By the Cross and this Horse of God

These words, “by the cross and this horse of God” are found within the mystifying phrase deciphered from the Grand Parchment of Rennes le Chateau.  Through a many layered decoding process, the complete (mainly agreed upon) phrase of “Shepherdess no temptation that Poussin and Teniers hold the key pax 681 by the cross and this horse of God I complete/destroy this demon guardian at midday blue apples” is discovered.  The meaning of the ambiguous sentence remains unknown today; at least publically.

Even though the people, who were linked to an organization named the Priory of Sion and were involved with releasing the coded message, are highly suspect, speculations exist that the Grand Parchment (along with another smaller one), and their coded messages, may be genuine and indeed hold a ‘Secret’.

In contemplating the obscure phrase, the section ‘by the cross and this horse of God’ caught my attention in relation to a verse found in Proverbs. Proverbs 21:31 states, “The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the Lord.”

Bible commentaries for the passage agree the meaning of the verse expresses man may, and should, prepare for enemy encounters; but, he should also know it is God who ultimately provides the victory.  As horses were often used in battles of the past, the verse utilizes their significance and conveys the importance for preparation by man.  Nevertheless, the verse clearly states man will not win the battle alone.

Could then ‘by the cross’ and ‘this horse’ tell of a man’s willingness to rely not on only his own understanding or instruments?  It would seem ‘By the cross And this horse of God’ is conveying a message for man to be prepared for battle but realize victory will rest with the Lord.

Interestingly, the word PAX appears in the decoded parchment phrase before ‘by the cross and this horse of God’ and has been suggested to link to Constantine I and the battle of the Milvian Bridge.  The incredible story of this particular battle is known for the vision Constantine received in a dream before going into the fight.  Because of his vision of the ‘Cross of Light’, Constantine placed the uniting letters of Chi(X) and Rho(P), often described like the Labarum, onto the shields of the soldiers.

By depicting the Chi-Rho sign, Constantine was following the previous night’s instruction and the belief that ‘by this sign you will conquer’, which was believed told to him in the dream.   This, to me, seems to correspond exactly to Proverbs 21:31.  Constantine prepared his horse for battle, but knew victory would not be obtained alone.  He placed his faith in the Lord and placed this sign on his shield.

The interpretation correlates with another verse of the Bible which shares how man can prepare for battle.  Ephesians 6:13-18 instructs:

“Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground and after you have done everything to stand.  Stand firm with the breastplate of righteousness in place and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.  In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.  Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.  And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.  With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.”

The verse, ‘take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all flaming arrows of the evil one’ brings the story of Constantine and the verse of Proverbs together.  Like mentioned above, the Chi-Rho sign, placed on the shield by Constantine, could have displayed his faith in victory rests in the Lord and not solely on his own preparation and understanding.

The words following ‘by the cross and this horse of God’ in the mysterious phrase of the RLC parchment, are “I complete/destroy this demon guardian’.  This too seems to confirm a battle is won.  And just like the similar message (by this sign I will conquer him) found above the Receiver at Rennes le Chateau, it seems that in order to master sin, man requires help from the Divine above.

Sure there can be many interpretations.  Like the analogy of the peeling of an onion; there are layers within layers and this may only be one.  Any comments about the above interpretation or any other meanings or ideas you may have are welcomed.  The hunt for Truth is always a pleasure.



Proverbs 21:31 commentaries, reviewed August 2012

Catholic encyclopedia, Labarum, reviewed August 2012

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37 Responses

  1. Nate Beck says:

    Thanks for that. That was a very good treatment of the Rennes parchment clue. I have also considered the following, which may be of interest to Rennes researchers.

    One will notice that not only is Poussin’s Shepherds of Arcadia referenced in the very strange and mysterious document known as ‘Le Serpent Rouge (The Red Serpent) but the artist of St. Sulpice Eugene Delacroix is also mentioned. There are two interesting things here. The cross is in his very name which is delaCROIX-CRUX-CROSS. Not only that, but of the three works by Delacroix which hang in the Chapel of the Holy Angels in this church, one is ‘Heliodorus Chased From the Temple’, which comes to us from a story from the Books of the Maccabees in the Apocrypha.

