Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest Fenn: Ace of Spades

forrest fenn treasureHello Forrest, The ace of spades, the so-called “death card” is featured in many movies about the Vietnam War. I see this as a very strange event and was wondering if mavericks of the war actually practiced this and why. Is it true? ~Rhonda

Dear Rhonda,
I am not aware of the dark things about which you speak. It was my experience that those in combat needed to maintain a positive attitude and stay focused. Sorry I can’t answer your question.f


The above Featured Question is also Weekly Words from Forrest for May 27th, 2016.  The complete list is here:

Weekly Words From Forrest Fenn

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Best of luck with The Thrill of the Chase and all that you seek!  Enjoy Life’s Adventures!  And have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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55 Responses

  1. pdenver says:

    Thank you Rhonda, Jenny and Mr. Fenn, for this week’s Featured Question and Weekly Words. Very fitting for this Memorial Day weekend. It brought me to tears.

  2. astree says:

    Interesting, I had never heard that association. Definitely no place for the meek.

  3. Twingem says:

    Thank you Jenny, Forrest, and Rhonda.

    Forrest, thank you for your service to all of us, both in times of war and everyday through the chase. Thank you for your contributions to the very fabric of our culture and for helping us learn of cultures past. You are a true maverick and American hero.

    • Ramona says:

      Twingem, you have said my thoughts exactly so I would like to echo them again. Thank you Jenny, Forrest, and Rhonda. And thank you Twingem.

  4. 23kachinas says:

    I took out my two arrowheads last night to take another close look and it made me happy. Ace of Spades has a history in Vietnam I knew nothing about until now. Always learning.

    I’m looking forward to paying respects to my family members who have passed when I’m home next week.

  5. Kim says:

    I’m not a big Motörhead fan either. But there is one artist that has an ace hidden in his blazer like honey dew vine water…love and luck to all!

  6. Muset says:

    I think a positive attitude always helps in all situations.

    Thanks for those words Rhonda, Jenny and Forrest.

  7. 42 says:

    Heartfelt thanks to all Vets for the hard won freedom we all enjoy

  8. 42 says:

    “Rhonda” is Gaelic for ‘the good spear’
    Spear resembles the ace of spade’s shape
    Ttotc epigraph is a poker poem.
    Cards are often played for fun and to relieve tension in the military.
    Forrest likes to gamble
    Hmmm, a poker solve perhaps.

  9. Strawshadow says:

    Thank you Rhonda, Jenny and Mr. Fenn,
    May we never forget the true meaning of our important holidays. Thanks to all who have served this great country. A special weekend to teach our children the meaning and sacrifice of being American.

  10. Timothy says:

    Afternoon Forrest,
    Thank you for your service Forrest. Semper Fi. I like your answer and the small Hint that is hidden with in..You are a foxy one when you want to be. It kills me to see men like yourself who was in the mix of it and be belittled by people who where not there and had no knowledge of anything to do with the war.

  11. Timothy says:

    Afternoon Forrest,
    Thank you for your service Forrest. Semper Fi. I like your answer and the small Hint that is hidden with in..You are a foxy one when you want to be. It kills me to see men like yourself, who was in the mix of it, come home and be belittled by people who where not there and had no knowledge of anything to do with the war.

  12. thank you Jenny,thank you mr. forrest and all you vets that have kept us safe all the years.I remember the fallen also,you will never be forgotten.

  13. Iron Will says:

    I’m trying Forrest….. I’m trying.

  14. BW says:

    There are no words that honor those who fought the battle but lost the fight.

  15. spallies says:

    Thanks you Rhonda, Jenny and Forrest for the weekly words… Happy Memorial Day this weekend to everyone I agree with BW “there are no words”…

    • JC1117 says:

      There is a time to laugh…and a time to cry.

      A time to embrace the living…and a time to remember the fallen.

      Until better days…

      “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.”
      – Revelation 21:4

      Thank You, Forrest…for Serving…and to all Those who paid a price for my Liberty.

