Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest: Evasive Maneuvers

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Weekly Words from Forrest

Weekly Words for May 6th, 2016 are as follows, and are combined with the Featured Question:

Mr. Fenn,

I know you said finding the treasure is out of your hands. But do you think you hid it in a place that it will be found someday? thank you ahead of time for answering my question or giving thoughts about it. ~ John.



That’s such a forlorn question. Someday is an indefinite and unpredictable time. I don’t dare try to guess when the treasure will be found. I don’t mean to be evasive, but I see I am.f


Best of luck with The Thrill of the Chase and all that you seek!

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80 Responses

  1. Jake Faulker says:

    Ask a forlorn question, get a forlorn answer.

  2. Well Forrest I think it is a reasonable question and yes you are always being evasive but I know I wouldn’t want it any other way. I do not think that it is a sad question but is it on year 6 and nobody knows if we are really looking for the TC or if it even still exists. Looking to find nothing is like setting a goal for yourself that has past your age possibility by some time. It will never be done. TA

  3. twingem says:

    Hope springs eternal. I am focused on gratitude. Did you know that some believe it is not possible to feel gratitude and despair concurrently? I do digress.

    I believe it will be found. Soon.

    Thanks you Jenny and Forrest!!!

  4. Friend says:

    Forlorn could mean nearly hopeless. I hope not! But it sure seems that way with my solves.
    Evasive could mean straightforward, where have I heard this before?
    Keep on keeping on……..

  5. Kim says:

    Is anyone else hungry? William X Caroline = a good bite to eat and 25 cent beers! Love!

  6. Ramona says:

    First, thank you Jenny, Forrest, and John. I don’t know what I’d do without these weekly words to keep me going. I would be the one forlorn without them. I’m ok with someday being an indefinite and unpredictable time. Although Forrest once “thought” about predicting his time by possibly leaving his bones with the treasure chest. I’m thankful, for all of us Forrest Fenn lovers, that time passed. I am happy he doesn’t dare guess when the treasure chest will be found, that still gives us all time.

  7. Jas says:

    Hello Jenny and Forrest, I love the picture, who picked it out?

    Thanks and have a wonderful day!!!

    • Ramona says:

      I love that picture. It reminds me of my son. He thinks he’s a lion. I’m glad whoever picked it out didn’t post a snake in the grass.

      • George says:

        I’m pretty sure ff picked it but I don’t know why a lion would be considered evasive. Why a lion? Your son is really named Sham?

        • nmc says:

          Jennie picks the accompanying pictures unless she indicates otherwise.

        • Ramona says:

          By George yes it is! No just kidding. Sham is his nickname. His full name is Hisham. His father, who’s Lebanese, picked it. I wasn’t really fond of the idea but when I found out that it meant “generous” I was a little more ok with it. Now, of course, I can’t imagine him named anything else.

  8. BW says:

    Hearing the word forlorn makes me want to give up and that thought makes me sad.

    • George says:

      F calculated that it’ll be hidden for a very loooong time and he knows that. Be prepared for this chase to disappear once he does. I think he intended it that way.

  9. E.C. Waters says:

    But Yesterday is an absolute, where troubles seem so far away.

  10. Iron Will says:

    I don’t mean to be evasive, but I see I am.f What if he just did tell John when he see’s it being found!? Stick with me on this one and I’ll explain….

    “but I see 1 a.m.”

    What if, the chest is hidden on a tree that has a solar device above it, that has a timer to turn on a light that shines on the chest at 1 am every night for, let’s say 10 seconds to 5 minutes?

    …think about the poem…

    Your effort will be worth the cold cold of night …the reason for a flashlight and sandwich! the sandwich to eat while you’re waiting and the flashlight to see your way around at night.

    If you are brave and in the wood in the book he talked about how brave “it took guts to go in there when it was dark with no moon he felt going to the cemetery late at night. He also referred to that trip as “Sometimes when it wasn’t too cold” ….and in that paragraph (page 41) is a picture of him there at night looking UP, as if he’s waiting for something.

    Also, think of Forrest’s statement made many times Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead . What if that is a hint which points to this very story on page 41, with evidence of another line in that paragraph… I still remember the sense of accomplishment I felt when I sat on some dead guy’s grave marker

    Now, I’m not saying it’s in a cemetery or even near one, like the story on page 41 implies. But what if Forrest wanted to do something completely unique to finding the treasure, that no one has ever done. We’ve all seen many treasure films where the sun points through some crack or device to show hidden locations. Forrest wouldn’t wish to copy them, but make his Chase… something unique to him. Who would ever think that you have to wait until a certain time AT NIGHT to be shown the way!?

    Sound plausible? or should I ease back off the energy drinks a tad?

    • Iron Will says:

      What if the BLAZE is the light that comes on and shines down on the chest for a very short time….