    Here we have a horse sent by God to drive out this profaner of the Holy Temple. Demon guardian at midday can also refer, quite shockingly, to the Angel of Death, of which the infamous Asmodeus is a picture. His actual Biblical name is Abaddon in Hebrew and Apollyon in Greek, which both mean “the destroyer”. It is a guardian that guards the immortal fruit of the Tree of Life in Genesis 3, which are the cherubim that look like gryphons in the Bible. Nicholas Flamel acheived transmutation on January 17th at noon. According to Flamel’s Book of Abraham the Jew, one of the illustrations shows a mountain where gryphons/cherubs and dragons guard the red, white and blue rose blown of the north wind. In Ezekiel chapter 1, the throne of God and these demon guardians come from the north!!!

    If one surveys the Old Testament for references to noon/midday and even midnight (12 o’clock high, 12 o’clock low), one will discover that very often this is the time of death of many, such as the firstborn in Egypt and the widow’s son of 2 Kings chapter 4, whom the prophet Elijah raises from the dead. It’s a nice reminder that Freemasons refer to themselves as sons of the widow. Almost everyone that was raised from the dead in the Bible, in both Old and New Testaments, was a son of a widow! Also, Hitram of Tyre, who helped Solomon build the temple, was a son of a widow. If all this were not enough, St. Paul, while on his horse ride to Damascus in the Book of Acts is cast down at midday when he receives his visit from Christ, whose light shone above the light of the midday sun!

    As if all that were not enough, there’s more….
    The symbols for the Knights Templar are two riders on one horse and a red cross on a white background.
    In Revelation 19, Christ rides on a white horse with His clothing stained with blood!
    In 2 Kings, the prophet Elijah is taken to heaven on a horse of God
    The prophet Muhammed rides a divine horse through Heaven and to and from the Jerusalem Temple Mount
    Horses are sacred to the Greek god Poseidon, who helped build Troy (anyone remember the reference to Troy and a white rook that was no red trick by D. Thomas?)
    The Merovingians are linked with a sea beast called a Quinotaur that is linked to Poseidon/Neptune
    The Merovingians themselves claimed descent from the Trojans!!!
    In Eugene Delacroix’s painting of St. Michael defeating the devil, the devil looks somewhat like Poseidon and he has a trident-like instrument laying beside him.
    As far as another possible geometric key that might be the lock to the first hexagram key, Poseidon has a symbol that is a staff with a trident forming arc at the top and an upside down arc at the bottom. If one drew a curved line on either side, you form the Minoan double axe, that is so obviously the symbol on the Maranatha Et In Arcadia Ego publications.
    Blue apples= blue the color of heaven and immortality, apples=fruit from the tree of life. Pomegranates means grain apples. In Exodus, the high priest was to wear a robe of blue with blue, purple and scarlet pomegranates on the fringes between bells of gold. God tells Aaron to wear this so he does not die in the Temple! When Berenger Sauniere died they draped him in a fabric that had bright colored pom poms on the edges!
    When Moses received the stone tablets for the Ten Commandments, it says they saw God stand on a pavement of sapphire. Forget the Emerald tablet of Hermes, how about the Sapphire Tablets of Moses?
    Sapphire comes from a Hebrew root word that not only means the blue gem but also scribe, book number and the ten sephiroth on the Kabbalah Tree of Life. This thing goes on and on and on.

    I hope this helps and adds to what everyone who worked on the Maranatha project already knows. This just goes to show just how deep and layered the parchment clues of the treasure of Rennes-le-Chateau really are.

    PS: Snow flakes are always shaped like a hexagram, Bees store honey in hexagon cells, which hide a hexagram. The morning frost and dew are what bring the manna of the Book of Exodus and it is a white thing that tastes like honey. Honey is also a symbol of wisdom in the Bible. However, as soon as the midday sun rose on the manna, it bred worms and stank. These worms are scarlet worms which grow on kermes oaks in the Middle East and around the Mediterranean. This is where the scarlet dye comes from, from these insects that attach themselves to oak trees. When the blood stains the oak tree it turns snow white after drying for three days. Jesus was in His tomb for three days and bees stay in the hive for three months. The Book of Abraham the Jew shows a hollow oak wrapped with a rose. Red, white and blue friends.

