Ringing Rocks Park in Pennsylvania

No matter where you live, there are always interesting places to visit nearby. Taking time to explore these different locations in your area can be a lot of fun and offer worthwhile experiences.  The sites may be important to history, have a mystery attached to them, or are merely beautiful landscapes to appreciate.  There are [...]

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The Forest of Brocileande in The Unicornis Manuscripts

The tantalizing, fictional tale within The Unicornis Manuscripts by Michael Green, includes the testament of the ‘venerable Master Magnalucius.’  It releases the teachings of the Collegium Gnosticum, and for a person worthy, will reveal the location of a valuable Spiral Unicorn Horn hidden beneath the ground.  This silver treasure waits to be discovered somewhere ‘in New Lands [...]

The Mysterious Blue Hole and the Waters of Lerna

Many stories seem to be created by using bits and pieces of long forgotten myths or legends.  Fragments from memories are pulled together to form new and strange tales.  The mysterious Blue Hole is one of these fascinating tales which casts a semblance to accounts of the lost waters of Lerna; believed to have been [...]

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