      If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down your quest to cease.

      It wouldn’t be facing N, S, E, or W…. it would be shining DOWN (from his recent Which Direction featured question)

      • Andrew Jef says:

        Iron Will, I like your out-of-the box thinking, but how would this
        nigh-time electric light setup last a thousand years? I firmly believe
        that FF expected all the clues to be validly functional for this
        long (even if society changes quite a bit, which of course it will).

    • Chesney says:

      I like your ideas on this… makes sense to me!

  11. Mark J says:

    His answers remind me of Shakespeare

    • JohnR says:

      Yup, and if his poem is written like Shakespeare’s plays we need an English professor to explain what the heck he’s talking about. 🙂

  12. JohnR says:

    Why isn’t his answer: yes, because I hid the tc in a place that’s difficult but not impossible to find. ? P131.

    • Spoon says:

      Good question, John. Another one would be, why did he select this question to respond to if he wasn’t going to answer it? There must be more to this.

    • the Wolf says:

      I believe he did answer the question. The question was “do you think you hid it in a place that it will be found someday? ”
      That is to ask “if” it will be found. Mr. Fenn replied that he did not want to guess “when.” By logical deduction he is confirming it will be found, he just won’t dare guess when.

      If he didn’t think it would be found he would not be able to answer it the way he did.

      • JohnR says:

        Right Wolf, and he answered this question already in his book. On page 131

        I thiink he is saying he doesn’t have the courage to guess and that the question makes him sad.

  13. Geoff Idaho says:

    One of my favorite quotes from the movie, “Knight and Day”…

    Someday. That’s a dangerous word. It’s really just a code for ‘never’.

    IMO, the quest is not impossible, and TC will be found; and (IMO again) the searchers who have found the first four clues will see something interesting in today’s Weekly Words.
    “Have flashlight, will travel”

    • Friend says:

      Do you mind elaborating on “interesting” Geoff, my brain is completely fried!
      I can’t see anything other than what I posted above.

      • Geoff Idaho says:

        I believe I will choose to be evasive…
        (Unpredictable is IMO correct, although that is not what I referred to.)
        “Have flashlight, will travel”

        • Friend says:

          Fair enough, 🙂
          Maybe my brain needs a good sleep and the “ahh ha” moment will hit me.
          “Have brownie, will eat it. 😉 ”

  14. 23kachinas says:

    “Contentment is a bread bowl with soup options.” – 23kachinas

  15. Sunny day says:

    Once again Mystery Fenn talks to me Sunny day sounds like someday. I wonder through why would not someone recover the treasure if they were close or maybe they have or maybe it’s hard to get too. Sometime maybe the wife an kids an I will have another look see around our spot, say in sept or so.

  16. Duck Hunt says:

    Sound question with so much uncertainty and risk surrounding the chase. Your treasure is a mystery. I look forward to knowing the time and place it will present itself too.

  17. Jdiggins says:

    Is unpredictable.
    You just gotta go with the flo…

  18. decall says:

    I AM = God (or Christ) = the beginning and the end = Alpha and Omega

    So, Fenn sees the beginning and the end….of the chase. So we know he has already seen the beginning, but now he is seeing the end? He knows the end is ever drawing nigh. One of US is getting closer. (from Trigace)
    I was saying “I see I am = I see God” which could mean several things. Of course ff is trying to evade death, be immortal through his legend. To see God is like answering yes to the question… it’s also like meeting your maker, the last Omega for sure. So possibly he is saying it will be found soon. To me, this seems a brilliant response by Fenn

    • astree says:


      I think there may be some hunt related material in those comments, but I am also looking at it from the perspective you mention (as it seems some of the previous Weekly Words could be interpretted)


      And, separately, what about ICY, I AM ?

      • JL says:

        And, separately, what about ICY, I AM ? I AM…..AM I……… You have to be icy if you want to survive in a hostile environment.

        • astree says:

          Still thinking about that one. It’s a beaut.

          • JL says:

            Hostility is a perception, much like everything we encounter in our lives. The true perception often is not what we perceive. If a person can learn to control their emotions, analyze the information correctly while keeping their mouth shut so they don’t do or say anything that might escalate the perception buys time to develop a proper plan. This also gives the person the opportunity to be humble and kind which helps considerably in not having to apologize for their actions caused by the wrong perception.
            When a person plays the role of the hunter, especially with a dangerous game it is wise to remember that the hunter might become the hunted at an opportune time. Living on the edge a person with ice running thru their veins may appear cold but only a misperception, in my opinion, it is a way to control their fear.

      • decall says:

        Amazing idea astree
        Tunnel of light toward God

      • Strawshadow says:

        As tree, That’s a seehorse, I just recently came across 3 in a wedding present. Those vows that often escape us are a curiosity yet to be discovered by those without a trusting direction. I should be coy and place an Amen on the end.

