Exploring Places of the Beale Treasure and Possible Simple Solution to Beale Code Paper Three

beale code papers

At the Mountain View Church graveyard (porter’s mountain)

This last weekend, I had the opportunity to visit some of the places connected to the Beale Treasure again.  I had been to many of the locations previously, but wanted to follow-up on a few items.  Like other researchers of the Beale Treasure, the old cemeteries are of interest.  The reason for this is because within the one code, which has been deciphered, it mentions ‘buried six feet below’; a common depth for a grave, and possible nod towards one.

So my main interest for the day was to revisit the graveyards/churches of the area to see if any names or dates could be seen on the oldest of stones. Perhaps something would click or cause pause.  What I discovered are most of the inscriptions are worn and some markers probably never even had names etched on them. Time has made its intrusion in more ways than one.

Anyone who searches for treasure knows -that they never know- when something might spur a thought or lead in a new direction to explore.  This fact is part of the exciting aspect of looking for treasure.  The hunt is a journey to take, learn from, and enjoy.  Adventure waits around every corner.  This was the underlying purpose of my visit. Although I wanted to explore the cemeteries, I wanted to also be open to possibilities and ideas that might come along.

For reasons I’ll share more fully in another post (too much for now), but briefly offer summary here, I was interested in the numbers 71 and 760, 831, and the words Separation, Free or Beyond, US or Own, and letters correlating to those words (like S.F or SBO) (possible initials of names or places, and dates like 8/31 (august 31).  71 and 760 are the First and Last numbers of the Beale Paper 1.  831 is the number of them added together.  Beale Paper 1 is said to provide the exact location of the Hidden Treasure.  If it can be deciphered, all thoughts for where the Beale Treasure would be solved.

Obviously, no one has been able to do so.  The key to decoding Beale Paper 2 is the Declaration of Independence.  Each number in the code connected to a word in the DOI and the first letter of the word was used to spell out a message.

This method, using the DOI, has been tried on the remaining two coded Beale Papers, without success.  Is a different Key used or is the Key (DOI) used differently or in conjunction with another key (as the Gillogly String suggests)?

The 1800’s were of a time where religious significance would often penetrate into secret works.  The remaining Beale Codes have been commonly applied to the Bible for possible decipherment for partly this reason.   My thought, as possibility, is Jesus is often thought of as a ‘KEY’ and he is known as saying ‘I am the First and Last’.

Could the First and Last numbers of Beale Paper 1, (or 2 and 3) be applied in some way (those words/numbers/locations), be the additional KEY needed to decipher Beale Paper 1, the paper revealing the location of the vault?

I was looking for clues towards this answer.

I do find it curious that the first and last numbers, giving words, of the 3rd Beale Paper, which is said to say who the treasure belongs to, and with correct numbering of DOI (in certain forms (numbered DOI in Gold in the Blue Ridge), is:


Maybe the last Beale Paper is decoded as just that? Who does the treasure belong to?  Use the ‘key’, first and last with the DOI, and the answer is, as said, and with even the Masonic overtone thought to in some ways to be part of the Beale Codes,

ALL BRETHEN. (giving hint the treasure story is similar to that of the Lost Word and more of spiritual, not physical nature)

So Cool.  🙂   and always fun!  Write more soon when able.

Treasure the Adventure!

(all first and last numbers to words:   Instituted are all brethen, separation & free/beyond)


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6 Responses

  1. JL says:

    Sounds good, but you can keep my share since it is your idea.

  2. Twingem says:

    Thank you Jenny. Fascinating!

  3. Iron Will says:

    I’m at work right now Jenny, but I definitely want to read this article. The Beale ciphers was one of my pet projects here in VA during spare time 😛

  4. waterhigh says:

    Just read a book that incorporated the Beale cipher/treasure in the plotline: Salem’s Cipher by Jess Lourey. Interesting read, as are all your posts, Jenny.

  5. 5-leaf blaze says:

    I started in on the cipher many computers ago. Lost the info, so I don’t remember how I was working it, but ended up with something like Big Lick Pass, which I later found to be just near the W.VA. state line. It’s interesting how they struck gold near Santa Fe 10 years before the SFNM loads were discovered, which happened that the historical 1828 loads were the earliest rush in the nation.

  6. Bonnie says:

    I have just recently started to investigate the Beale cipher/treasure and came across a website that said the cipher from paper 1 had been deciphered and the vault in which the treasure was placed had been found. Do you know if this is real or if someone is just making it up? The pictures seem real but it doesn’t look as though the vault is six feet below the surface.

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