    Food for thought my friends. Enjoy. Just remember that this red serpent, whatever it is, is often salty and bitter!

  2. Nate Beck says:

    Hello again, Rennes researchers,

    Thought I would comment once more on this article. The following is a brief list of facts that should help with this that I didn’t add in my previous comments.

    FACT: The self confessed author of the cipher clue SHEPHERDESS NO TEMPTATION THAT POUSSIN AND TENIERS HOLD THE KEY PAX 681 BY THE CROSS AND THIS HORSE OF GOD I COMPLETE THIS DEMON GUARDIAN AT MIDDAY BLUE APPLES was none other than Grand Master of the Priory of Sion Pierre Plantard’s buddy Philippe de Cherisey.

    FACT: In his 1971 satirical novel titled Circuit, which can be found in the Biblioteque Nationale library in Paris, De Cherisey made it clear that his message BY THE CROSS AND THIS HORSE OF GOD I COMPLETE THIS DEMON GUARDIAN AT MIDDAY BLUE APPLES referred to none other than Eugene Delacroix’s paintings at St. Sulpice in the Chapel of Angels and that ‘blue apples’ referred to a stained glass window in that chapel that was mysteriously destroyed in 1900 that showed Adam and Eve being chased out of the Garden of Eden with an angel with a blue apple.

    FACT: Philippe de Cherisey also made it clear, just like Duncan Burden did in his Time Monk article, that this phrase was the ‘lock’ to the hexagram key and that on January 17th at midday the horse of Delacroix’s ‘Heliodorus being chased from the Temple’ looks like a relief map of the village of Rennes-le-Bains and the route to the treasure. Rennes researchers should remember that it was the village of Rennes-le-Bains and not Rennes-le-Chateau that was the focus of Abbe Henri Boudet’s enigmatic book ‘The True Celtic Language and the Cromlech of Rennes-le-Bains.’ This leads me to believe that the Maranatha Hexagram Key can only be used at that village to find the treasure and that cromlechs (stone circles) have something to do with it. We must also remember that the code at Shughborough Hall’s copy of Poussin’s Shepherds of Arcadia is flanked by a ‘D’ and an ‘M’ which undoubetedly stand for Diis Manibus in Latin, which means the Manes gods. I will leave it to my fellow researchers tostudy that portion of the mystery for themselves.

    FACT: It has been brought to my attention and others’ that the mysterious document Le Serpent Rouge also ultimately leads one to Rennes-le-Bains as well.

    So get your trip planned and your plane tickets, boys and girls! If you want to find the Holy Grail of southern France, looks like you will have to do a bit of travelling. This ‘lock’ must be pretty complex, however, as it was going to take Duncan Burden and his team four additional books in the Maranatha treasure hunt series to explain it all.

    • Maria Rigel says:

      I just checked the painting “Heliodorus expulsion from the Temple” and there’s a Templar cross hidden in it. Not too surprising, if it’s meant to refer to the message “by the cross and this horse of God”.

    • Maria Rigel says:

      On January 17th at midday, the sun of Rennes le Chateau makes a vertical pole cast a horizontal shadow on the ground. If you trace a line between the top of the pole and the end of the shadow, together with the lines of the pole and the shadow you’ll have a right-angle triangle. This right-angle triangle has exactly the same shape as indicated by the hooves of the horse of “Heliodorus expulsion from the Temple”. I’m not familiar with the features in a map of Rennes le Chateau, so I can’t comment on how that may or may not fit.

      I think it’s quite possible that the “blue apples” message in the original French is a possible lock for the hexagram key, but the fundamental question is: what is the correct way of using the key?

    • Maria Rigel says:

      The problem with figuring out the hidden meaning of the phrase is that it’s in French, so you need a good French speaker that will be able to appreciate all the possible nuances, abbreviations, etc. I think you need to look at it from the point of view of the tree of life. Also, the number 681 probably indicates rotations.

