Fandango and the Corner Stars

Knowing Fandango’s $10,000 dollar treasure is hidden somewhere on Mount Desert Island does not narrow the search down near enough to allow the Golden Key to be discovered.  However, it is believed the star-like symbols in the corners of each image of the treasure hunt book may help with this.  Exactly how they are used is still questioned, though.

Puzzlers have determined letters can be given from the frames of the book’s images by using the colored rays of the corner stars.  Using letters, which are identified by drawing lines from two same colored points (rays) on different stars, has produced interesting results.  For instance, letters are given by lines drawn from two Blue star rays on images 2,3,5,9,12,14, and 15, which spell the word NUMBERS.  This is clearly intentional.

Other ‘almost’ words or ‘mixed up words’ are given from other colored star ray points.  These are as follows:

Pink rays give OPE
Red rays give RIDLDE
Yellow rays give TREUSRE
Orange rays give HIDFEN

Notice the first letter of each blue, pink, red, yellow, and orange star rays spell NORTH (or THORN).

The suggested words from these rays seem to be, OPE(N), RIDDLE, TRE(A)SURE, HID(D)EN.   Some puzzlers have thought POE could be the intention for the pink rays because of his connection to codes.  Poe wrote a few different stories which involved hidden treasures.  However, if POE is used, then NORTH is lost, and this seems like a confirmer.

Reading the suggested words in order of NORTH as a sentence gives, ‘numbers open riddle, treasure hidden’.  Or by THORN reads ‘treasure hidden, open riddle, numbers.’  Neither sounds much like the secret ‘Master Riddle’ needed to be found in order to solve the puzzle.

It is interesting to note the letters which are possibly missing; the N (if open) and the A (if treasure), added with the one out of order; the D in riddle, and the wrong letter F (if hidden), are letters in the title of the book:  FAND/ANGO.   Can other letters, ANGO, be found?  Could this possibly hint towards finding ‘half’ or something?

Because there are sixteen images, and 4×4 numbers squares are included within the puzzle book, I had numbered the images 1-16 and placed the letters found from the stars accordingly.  For example, in image one (page 5), two orange star rays point to the letter H.  Also on this page, two red rays point to the letter R.  I placed these two letters in ‘square 1 of a 4×4 grid.’  I then filled the rest of a 4×4 grid in with the other letters pinpointed by two same colored star rays.

I still need to work on this possibility.  There are lots of ways the number squares and these ‘star’ letters could be applied.  Like the letters in the 4×4 grid of page, I tried to re-order them using the number squares, like what was done with the letters, MASQUERADE, on page 11 (image3).   Was this a hint towards doing something like this?  Ultimately, it would end of being a supported anagram.   I find it interesting that there are 16 images and 16 spots in the 4×4 grids.  Although I haven’t discovered anything by using the squares to re-order the images, that doesn’t mean I don’t keep trying.  Lol.  They could even offer some kind of color or number code.  I suppose I shall go see what any single rays may have to offer.


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3 Responses

  1. steven says:

    i have to say something about that ordering you stated “numbers open riddle, treasure hidden”. if you look at the pages there are numbers hidden all around, is it possible you have to figure out the numbers to unlock the riddle to the hidden treasure? thats just a theory of mine but i thought i should share it

  2. Sephel says:

    I have never shared my findings on this particular bit until now, so I hope it can help someone. If this is useful to you, or you’d like some more of my findings, please email me at I check it daily! Anyway—

    If you turn to page 11 (the “key” page) and look at both keyboards, on the top-left and bottom-right of the page. There are 3 piano keys total that *arent actually keys on a piano*. Starting with the top left, its the very first key (blue), and then the ninth key (yellow). The last key is on the bottom-right keyboard, seventh key from the bottom (red). These 3 keys I’ve listed, as I mentioned, aren’t real keys on a keyboard.

    But each one of these keys corresponds to a page in the book:
    >blue — page 32
    >yellow — page 15
    >red — page 55

    Why did I pick these pages? For one, the color of the “fake piano keys” corresponds to the color of each listed page’s border. Coincidence? Maybe, but wait–there’s more. Additionally, these 3 pages all share one common characteristic: ***they are the only 3 pages in the book with blurry stars***. Now if we draw the connection, we can say that ***these 3 pages are not key*** (as in, piano keys).

    And if you need further proof, you can take all the of the letters that you’ve found from the stars on these pages, and discard them. What does that leave you with? Well, not much… except, remember those weird letters that seemed to mess up the star-words? (example: HCIDFENL / HIDFEN) — well, all those weird, out of place letters, are gone now.

    But this is where I got stuck, because what now? All we really gained from that was that there are 3 piano keys on page 11 that are associated with 3 pages in the book. Does that mean that the other remaining piano keys represent the other remaining pages? (answer: from what I can tell, I don’t think so). Does this mean that we are to discard any information we might find on pages 15, 32, and 55? (seeing as they’re not “key”). There has to be a point to this, but I don’t know what it is.

    Again, shoot me an email at if this was helpful and you’d like some more of my findings!

  1. May 5, 2015

    […] || []).push({}); (This post is in reference to the Star Riddle, explained in detail here) I have never shared my findings on this particular bit until now, so I hope it can help someone. […]

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