Enter Your Chance to Win the Fandango Armchair Treasure Hunt Book!

Each month MW hosts a Give Away!  This month’s Give Away is for one Free copy of the Armchair Treasure Hunt book of Fandango!

The $10,000 dollar treasure to find for the Fandango Armchair Treasure Hunt is narrowed down to Mount Desert Island in Maine. This must be found before Thanksgiving Day, 2020.  Clues to solve for its exact location are given, both literal and visual, inside the book.

Enter your chance to win a FREE copy and join the adventures!

The puzzle has many similarities to one of the first Armchair Treasure Hunts created. This 1979 UK hunt was called Masquerade.  The solution for that puzzle had searchers drawing lines from points in the images to letters in the border surrounding those images.  A Master Riddle was then formed by using those letters, and once that riddle was solved, it led to the buried prize.

A Master Riddle needs to be discovered in Fandango as well.  The solving of it will lead a hunter to the Golden Key: the $10,000 dollar prize.

Will you be the one to find and solve the Riddle of Fandango?

Enter below for your chance to win a free copy and join the adventures of this incredibly fun treasure hunt! (To learn more about the hunt, Read: Top Ten Facts on the Fandango Armchair Treasure Hunt)

Entries will be received until January 15th!

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9 Responses


    i have not gone on any treasure hunts yet , but being newly retired, it sounds like a great adventure!

  2. Kedar's Mom says:

    I think it’s around the bar harbor lighthouse. Stay away from the private residence per the rules. Find a name date and near gazebo open. ?

    • Jenny Kile says:

      We visited there in October. Didn’t specifically search at the lighthouse, but explored the area a lot. I would love for someone to solve and find the ‘key’.

      • Kedar's Mom says:

        Next time you go back take a good look around. ; ) I imagine it will be something unique that will catch your eye, that’s how I find all my treasures.

  3. Angelina Horn says:

    I havent been on any treasure hunt yet but soon within the next year! Can’t wait so exciting to go on an adventure =)

  4. Madesquare says:

    Ok, I entered. I have a copy but it’s just tattered loose pages now-

  5. Jenny Kile says:

    lol…that is how my book is too Madesquare…

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