  3. Mark says:

    In Hinduism, horses represent the senses (Katha Upanishad chapter 3). Some of the verses in The Bible are actually references to the Roman God Pan, the leader of a group of mythological beasts referred to as Satyrs (half man/half Goat). The beloved (Teniers) of the Satyrs were the Nymphs, a type of “fairy spirit” which is found in Flowers. Particularly Sacred to the Romans was the Orchid, for the reason that there are certain species of Orchid which grow on Mount Olympus which bears an uncanny resemblance to an Angel (or Man).

    It’s my belief that this Orchid became the basis for the worship of the Roman God “Priapus.” Whereas flowers are considered to be Sacrad in other Religions, it’s my belief that the prophets understood them to represent the wolf. When flowers are added to Water, I liken this to the Wine which was drunk by the Roman God Pan. This became the basis for the word DIONYSUS (Die O Nice Us), a reference to a prophecy written in reference to “Sodom and Gommora.” You might argue that “Sodom and Gommora” is NOT a Prophecy. I would argue it DEFNATELY IS. The Prophesy was fulfilled Many Years Ago. Mankind just hasn’t recognized it yet.

    Anyway, getting back to the point, if my guess is correct, “Shepardess No Temptation” represents a reference to the sense of “Smell,” which is also a reference to “This Horse (Sense) I Destroy.” Then again, it could be a
    reference to the sense of sight being the color of the Apple (blue) is mentioned. Red symbolizes desire. Blue,it’s opposite. Hope that helps.

    • Maria Rigel says:

      In the construction that Duncan gave for the hexagram in a square hidden in Poussin’s painting, the hexagram touched all the shepherds except the shepherdess. Since the hexagram can be used to draw the tree of life, “shepherdess no temptation” could mean “the shepherdess touches no apples”.

      On the other hand, it’s possible to overlap the same geometric configuration on the painting in a way that touches far more significant points, and that would touch the shepherdess. So the meaning could be more complex than that.

    • Maria Rigel says:

      Blue symbolizes the air element, the heavens and the mysteries.

  4. Nate Beck says:

    In the church of Rennes-le-Chateau, in the ninth Station of the Cross, there appears a horse and a cross which is slanted to an ‘X’. This ninth station is right by the statue of Asmodeus.

    Right above this ninth Station, in the corner of the ‘Flowery Hill’ fresco there appears a relief of the famous ‘Devil’s Armchair’ which is near the River Sals. This can be viewed on Rennes researcher Ben Hammott’s (the Tomb Man) website.

    To be complete, Asmodeus has to be joined to his chair and subdued by the four elements and the Chi Rho.

    This can only be acheived by the spring of the circle and the holy water stoup, THE POINT WHERE TWO MEET/INTERSECT.


    To unlock this treasure, you must keep Satan in his seat at midday. A task most difficult, I’m afraid.


  5. Nate Beck says:

    Now this is interesting!

    In Eugene Delacroix’s ‘Heliodorus Being Chased From the Temple’. (Strangely Helios is Greek for the Sun. Is the Sun being chased from the underworld? Is the demon guardian chasing him to Midday. Doesn’t the sun go down and up in degrees on a sundial?)


    In the upper right hand corner of this painting, are the figures of the high priest Onias and a woman, as well as a man leaning over the balcony.

    So who cares?, you might say. Well, you might.

    All three figures are strangely posed in the exact same manner as the three figures in Giovanni Francesco Barbieri’s (Guercino) ‘Raising of the Master’ sketch, now kept in a Lodge in Scotland.

    Philippe de Cherisey mentioned in his ‘Stone and Paper’ and ‘Circuit’, that during Midday on January 17th, a detail was highlighted in Delacroix’s painting. Could this be the spot?

    Unfortunately, though, the blue apple window was removed that caused the light affect.

    Maybe we need the Midday sun to shine through something blue in our use of the Key! In Flamel’s description of the Rose, he said it was red, white and blue.

    The first mention of all three colors in the Bible are associated with goats!!!!!!!


    Rose-Lust and Love!