      Thanks to Jenny (again) and Rhonda, too.

    • anonymous says:

      Concur with you Pdenver. This touches the hearts of us all. We will always hold to the memories of the sacrifices of the fallen and their loved ones. Since the days of our forefathers when our nation was carved by the our trail blazers many have sacrificed and so many peoples have gone through so many struggles, seen and unseen battles.

      Thank you for all that have served. May all of our loved ones enduring the struggles and strife to selflessly protect freedom return home to your loving arms and tears of joy.

      Have a nice holiday everyone.

  16. Ramona says:

    Forever remember the fallen * Have a safe weekend with your families everyone.

  17. Carolyn says:

    God Bless them all who served!

  18. JohnR says:

    Was really hoping he woulda said half. Lol. Have a safe happy weekend everyone.

  19. WiseOne says:

    I must be seeing things again.

  20. locolobo says:


    If you’re seeing what I’m seeing, yes….we are seeing things again. Question is, is it “deliberate”? If so ,why?

    LOL!! If you are not seeing what I’m seeing, just overlook me…..I’m just loco!! 🙂

    Either way, thank you Forrest for your service and this Chase.

    • WiseOne says:

      I don’t know what YOU’RE seeing, but chances are it’s not what I’M seeing. There are too many things to interpret in f’s words… But I would definitely say if something keeps showing up, it’s important. Stay focused.
      I just hope this isn’t a ff magic trick. Now you see it… Now you don’t.

  21. Magic 8 says:

    Thank you Jenny, Forrest and a great question Rhonda! Very appropriate question for this Memorial weekend.

    “Your silent tents of green we deck with fragrant flowers; Yours has the suffering been, the memory shall be ours.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    Wherever you are this weekend, make the kids to put down their joysticks and talk about why it’s our responsibility to remember and honor those who suffered for their freedom. Ask a child what they think, and their words may bring new meaning to you as well.


  22. Onuat says:

    Focus and positivity is the key to success . Agreed. 🙂
    Thanks again Jenny and Forrest.
    Forrest will be thinking of you this Memorial Day,celebrating life and happy memories. God bless.

  23. 42 says:

    God bless our great nation, and protect the brave men and women who safeguard our liberty.

    I thank you Forrest for honoring the fallen in your memoir. May freedom ring liberty’s bell.

  24. DWRock says:

    Keep your nose up. Pay attention…. Good advice for all situations!

  25. anonymous x says:

    Please tell the others I can’t post in the other site. All of my responses are being moderated now.

  26. Rhonda says:

    Hi Forrest & Searchers, I am delighted that Forrest picked my question to un-answer out of others he could of answered. 🙂 I have a hard time believing that Forrest didn’t know of the ace of spades card during his honored service. Soldiers had tattoos, It was on vehicles, airplanes, helicopters, leaflets that were dropped from the war planes. I learned this from a link that is supplied on this blog from a fellow searcher. My question was answered in the blog though. God Bless America on Memorial day and all days. Thank you Forrest for a wonderful treasure hunt, Rhonda

    • pdenver says:

      Hello Rhonda. I’m glad you took the time to read the link I posted. If I may, I’d like to restate something in that article, which may explain how Mr. Fenn truly may have meant what he said when he stated he didn’t know anything about the “Death Card.”

      In part, from the article:

      ‘Two more combat veterans told me that they never heard of death cards and had no idea what I was talking about.’

  27. JohnR says:

    After reading the links posted about the death cards and how fighter pilots maybe dropped them instead of bombs. And how these missions were maybe special ops. Then wondering if maybe Fenn’s response just might be a bit sarcastic. Perhaps his answer is a partial truth. Like he’s only telling half the story here. Lol or there are too many maybes. Only Fenn knows. Right?

  28. Belle says:

    Mind over matter. That’s huge!! God bless the vets!!!

  29. SL says:

    The following link may provide a hint and connection with the Great State of New Mexico:


    Gotta love reading!


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