    • Spoon says:

      X, the symbol for Christ = I am. He’s been screaming this at us in several clues. See X.

      • astree says:

        Thank you, Strawshadow. I can now change the avatar, but will ponder what you have said.

        decall, yes and Spoon, I agree.


        but, eye “C” “I am” (i put a C with I AM)

        I CAM

        MICA is a type of rock, the Latin meaning is “crumb”

        The word “forlorn” draws the attention. If you take the 4th letter of the first sentence, starting with 2nd (there’s that 4 2) T in “thaT’s” you get

        TC ORE-O
        TO C-ORE

        T.O.C ORE

        Happy Sunday !


  19. Muset says:

    Oh boy, I am sloth! The snow has melted early.. it was in the 70’s and 80’s in Yellowstone.. everybody is gearing up, and I haven’t even booked a trip yet.

    I see some rain for next week and I don’t want that to spoil it.. so maybe the next Monday or the next Monday after that…

    If I don’t find the chest, I hope I earn a cowboy hat for being such a frequent dude.

    Good luck everybody!

  20. 23kachinas says:

    Catch this movie if you can…It’s based on Rudyard Kiplings 1894 book.


    • JL says:

      I love hummingbirds I receive so much from them. Before I left on a trip early this week I placed 2 feeders in anticipation of their arrival. I was delighted to find upon my return two males using the feeders. Now that is contentment.

        • JL says:

          I have to get one of those ,it wood be so kool. They should build a little camera into the design. I enjoy them zipping around. We always start out with a scout or two and then a few more show up. Then some more and they start nesting. When the eggs have hatched and the young ones can fly there is a flurry of activity for about two weeks in late October.
          They can drink about 3 quarts a day right before they head south for the winter. After the main group leaves, we have a few stragglers for a week or two. It feels lonely and you know that winter is to arrive shortly. They usually arrive around mid-April but they were running a little late this year.

      • Duck Hunt says:

        Who wouldn’t be content with several birds in the hand as opposed to 1 in the bush? Overwhelming gratitude persists especially in the analogy of the tree. One can wade through the creek for chance. A low key seemed to be a wise side effect and a steadfast vow remains.

  21. Strawshadow says:

    Thanks Jenny, Forrest and John,
    Since I’m feeling a bit forlorn today I’ll answer both ways. I’ve seen this Lion and know it well. This one has a heart that is yet to be broken. Not for the playful pussy you know. This one is real and yet to be spoken. The lion I envision is daunting indeed and ever so ready for the big show.

  22. Duck Hunt says:

    Very sad indeed. I can relate to your lion. My heart has been broken in the past harder than many can imagine. What some don’t realize is great pain can only be experienced because of the immense love preceding loss. You may feel forlorn for your lion. I rejoice for him putting himself in the precarious position to succeed or fail. Let’s hope the lion you know can recover swiftly, though it may not do much to console him today.

    Personally, I sincerely don a playful smile and youthful demeanor as part of my philosophy surrounding life and consciousness. Since the early 90’s, I’ve practiced imparting passion and desire to the homely girl and spark hope with the underdog. I’m aware most look upon this weakness, but I consider it my core strength. Passion, hope and awareness are not easily diminished. Heck, I even shook a hunter’s hand today and I’ll wager that elderly gentleman didn’t even know I was aware of his purpose.

    • Strawshadow says:

      A broken heart may mean treasure found or not there, The coldness that often comes from a warm heart may be daunting indeed. The experience of staring into cold eyes are not for the faint of heart. Your effort will be worth the cold Duck Hunt, good luck to you. Smile at that homely girl your return will be genuine, just never turn your back to the lion.

      • Duck Hunt says:

        I agree Strawshadow, The genuine return from a homely girl makes life brighter. No worries, I always show respect to The lion. Eyes are open and consideration given. A weathered heart insulates the warmth colors will ever be revealed.

  23. Doc says:

    Spoon, I never put together ‘X’ with ‘Christ’. Thanks for that.

    • Spoon says:

      Your welcome, Doc. Others were eluding to it, so I figured I might just come out and say it. Fenn has been laying this hint out there for at least a year and a half and probably longer if we’d been paying attention.

  24. wadeshepp says:

    Iron will why you say 1am

    • Magic 8 says:

      Hello wadeshepp,

      I believe the thought is the I means one as in a roman numeral #1. I am could be construed as 1 a.m. or past midnight. I see I am means I can see ‘something?’ at 1 AM.

      Given that the underlying theme is be safe on your adventure, Don’t go anywhere to look for a signal after dark if you can’t make it back easily.

  25. E.C. Waters says:

    If you are brave and in the wood… A synonym for brave is dare.