    Rosenkruetz buried under a hexagram!!!!!!!!!!

    Blue Apples- forbidden knowledge of Heaven.

    “The Apples that turn blue in pairs hold the value of the Key”. A joke. Blue is primary and nothing in pairs produces blue, unless it’s the pairing of good and bad. A balance to get to Heaven (blue). Square and Compass. Male and Female. Pent and Pent= Ten. Four Legs, Four Arms. You got Ten days to create something. Didn’t God say something Ten times in Genesis 1?

    A Lock can be said to “hold” a Key! The Key is the same as the Lost Word (Hebrew- DBR-Bee-Honey-Hex-Hex days of Creation)

    And God said “Let there be Light”, which was locked in Darkness!

    White Light= Rainbow.
    Black Paint= Rainbow.
    Can you find a Bow in a Cloud on January 17th?

    Better make sure you have enough Midday light to shine through!
    Better Open a Window in Heaven so you can see!
    A Triangular Prism perhaps! Used by a man attacked by Apples!

    Ain’t this fun?

    • Maria Rigel says:

      The Expulsion of Heliodorus from the Temple illustrates the biblical episode from 2 Maccabees (3:21-28). Heliodorus is ordered by Seleucus IV Philopator, the king of Syria, to seize the treasure preserved in the Temple in Jerusalem. Answering the prayers of the high priest Onias, God sends a horseman assisted by two youths to drive Heliodorus out.

      So there’s no question it’s God’s emissaries chasing him out.

    • Maria Rigel says:

      I don’t think you need the midday sun to shine through anything blue, but I think that blue glass has sometimes been used to mark the spot.

    • Maria Rigel says:

      Just checked what the Bible says on the fruit of the tree of knowledge: “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” (Genesis 2:17)

      So the knowledge wasn’t so much forbidden, but it came with a warning attached.

      • JC1117 says:

        It was a rig. The Fall was a set-up. Eve made the wise choice to eat the “forbidden” fruit…only after she was indeed beguiled by “the serpent”…Lucifer…and could pass blame to him. I believe this was also part of the plan…unbeknownst to Lucifer. IMO. As a result, The Fall of mankind happened because of the tampering of another (Lucifer) thereby “qualifying” mankind to be Redeemed by Another in turn (Christ)…a Mediary.

        God knew that Adam and Eve MUST eat the forbidden fruit. It’s all part of the plan. He set us up for a fall…to die…but not without providing the path to Our Redemption…to Live!

        All for what? To gain knowledge.

        Sorry if this comment seems out of place.

        • Lia says:

          JC1117 – I enjoyed your explanation of the fall but hope that we gained WISDOM, not simply knowledge. I may be considered a simpleton with a small cup of knowledge in comparison to a genius, but hope the knowledge my small cup contains overflows with wisdom to use it in kindness, unselfishly.

  6. Nate Beck says:


    You mean Temple steps?

    Steps, degrees, whatever!

  7. Nate Beck says:

    To CROSS ALPHAeus, you will need a Saint Christ-Opher/Chrysopher and it’s shoulder to place it on.

    “More than the Tau is SHOULDERED by those who know.”

    “Seat the robe of Athanasisus on your SHOULDERS like the MASTER you follow.”

    “Each SHOULDER their own caduceus.”

    ‘The SUN of Righteousness shall arise with HEALING in his WINGS.” Malachi 4:2

    “By the CROSS (which Bears Christ) and this Horse of God (bears Christ/God Mounts On IT!) I complete this demon GUARDIAN at MIDDAY blue apples.”

    Place your SUN/SON on your shoulders, don’t HANG him in an apple Tree!

  8. Nate Beck says:

    To identify just what significance the Key is supposed to hold, and the identification of the Horse of God, the following is essential reading. Duncan Burden is not the first to reveal the Key. The Key and the identification of the “Horse” is to be found in the following:

    1. ‘The Golden Ass of Apuleius’ (There is a reason this is in the Maranatha bibliography!)

    2. ‘De triplici minimo et mensura (On the Threefold Minimum and Measure)’ by Giordano Bruno (good luck getting a translation of this work, but the Key is in there!)

