A Forrest Fenn Egg Hunt Decorating Contest

Example of filled eggs with treasures found

Example of filled eggs with treasures found

One of the main reasons Forrest Fenn created The Thrill of the Chase treasure hunt was to encourage parents and children to explore the beauty of the outdoors. The following Forrest Fenn Reverse Egg Hunt and Contest does this too!

Instead of children (and adults) finding eggs with commonly placed gifts inside, they do the reverse in this Treasure Hunt. They start with empty plastic eggs and fill the insides of the eggs with small treasures they find while exploring and hunting outside. (berries, twigs, feathers, leaves, seeds, etc.)

These treasures are then used to decorate an outline of an egg on a piece of poster board. This original and imaginative Egg Art picture can then be framed and kept forever (examples shown below). This keepsake displays the found treasured gifts of nature.

So here’s the contest: Who will create the most unique decorated egg picture using the most unique finds?

All ages can enter and it is open to all. There will be two Winners; one prize for Adult entry and one prize for Child’s entry (under 14 years). Prizes for this contest will be announced shortly, but they will surely hold a special Forrest Fenn connection!!

Update: Prizes for the Forrest Fenn Egg Hunt Decorating Contest Announcement



*All entries must use natural occurring materials found outside

*All items used to create the decorated egg picture must first fit inside an ordinary sized plastic egg

*Entries are allowed to use up to 12 different items.

*Entries are created by applying these items to an outline of an egg on a piece of paper no larger than 8×10 (but can be smaller). (glue or whatever method desired can be used for the attachment)

That’s it! (unless I’m forgetting something..lol)


To Enter:

Send your best image (framed or unframed) of the finished decorated egg picture art to jennykile@outlook.com with the following information:

*Screen name (if entry for a child, please include first name or nickname of child- and relationship)

*Items used

*Title of Egg Art

*Must be submitted before April 12th, midnight, Eastern Time.  UPDATE:  DATE CHANGED TO THE  18th.


Entries will be posted and shared for all to see. Three judges will be appointed to determine the winners.

UPDATE:  The judges will be myself (jenny kile), Wendy jo Bradshaw, and Don Luenser.  I appreciate their help!!


So….ready, set, and go find some Eggcellent Treasures!   Kids love it! (so do adults)



Start with empty eggs and go on a Reverse Egg Hunt to fill the eggs:

Empty basket of eggs to fill

Empty basket of eggs to fill

Example of filled eggs with treasures found

Example of filled eggs with treasures found










Next, draw an outline of an egg on a piece of paper and decorate it; creating an Egg Art picture using the items found on the reverse egg hunt.

Example outline of an egg

Example outline of an egg

Example of an Egg Art picture

Example of an Egg Art picture












If you would like, you can frame it!

Framed example of Egg Art pictutre

Framed example of Egg Art picture













Any design or any picture can be drawn within any egg outline; using the natural materials found.  Let your imaginations go!   The above are only examples!


So go have some fun while we are waiting for the snows to melt and Enter to win a special Forrest Fenn prize!  (to be announced)

I can’t wait to see them!

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36 Responses

  1. Jenny Kile says:

    Any questions, please just let me know.

    (and I apologize if the spacing in the post above is a bit off….I’m working on it…:))

  2. Eggtraordinary and eggcellent idea!

  3. Jdiggins says:

    Hi jenny. Great idea love it! Who made the samples?

  4. djjmciv says:

    Or Forrest can hide some eggs in his front yard where one egg has an additional clue?

    • Iron Will says:

      OOOH!!! I second that!!!

    • Bart Kay says:

      He did hide something in an egg. The treasure. I believe the egg is at the end of the Fenn’s rainbow 500 feet above cross creek, 4.5 miles south of Minturn, CO at an elevation of 10,095′. My solve, complete with google earth screen shots and exact gps coordinates are on my fb page if anyone would care to vet it. I tried to go myself last week and came up 2 miles short of the spot and I’ve no interest in returning to that wilderness. Best of luck to anyone who vets this and tries it. Don’t die. It’s not worth it.

  5. Thanks so much Jenny and Forrest. Can’t wait to hear the Prizes! Easter is my favorite. I Love Eggs ad bunnies. I have a Bunny living in my back yard. It comes out everyday to say HI, to me. Happy Spring to YOU all!

    • Spallies says:

      Oh boy this could be fun!!! Lou Lee I have a cute bunny in my yard too… But, he is staying inside his bunny hole today he likes it there when its rainy like it is today :). I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with 🙂

  6. who is the Judge’s gona be? Please not that Grumpy Goofy guy. OK! LOL

  7. Carolyn says:

    I can’t wait! My grandson comes over this weekend to spend the night so we will have a great fun project to do. He will love this! Thanks for the adorable examples Jenny!