    “Dare” in Spanish is “atreverse”. “Traverse” in English is a diagonal movement down a slope.

    Given all the math-speak lately, it appears to me like someone is nearing the end and Fenn is providing coded assistance to those who can (and choose to) understand it.

    • E.C. Waters says:

      Consider the word “evasive” could mean “pass”, or… in Spanish, “El Paso”, like the county in Colorado.

    • Indy says:

      You’re letting the chase demons get the best of you. Whoever find this will have solved the poem. It’s just not possible to get coded help on a coded puzzle. In fact, those who try and find help usually end up screwing up the supposed help and chasing their tails.

      Fenn gives out these little strategy hints as a way to enocurage us to think through the poem, but if you’re looking for coordinates or names, then it will be only confuse you. I finally realized this and know my mind is clear to think about the poem. (although we all wish he would send us a real clue. Forrest, I still need wwwh! lol)

      • Indy says:

        I do like your analysis and your poem solutions are quite interesting.

      • Strawshadow says:

        Forrest already has sent you the most important clue of all, READ the blogs for fun. Trust me says the level of contradiction is beyond the pale of faceless fingers on a keyboard. It runs deep and cold without mercy, not for the meek, find your peace in knowing you can conquer the turbulence.

  26. MartinS says:

    I tend to find that somedays usually occur in August. Of course, one person’s someday isn’t necessarily the same as another person’s someday.

  27. astree says:

    The yearly “Invictus Games” were held May 8 – May 12, featuring the

    I AM



    I am the master of my fate
    I am the captain of my soul

    • LawlessSolve says:

      Astree: Interesting this is so similar to something on my mind lately. I hadn’t seen your post until today. Funny you posted this on my birthday too, ha ha.

  28. E.C. Waters says:

    I now wonder if “forlorn” is a synonym for “Black”. I’m looking at an area in New Mexico that seems to be clicking for me again. Mammoth bone fragments has an Elephant not too far. I currently wonder if wwwh is Rio Grande at Red River, where red is like a stop light. He talks about a stop light in TTOTC. HoB might be John Dunn Bridge, where Dunn is a synonym for “Brown”, and a good enough reason to be capitalized. Plus he wrote a Scrapbook on jumping off a bridge. I dunno. Maybe I’m not looking at this correctly.

    • E.C. Waters says:

      “La Junta” may intend “confluence”, a spot next to the confluence of Red River and Rio Grande, but weirdly “junto a” means “next to” (not far). I dunno. Maybe I’m using confirmation bias.

    • E.C. Waters says:

      There seems to be a “middle” and a “box” here also, so if one should “get back in the box”, this might be a place worth thinking about doing that.

      • E.C. Waters says:

        Ok, yeah. Not an original thought as there are lots of people who think like this… but… this area is where recreational whitewater rafting is done. If this is the right path, then it starts to make even more sense now about why so many people pass by that spot, the use of the words “put in”, a paddle, “drawing” in relationship to river rafting, water high being the “Rio Grande” because “grande” in Spanish is also a synonym for “high”, and why Fenn refers to 1,000 (a grand) so often. If this is the right path, it would make sense why he likes the word “banco”, why one might need the right map (Taos Box feature names like Skippy’s “Dead Car”, and “Power Line Falls” for example), and why whitewater evaporation might suggest the treasure chest is wet. “Take the chest” might also suggest to “take the box”, to continue on through the canyon, and why it’s too far to walk… because you’re rafting through the clues. He could have easily driven to his end point if this is the right path. If this is the right path, then the number 66,000 (for his 66,000 links clue) also starts to make sense when one considers various reports of Manby’s land purchase. If this is the right path, I can start to see where Fenn has been hinting in lots of areas.

        @Jake, @Seeker, @Goofy – how’s this interpretation for “straight-forward”? Certainly there are others who have caught on to this and have combed through this area?

  29. SL says:

    E.C. Waters,
    No. Just your astute imagination, and does it really get any better than that?


  30. Dave822 says:

    Stop the Spanish word merry-go-round and get back to the first stanza

    • E.C. Waters says:

      Gee, Dave822. Supes helpful. Thanks, bruh.

      In Fenn’s book, he discusses his time in Spanish class. Fenn said on this site it might help to have a comprehensive knowledge of geography. Such knowledge includes place names. In NM, lots of place names have been influenced by Spanish words. 170 years ago it belonged to Mexico. So it seems logical to me that, using your words, the Spanish word merry-go-round is in order. Consider educating yourself in the use of proper punctuation if English is your first and preferred language.

      Unless you have the treasure, you’re in no position to give directives about it, nor guidance on how any of us should be thinking. Therefore, consider offering tangible ideas on how you’re thinking about it, or stfu. Seems pretty straightforward to me.

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