    3. ‘The Cabala of Pegasus’ by G. Bruno. This is avaliable on, but is pricey.

    Christ rides an ass in His route to the Cross, on which He hangs at the 6th hour, which is midday!

  9. Nate Beck says:

    On a side note, images from Bruno’s work can be found in the book ‘The Tomb of God’ by Paul Schellenberger and Richard Andrews (also listed in the Maranatha bibliography). I disagree with many of these authors’ conclusions, but that’s beside the point.

  10. Nate Beck says:


    The best anyone can do to obtain Bruno’s work, or the details thereof, is the book titled ‘The Metaphysical and Geometrical Doctrine of Bruno’ by Ksenija Atanasijevic, translated into English by Dr. George Vid Tomashevich, St. Louis, MO: Warren H. Green, 1972.

    This is a detailed analysis of the ‘De Triplici Minimo Et Mensura’ by the above author, who is a Serbian scholar. For more info on her, she has a Wikipedia page as well.

    I just bought a copy used on for 12 bucks, so this work is accessible. I suggest getting a copy while you can, as there are very few left and it is out of print.

    I also found out that, to date, there are many of Giordano Bruno’s works that have never been translated into English. It would seem this is extremely unfortunate considering that the Key to the Holy Grail, as given by Duncan Burden, is discussed and clearly given in Bruno’s above referenced work!

    Bruno wrote this work in the late 1500’s, which places it at a little over 400 hundred years old, the exact time frame that Duncan Burden informed us about the historic documents and artifact that he was working on!

    I plan to write more here on what the above scholar discusses regarding Bruno’s comments and beliefs on the hexagram and the other geometrical aspects that appear in the above work.

    The thing to wonder about at this stage is how in the hell Nicholas Poussin, David Teniers the Younger and Giordano Bruno were all three familiar with the same strange geometry, even though there is no apparent evidence that either man had anything to do with the other!

    There is only one man who can fill in the gaps, and that man is Mr. Duncan Burden. “He’s the man with the secrets, your Honor!” “Ask him!”

    He’s the one man who can put to rest the speculation, baseless theories, many hoaxes and absurdities that have been written, produced and fabricated on Rennes-le-Chateau and the Holy Grail.

    He is truly the Grail-keeper! May God bless him!

  11. Nate Beck says:

    It should also be remembered that Bruno was very proficient in Cabala, which is obviously so central to the story of Nicholas Flamel and the Maranatha Secret, and was burned by the Roman Catholic church for heresy.

    Two things are clear: The Secret is Cabbalistic and it has the power to do great damage to the Roman Church, as evidenced by the claim that two of the Maranatha puzzle scholars recanted their own faiths after learning what the Secret was!!!

    Any Truth which enables one to realize why their religion is wrong is both very valuable and very dangerous.

    But Truth must prevail, at any cost and regardless of consequence.

    Veritas Dei Vincit!

  12. Nate Beck says:

    For highly enlightening information on this mystery and the Horse of God reference, see the new article by Duncan Burden at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. James reyes says:

    “Shepherdess no temptation that Poussin and Teniers hold the key pax 681 by the cross and this horse of God I complete/destroy this demon guardian at midday blue apples”
    the meaning of this is
    “My faith and my love i stand on my feet without fear and hesitation that the guardian god stand at my back to ready in a battle that i will defeat evils that no one on my group died below the heaven.”

    Trust god with all of your heart and soul and he will lead you the right way to victory

  14. Maria Rigel says:

    I now think that in “by the cross and this horse of God”, the horse of God is an angel (messenger) and the cross represents element air.

    Duncan showed how you can read PAX from the chi-ro and the geometry he gave as “the key”. And now I think chi-ro was never really chi-ro, that is, Greek letters, but it was from the start XP in Latin alphabet, or the letters of PAX minus the A. The A doesn’t count because it’s the first letter, the origin, and in the traditional myths of creation at the origin there’s nothing. (Thing how God created the world out of nothing).

  15. Maria Rigel says:

    The exact words that Constantine heard were “In hoc signo vinces”. The exact words are important.

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