  8. deb says:

    Oh boy, I love Easter! Thanks Jenny and Forrest for thinking of another creative endeavor. 🙂

  9. Nate Beck says:

    This is awesome Jenny 🙂

    Very cool concept. One of my fave holidays is Easter and I have very fond memories of egg hunts and Easter baskets. I love the newness of spring shaking off the dead of winter and preparing the outdoors for thrills and excitement. Every family who likes egg hunting for Easter should think about this fun and fresh idea.

    Can’t wait to see the awesome artwork that’s submitted 🙂

  10. Jenny,

    Did you fill those eggs with treasures you found?

    • Sixer says:

      I did, WhoTrollsNigh. Holly berries and leaves, pines of various sorts, sticks, twigs, seed pods and seeds…… There was 5 inches of snow on the ground when I went out to find those treasures to create the sample picture……so I didn’t get any grasses, mosses, pebbles, and such…oh, but I did find a feather! 🙂

      The image is not from Forrest…or a clue.

  11. MB says:

    Have a thing that belongs to Tesquque, ask Forrext if I should put in an Egg! Found in a tree about yay high!

  12. MB says:

    Oh, No Worries, it is Fabulous!

  13. So pleased to see this!! Thank you for making this available to kids, I have a nine and four year old who are SUPER excited. They love the chase and are always interested in what I find on the blogs, so very nice to include them. Family fun, love it!!

  14. Belle says:

    I agree with treasurestateofmind, it’s a family affair. Thank you for thinking of the kids!!!

  15. MJ says:

    Love the idea Jenny! My twins are so excited to collect. Did you think of the idea, or Forrest?

  16. swaingt88 says:

    Hi Jenny,

    Did you get my entry for the Easter Egg decorating contest? Just making sure. Thank you. Gordon

    • Jenny Kile says:

      Hi Gordon,

      hmmmm……no, I don’t have it…so sorry….I wonder if I am missing others then???

      I’m traveling, time is short, but I’ve extended the date to later….Did I say the 18th on Dal’s site?? I should be back by then… lol…..

      I will need to confirm I have received all entries given.

      Maybe those who have entered could put a note here……please….that would be helpful and so much appreciated.

      (When I planned the egg contest, the trip wasn’t planned yet. And then it was. flexibility here..lol)

      best of luck and thanks again all!

  17. Jeff Burch says:

    Quick question I missed the meaning of the rules All entries must use natural occurring materials found outside, It occurred to me I found these materials out side, so I used them. For some odd reason, I read the rules again, and thought, “whoops”. So I looked it up. This can be taken two ways One way A natural Material is (any product or physical matter) that comes from plants, animals, or the ground. Minerals and the metals that can be extracted from them (without further modification) are (also) considered to belong into this category. Natural materials are also often used in textiles. Types include:

    Biotic materials
    Wood (rattan, bamboo, bark etc.)
    Natural fiber(silk),(wool, cotton, flax, hemp, jute, kapok, kenaf, moss, etc.)
    Inorganic material
    Stone (flint, granite, obsidian, sandstone, sand, gems, glass, etc.)
    Native metal (copper, bronze, iron, gold, silver, etc.)
    Composites (clay, porcelain, plasticine, etc.)
    Other natural materials.
    I”m as lost on this contest, should I start over without my little gems of creativity. My old nail for instance or my bottle and penny and button, should I Begin it again where warm waters halt or what are the rules on a second Egg? This egg of mine should be disqualified, if we cant use what ever we have found outside. I consider my back yard to be more then 20 thousand acres of BLM land. I find all kinds of Materials out there the crystals and rocks. The button and penny I found out there in a box, I thought I hit the mother load. Funny I found a Minni flashlight about 6 to 8 inches deep, I turned it on, and it worked. There I go again breaking the rules, that I missed meaning of, lol It was fun anyway. They will all fit in a plastic egg but you might have a hard time closing the lid. There might be a song in there somewhere….. have a great night, My brown brain is thinking about my eggs. Jenny, can you please get back to me on this before this contest is over ??? Please thank you for your time J B

    • Carolyn says:

      Jeff, I understood the rules to mean go outside and collect things from the wild like things from flowers, grass, trees, rocks, soil, etc., not necessarily something that is man-made like a button.

  18. BW says:

    At your suggestion, I am making note that I emailed an entry to you on April 5th.


  19. when i see white i think about Canon Law and where were you when the shit hit the fan? My grandmother stayed bent over in her flower beds for 50 years then God let her get pancreatic Cancer and endure pain beyond what i think Jesus felt and i think my uncle put her out of her misery with a pillow over her face as he couldn’t stand to see his mother suffer any longer and the family agreed she should be put out of her misery since god wouldn’t do it all the way. She was the best Christian i ever knew. I don’t like how God act a lot of the time; i find it hard to understand his ways; i will try to continue to be a good little dumb goat.


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