step on a crack break tour mothers back.

  20. Jake Faulker says:

    Wondering if the Q was sent to Forrest’s email & then sent the Q & A to Jenny?

  21. zeldasings says:

    Perhaps, the blaze is intangible.

  22. Muset says:

    This is a rare occasion where a big answer at this time of year doesn’t make me want to re-think my latest winter-long theory.

    I feel like I’m heading into a trap…

  23. JohnR says:

    I used to think the blaze was the object of the chase. But he said he didn’t and not that he couldn’t so must be something he could have.

  24. Iron Will says:

    O.O …… omg it can’t be! How did I miss it!?!

  25. Focused says:

    Maybe North is really West,

    That we should go upon our quest.

    Then turn back South , which is East,

    humm… now I’m lost, to say the least……….

  26. Focused says:

    strawshadow…. I stay lost most of the time……lol

  27. OH! says:

    The months on an analog watch have December as 12:00 am/pm. 12:00 is North. This means MAY is 25 minutes after. So the blaze sits East to South. Just a thought……

    • Goldwatch says:

      East to south of what?
      Now, where does it sit in November?
      And then ask, “east and south of what” again.

      See, that would mean that the point in question moves. But since the “Home of Brown” isn’t likely to move. Sorry, but I don’t see this one working out.

  28. E.C. Waters says:

    Nice. A radial survey is needed with the parameters from My War For Me. In my opinion.

  29. Thanks for another goody. This chase has me mad…the crazy kind. Trying to reverse engineer things can be a daunting task…wondering if i have all the components to plug in and just do eeeeeet! In the end though i understand, it is all about the wonderful experience. 😜 follow those damned clues precisely! Ug. Is it cold in here? Come on spring!!!

  30. Trailblazer says:

    Interesting… This response actually makes sense with my theoretical solve. More sense than some would see at face value, even.

  31. Spallies says:

    Great… The poor Blaze is lost and doesn’t have any direction in its life… 🙁 🙂

  32. Ramona says:

    Maybe the blaze “may not be any of those directions” because it’s all of those directions, like it’s round or something. I don’t believe that but it’s another option. All I know is, if it’s that hard to find, I better hit the trail with 2 flashlights, 4 sandwiches, 6 gloves and, of course, a good map to burn.

  33. I think it is because the cross marks the general location. Once you find the correct cross your very close. Look quickly down, perhaps behind the tree.

  34. Bicentennial says:

    I wonder how many notes Jacky Kennedy hammered out on that typewriter. I also wonder what this weeks weekly will be, now that someone knows everything.

    Was that an Underwood?

    • Ramona says:

      She was a beautiful lady and she probably hammered out notes of a personal nature, i.e., top secret. I used to have an old Underwood, I wish I hadn’t turned it over to Goodwill. I’ve always wondered what happened to it. Now all I can do is search for that Underwood.

      I doubt someone knows “everything”. A lot of people know some things. Some people know a lot of things. Who could know everything? Anyway, the Weekly Words are always fun and I look forward to them.

  35. Mindy says:

    I agree with whoever said the blaze doesn’t face any direction because it doesn’t have a face. The blaze, IMO, isn’t tangible. It’s in the poem, which leads you to the book. Forrest’s book, his memoir.

  36. Crow bar says:

    I think he’s saying tired like a tire is a circle ,, you know radius center, so the blaze is in the middle of your circle then just off center is the treasure. Then again this man says lots of things, I’m not too sure people are listening or even care.

    If anyone wants to know a crowbar is where old crows go to drink!

  37. SL says:

    “How do you thank guys like that?” – TTOTC book doesn’t list what *should be… pages 92 and 93.


    So much *more to an incredible human being. I cannot tell the difference between the two men when I look at the two men.


  38. Jdiggins says:

    I love “The Secrets of San Lazaro”, one of the best I’ve read on native populations. It taught me a lot, and actually has been helpful with the chase and at home.
    The area I live was INCREDIBLY abundant with some of earliest man, I have so many questions, and honestly it is harder to find info about them than most of the tc research. I don’t think there is/ has been much exploration and/or effort put into the history here. Honestly, I wish forest could come over to tell me what I have on my own land. And EVERY WHERE I walk within 50 miles, I am GUARANTEED to spot an artifact. Truly, no joke. I think I have my very own “San Lazaro” of sorts and I feel so blessed and honored, I believe in fate, and it put me here for this reason. It truly grounds me. If I am sad, I go for a walk, and I am cured almost instantly from the “presence” of our ancestors. Absolutely mind boggling what I’ve discovered on my land the last 3 months. Ansolutely! 🙂

  39. PL289 says:

    Pure speculation here…but does this mean that someone has told fenn the exact (or almost exact) spot?

    Why would fenn or anyone take a directional reading once they’ve arrived at their final location? Once you’re there, the only direction the matters is down or up, correct? i.e. “look quickie down” “below” “can-yon down” “no paddle up” “tired and weak (down)”

    Are you at the bottom of something once you’ve arrived?

    • Goldwatch says:

      The Blaze may be a marker and “quickly down” may be down a hill or something of that nature.
      In which direction that hill runs would be the question, in that case.
      I doubt Forest is going to answer that question though.

  40. Its very interesting. I ask him If I could solve the poem by translating it in my motherlanguage german but didn´t get an answer. In english there are many meanings for the word ´blaze´. It also could mean a star?? I´m thinking about it because he told us to use a flashlight?! so maybe you must wait until you can see the blaze in the nightsky?

  41. Spider says:

    Okay look in to the time line of this treasure put in place and research the local place am going to go get it so I have narrowed it down to a place and it all falls into place so wish me luck

  42. Diggin gypsy says:

    Depends on where your standing Could be northwest. Southeast. He just said not north south east or west 🙂 he is tricky ole coot

  43. Tom Terrific says:

    Which way does a trail face? Which way does a highway face? Which way does a railroad face? Which way does a mountain face? A runway, etc, etc. What may be a simple question has begat a simple answer. The “Blaze” probably faces UP.

  44. wildbirder says:

    i am just finding this post yes i can be slow.
    on blaze page we posted we think you travel in the canyon until you spot a mountain top just peaking up and look quickly down. i tested this idea in Palo Dura canyon and it works. think of walking in a downtown are or city with tall building u might not see a building until you curve around or get close enough. if it is a mountain if fits the clue the the blaze is movable but not feasible. unlike trees etc a mountain top will be there thousands of years

  45. Joshua ross says:

    It doesn’t have a direction. Up….The first half of poem is solved using Google Earth which is where the blaze is facing (towards the satelite), second half is physical.
    Is the blaze one single object? In a “word” yes.

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