CustardQuest Treasure Hunt IV Location Ideas

custard questThe CustardQuest Treasure Hunt IV involves the search for a hidden stone somewhere across the United States.  This secreted stone has a redeemable code marked on it that has been in place since June 15, 2013. Anyone who follows the clues within the investigative story found on the website, and retrieves the stone, can then claim the prize of $200.

I personally like the Morristown New Jersey area to at least be hinted at, if not be the general area for where the stone is hidden.

There are a few reasons for this.  Actually 5.  And I find this number appealing because ‘five times’ is mentioned in the ‘investigative coded story’ more than once.  This makes me consider (although I still keep other options open) that the following ‘five locations’ are possibly hinted at within Custard’s tale for an additional reason.

The Five locations I feel might be hinted at within the Story are as follows.

*Lewis Morris County Park in Morristown NJ.  A Warrior Dash took place here and this type of competition is mentioned in the coded text. This, along with other connections that seem to indicate New Jersey, seem to lean towards the ‘general area’ of Morristown.

*FosterFields (living historical farm) is in Morristown. Within the story is an ‘imaginary friend’ of the character ‘LeeAnn’. We have hints to rhymes, and so I like the connection that one of LeeAnn Rimes popular songs was Blue. There was a popular kids show called Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and the main ‘imaginary friend’ of this ‘foster home’ was named BLUE. Blue (imaginary friend) is linked to LeeAnn then in the story too…and so the location of FosterFields.

*There are hints to Thomas Paine.  Burnham Park in Morristown is one of only two parks with a statue of him.

*Fort Nonsense is also in Morristown, and the story talks about being confused and a Fort. If you look into how the other hunts are solved, you would notice how words from the text are taken out and can hint to the area too. HILL and CREST are two words in relative close position of the text, and that is a name of the street between Burnham Park and Fort Nonsense.

custardQuest treasure hunt*A possible fifth clue to Morristown is in the story we are told Custard didn’t ‘SPEED WELL’ over a pile of mulch. There is a ‘Speed Well’ Park in Morristown AND at this location is/was a ‘wedding gown display’ and ‘the SS Savannah (Devil went down to Georgia).  Both wedding and maybe Georgia are hinted at in the story (plus a Historical Huff home was there and that too is mentioned).

I visited SpeedWell, but the historical part is closed during the winter season, so I’m not thinking it can be there.

However, what I’m considering with these 5 locations that to me seem hinted at in the text, is maybe the center point provides a location or they are hinted at for another reason to use for decoding the final location of the 200 dollar stone.  Just sharing thoughts.

I think this hunt needs solved (:)) Anyone else think so?  I live relatively close to Morristown, and will be going back soon. If you have a specific spot you like, I would check it out for you, if wanted. (you keep the prize/I would just retrieve it for you)

Best of luck with whatever you seek! Treasure the Adventure!

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13 Responses

  1. Kathryn says:

    I lived very close to Morristown for my entire childhood. Morristown is an interesting place full of history– so much history it would be difficult to pick a place. It does not matter because each one is fascinating. I think I will look into the hunt. Thanks for posting because real hunters care about the challenge not just the end of the rainbow loot if there is any. 🙂

    • JC1117 says:

      I agree, Kathryn. Hunting for treasure is about the entire adventure…not just the loot. Does a real adventurer ever quit searching?

      “They never knew that it was the chase they sought and not the quarry.” – Duveen biography by Secrest

      The Clouds that gather round the setting sun
      Do take a sober colouring from an eye
      That hath kept watch o’er man’s mortality;
      Another race hath been, and other palms are won.
      Thanks to the human heart by which we live,
      Thanks to its tenderness, its joys, and fears,
      To me the meanest flower that blows can give
      Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears. – William Wordsworth

      Every end is anew beginning.

      • val says:

        JC1117 – thank you for sharing Wordsworth’s poetic truth. His words fill my soul like beautiful music. This evening I was thinking of friends who who may need a touch of tenderness and joy…gladly given. Ironically, While looking for Forrests treasure, I started a collection of stones I found shaped like hearts; but surely pray mine is never a heart of stone. My best to you and yours this holy season.

  2. AJ says:

    Any new leads on the quest? I just found out about real treasure hunts a week ago. After reviewing your site, this one looked like a good place to try my hand at it. I personally was looking at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden because I remembered them having a greenhouse and a piece called 5 Plates, 2 Poles which stood out to me when I read story. There is also an art museum so the metal artwork mentioned may have been there somewhere. They have the whole thing closed for a reno now so hopefully that wasn’t the place!

  3. Susan jutras says:

    I was thinking around Minneapolis myself because of the mall of America(consumer temptations of all kinds) and the warrior dash helmet made me think of the Vikings football team,the helmet horns also make me think of devil horns which devil is mentioned a few times in the story. Bumps and bruises are mentioned and you wold get those plating football.

  4. Allen Whitehead says:

    I’m new to this hunt, so pardon me if I’m covering old ground here. Something that jumped out at me right away was the motto on the police car: “Proud to Serve”. This very motto appears on the patrol cars of Forest Park, Il. A web search failed to find any other police depts. with that motto. Looking at the locations of the other finds – two in the East and one in the West – it makes sense that there should be something in the Midwest. Is this possible, or has it long ago been checked and rejected? Judging by the length of time this stone has been out there, maybe the hunt needs to go in a different direction…

  5. Allen Whitehead says:

    I knew I’d get that backwards – the name of the town is Park Forest, Illinois!

    • Jenny Kile says:

      Your thoughts could very well be correct. It has been said this hunt is different than the others already solved, so anything is possible! The Motto link is a good one.

      Thanks for sharing……

      • Allen Whitehead says:

        If I lived near Chicago I would definitely have searched the Park Forest area. As it is, I live in Southern New Jersey, so I began thinking about the New Jersey angle. Here are my thoughts – I’ve looked in/around all the places I’ll mention and have come up empty – I’m either wrong or I just missed something.
        I’m guessing that the mention of the Jersey Devil got people thinking of NJ. Well, one of the most popular origin legends of the JD has him being born (the 13th child of Deborah Leeds) at Leeds Point, NJ (the house still stands). This is about 10 miles from a very well known beachfront resort where every September gowns and tiaras take center stage. I’m referring, of course, to the Miss America Pagent in Atlantic City. The boardwalk is nothing if not a big deck (or the”woods”?), ending in a “sandbox” with millions of footprints (the beach). There are parks with rows of flowers, roses included (also plenty of dune grass with no blossoms). Additionally, the beach in front of where the pagent is held is known as “chicken bone beach” (fried chicken dinner?), and a pier less than a block away is called “The Playground” (lots of shopping?). Across from “The Playground” is the Rainforest Cafe (plenty of fake rocks). In spite of all these coincidences, I found nothing when I searched, but maybe others will have better luck.

  6. Alicia says:

    I agree with Allen that the Chicago angle is worth exploring. One thing I found in my searches is an art exhibit called “Agora” in Grant Park in Chicago — it’s an outdoor collection of headless statues. The Warrior Dash was also founded by a company from Chicago. Of course, the headless plants could also be a reference to Little Shop of Horrors, given the wording, and I’m not sure how that might relate to Chicago. Regardless, I don’t live anywhere near IL, so maybe someone who does can explore the idea. 🙂

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