Armchair Treasure Hunt: The Ring of Old Treasure Hunt from MW Released


Congrats to Don A.!  Story coming soon!

MW is excited to announce that another MW Treasure Hunt has been released!  

Entitled, The Ring of Old, this Fall 2017 MW Treasure Hunt is fully armchair.  This means there isn’t any physical object, or need for travel, in order to claim the $250 Cash Prize!

All can be solved and claimed from your own home’s armchair -from any where in the world!

MW’s previous four Treasure Hunts were all solved with successful claims, and their prizes rewarded.  The MW Winner’s Page provides links to these winning stories and solutions.

Will you have YOUR NAME and STORY added to the page by being the next winner of a MW Treasure Hunt? Will YOU be the one to solve and correctly claim the $250 Cash Prize in The Ring of Old?  You certainly could be!

All of MW Treasure Hunts are highly solvable and meant to be claimed in relatively short time.  Another MW Treasure Hunt is already in progress for release on December 21st!   Fun is found all year round at MW!

If you haven’t already, join over the thousand of subscribers for the MW Newsletter in order to receive the latest news, stay up to date on treasure hunts, mystery, and adventure, and have exclusive fun.  You don’t want to miss out. Plus, each month (In the MW Newsletter sent on the 1st of each month) there is the MW Puzzle Game called ‘Guess the Object‘ to play.  Players send in their ‘Guesses’ to the game ‘Guess the Object’, and from the correct Guesses, a winner for a $10 Amazon E Gift Card is chosen via a random drawing.  Our latest Congrats goes to Greg C.!

MW has also given away signed copies of Forrest Fenn books and other prizes over the years.  MW will continue to offer such Prizes and More in the future.  MW leads the way into the search for Treasures!

Join us for these thrills, AND for the adventures in The Ring of Old Treasure Hunt.  

A $250 Cash Prize awaits to be claimed!  It could be by YOU!

Buy The Ring of Old Scroll Now, and enjoy the Search for Treasures at MW!

Best of luck to ALL!


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  1. wendyjobradshaw says:

    Jenny, it’s so great to see all of the adventures that you’re up to! Your treasure hunts look fun! Your friend and fan, Wendy

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